Monday, May 31, 2010


They are vibrant, rich, full of life and the ever lasting source of happiness and joy. You could find them everywhere around you, you just need to spend a moment, pause and get consumed in their beauty.

I know most of you have heck a lot of important work to do, so I am putting up few beauties here for you folks to enjoy and get consumed.

Never seen a richer crimson :-) Its very rich but no fragrance, these are what I see when I take a walk every noon after lunch around my office campus premises.

Now this is Night Queen. Awesome fragrance. The above one and this alternates around the campus.

These were wild. Found it in full bloom in between the narrow slits of the centuries old wall of the fort at Kannur.

Lotta tiny lavender flowers; juicy, huge honey pot for the butterflies and the bees.

Now this is a bed of beauties lining the side walk of my office campus :-)

Hues of red and orange.

Observe the delicate yellow bordering around the pinkish tinge :-)

This one looks like a Cotton Candy


STAR!! Never seen this before. Does anyone know the name of this flower?

These have delicate petals.

Isn't nature the best designer? Look at this braid, so symmetric and painted to perfection in varied hues.

Pale blue. As if the blue has been bleached away by constant rain and dew drops 

Now don't they make the walk path beautiful and lively?


  1. too good..each one beats the other one..amazing collection and photography..simply fantastic :)

  2. Awesome flowers!!
    And photography as well..
    U have captured pure colors.
    Lovely photos.
    Haven't seen them ever so closely.



  3. nice.and see this flower-

  4. Delightful pictures!
    Blog hopped here from sm..You from Kannur? That is my folks home town!

  5. Gorgeous!!! Simply gorgeous!!!! After a long day, this post brought an instant smile on my face. Your sentence for each flower was also such a treat. Thanks for sharing these. I don't know flower names either and totally loved the star-shaped one!!! :-)) Keep clicking miss.

  6. Nice...seeing these flowers in the morning is known to improve ur eyesight :)

  7. Beautiful 'flowery' pictures of flowers.

  8. awww bwautiful... the cotton candy and that symetric one is adirable :D nature at its best :D

  9. just thinking which flower is no.1
    all are very beautiful
    each flower is unique

  10. Hey this is an amazing collection.. The photography is pretty kewl and the various shades of the flowers just took my breath away.... :)

  11. These are beautiful pictures, but the kind of mechanical life we all lead in cities,where is the time, though i wish I could spend some time at the botanical gardens.

  12. Lovely ! Wishing you loads of luck and love as you catch up with the rest of the week !

  13. Thanks for sharing those beauties. That star flower is a type of lily. Wehad that long ago. And what's in a name? They are just beautiful, wonders of Nature.

  14. what a feast to the the best.symmetrical one:) may be because I like symmetry in life:)

  15. Neha,

    Thank you. I am glad you found the photography fantastic. As usual, I ain't satisfied :-)

  16. Nipun,

    Yeah, they were brilliant. I am glad you got to see the flowers in close up. They are amazing :-)

  17. soin,

    Thanks. And whats that flower? Its so bizarre!!

  18. Choco,

    Welcome to B Log. I am glad you liked them. No, I am not from Kannur, just happened to visit it sometime back :-) Its a beautiful place and the beaches are so virgin and fabulous. Loved your place :-)

    Keep visiting.

  19. lostworld,

    I am so very glad that these pictures lightened your mood, the flowers are so beautiful, why would it not? :-)

  20. Gaythri,

    Not only eye sight, it will light up your mood and bring cheers :-)

  21. A,

    thanks, glad you liked them

  22. Rajlakshmi,

    Yes, at first the cotton candy seems very normal and you could almost miss. But its gorgeous. And the symmetric one, aah I have no words!! Bow to the nature :-)

  23. sm

    Yes each one are gorgeous and unique. All are no 1s :-)

  24. shushobhan,

    Thanks a lot. I loved the shades and the details of the flowers as well. Glad you liked them :-)

  25. Chowla sir,

    Thank you sir. Exactly, we lead a mechanical mundane life. All we need to do is just pause and appreciate the nature abounds. :-)

  26. Kavi,

    :-) Glad you liked them. Oh yeah, a long week ahead, hope its smooth and relaxing :-) Thank you. I wish you too have a fabulous week ahead :-)

  27. Hole Lama,

    My pleasure. Thank you for identifying the flower. It was unique and I had never seen it earlier. And yes, whats in a name? They are just gorgeous things :-)

  28. Samvedna,

    Thank you. The symmetrical one is one of my favorites too :-)

  29. Beautiful flowers, wish it was warm enough here for the plants i have sowed to start cuming up now.. its raining now .. BUT wait till i put the ones in My garden..
    The impatients, glads.. and nightscents are about to bloom IF IT STOPS RAINING...

    but wowo the colours in the flowers you cLICKED AWESOME.......

  30. Beautiful pictures! The flowers are always beautiful arent they?

  31. tamil song..po pookum osai coming into mind :)!

  32. Wow! lovely pics and such vibrant colours.
    Thanks, you made my day :)

  33. Bik,

    Thank you. Waiting for the pictures from your garden :-)

    I just clicked, the flowers were AWESOME :-)

  34. Harini,

    Thank you. yes, flowers are always beautiful!!

  35. Shas,

    Thank you. Yeah the colors are vibrant. My pleasure :-)

  36. I am back after my vacation and what a treat for the eyes.Beautiful exotic flowers.

  37. Insignia, I AM from Kannur!
    dear diary,
    I happened to see snaps of some awesome flowers in a blog. They were colorful and indeed a treat to the eye. Now I think about my abandoned garden and all the dead flowers in it and i'm not really pleased about it!

  38. chitra,

    Welcome back :-) Thanks a lot, I am glad.

  39. et,

    Oh wow!! Are you from Kannur? Nice and gorgeous place you have boy!!

    I enjoyed it thoroughly. Hahahaha...Go run!! take care of the flowers. :-)

  40. Beautiful blog. enjoyed the flowers and the photography.
    i guess the star, u have mentioned here is a kind of Lilly. :)

  41. Shesha,

    Thank you. Glad you liked the pictures. Flowers are beautiful!! :-)

    Oh yeah,one of the reader mentioned the same. Some kinda Lilly. :-)

  42. The reason flowers are symmetrical is to remind us of beauty. If it weren't for colour and symmetry, would we even care?:P

  43. kish,

    Exactly!! In nature, everything is symmetrical. And yes the color on the flowers is a bonus :-)

  44. Soothing.....

    Keep Clicking...

    Keep smiling...

  45. Awesome pics!! You have captured them so well:)

  46. Each flower is unique. All are very beautiful in colours and added flavour with your wonderful description.

    I am not sure about the names. What is there in name "A Rose with any other name will smell as sweet".

    Keep cliking like this.

  47. Every picture is very unique.

    Very beautiful colours and really one should enjoy the nature.

    I am also not sure about the names of most of the flowers. However, what is there in the name "A rose with any other name will smell as sweet", I remember this quotation from a lesson called "On being called Thompson" which I read during my child hood.

    Best of luck and keep cliking like this.

  48. Naidu sir,

    Thank you very much. I am glad you liked them.


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