Saturday, November 27, 2010

An ode to those who matter to me

There are few people who have a profound effect on you. Not those famous ones whose biography you read or any famous personality whose ideologies you try to follow. These are people who are simple and around us. When you look at them, they seem so ordinary that you would not take a second look. But when you actually analyze, you realize how much impact they have had on your life, how they have influenced you and have formed a part of you. You ARE bits and pieces of so many people whom you have come across at one point of life; and even though the meeting is short, they would have had a lasting impression on you.

I write about so many things. I thought why not dedicate a post to all those wonderful souls who have influenced me to enjoy my life.  Life can never be perfect, you would all agree. There is no beauty to life if its all rosy and perfect. However, with all those pain and sorrows, remains hidden the subtle beauty and joy that we have to unearth. For that we need to overlook those sorrows and pain and look beyond it.

A blogger asked me how is that you can be so happy all the time. I said NO I am not happy always. In fact, I get depressed more often than necessary. Then he told me that all my posts are so cheerful, humorous and positive. I replied "Yes, they are. Doesnt mean I dont have any sorrows in my life. Its not that I am happy 24/7. I have people annoying me at work. I have situations at home that makes me sad. Everyone has it. So what? Doesnt mean I have to crib"

Anyway, so here is my ode to people who have made me. I want to mention few folks who have changed my life, who have made me see life and the world in whole new dimension, who have made me to smile and dismiss any unpleasant situation, who have made me appreciate simple things in life. I am not going to mention the obvious people like mom, dad, husband......but people whom I have met accidentally and without any expectations the relationship turned wonderful. those people whose certain qualities I appreciated and tried to imbibe in me. The list is not in any order of preference.


I know now he will start shivering. According to Gautam, he is the most casual and laid back guy with no particular purpose. He was introduced to me by my friend's friend. He was the last person whom I began talking to in that group. Yet, he is so close to me than others. It happens right? You strike the right chord and everything falls into place. This guy has taught me to appreciate simple things in life. Be it a stale bread, or a simple tasteless coffee or a murky road or a so ordinary landscape. He savors even the boring of the moment like waiting to pick your baggage from the carousel and admires the most ordinary sight like a woman carrying her child on her hip.

I started to admire more the beauty of nature and the happenings around us. My photography skills is also due to him....I started experiencing beauty all around me.


This man probably doesnt even have slightest of an idea that I am inspired by him. He would in fact think that I am ridiculing him. He taught me to love oneself. He taught me to treat my body as temple and take care of it. I started loving myself. If you dont love yourself, who else will? A person who always encourages to do what your heart says and encourages to express thoughts. He is also the person who instilled in me the seed to appreciate music irrespective of the language. I was into music earlier but was confined to a genre or a language, his perception towards music made me realize that even a baby's shrill cry is a music. I still remember the day when we went on a long drive to a mountain in California and he sang

"unnaale unnaale vinnaalachchendrene
unn munne unn munne mei thaazha nindrene...."

It still gives me goose bumps. After that, my passion for music grew stronger and I opened myself to different genre and appreciated a lot. He doesnt have a speck of an idea about his effect on me. Yeah, not to forget those amazing drives in his BMW :-)


She was my English and Geography teacher in high school. This lady was ruthless and always criticizing. I never liked her. She has made me cry so many times in front of the class for my lack of knowledge in Geography and English. I still remember her words "Girls, you need to be observant".  Much later did I realize her intent was not to mock at me but to improve me. Even though I dont approve her way of teaching even today, I salute her for making me what I am. My command over English, my observation habit is solely due to her.


He was my mentor when I first started working. More than learning technical stuffs from him, I learnt other things that is needed to be a person. One important thing I learnt from him was to be considerate. Be it promptly replying to emails or returning phone calls or SMS, or getting back to what has been promised, he was prompt. Be it at work or otherwise, he is a man of words. How can someone so busy with so many things in life still remember to return calls or respond promptly? The same quality is inseparable from me now.


I first met him 4 years back in California. I asked my hotel reception to book a cab for me and then I see this cab driver. He was regular then on, eventually sharing information about each other. He is a Punjabi, calm and poised, his struggle in life without education and his struggle to earn a living in USA away from wife and children is really an inspiration. This man respects me so much, I dont know if I deserves so much of respect from such an elderly man. He often says "You have been my best customer". Shares all his family problems with me, shares such hardships he faces in life that he cant share with his wife. He talks to me about it and asks me for my opinion and advice. I can trust him more than I trust myself. I learnt to respect every life on this planet after meeting him. Everyone and everything deserves respect.


My classmate during my engineering days and my buddy later. Will be a buddy throughout. I learnt from him the never say die attitude and anything is possible belief. I learnt the meaning of dedication and focus from him. But one thing I chide him even now is his lack of punctuality.


My junior in college and my closest buddy. I got the "so what?" attitude from him. I started gaining confidence in whatever I did and always succeeded. He does not even realize that. Stupid fellow. Though an idiot, he has been with me through thick and thin and is a wonderful human being. Even an irrelevant HI from me makes his day, such a beautiful person.


If you have observed, I have had only guys in my list except for my teacher. Somehow I cant relate to women. No offense, but I have had only bad experiences with them. Guys have been my best buddies, may be because I am a tom boy. But this lady is one I look forward to being with. We met each other 2.5 years ago when both of us changed to a new job. She is the first one to figure out if something is bothering me and make sure I am fine. She is ever caring and like my elder sister. I can always talk to her about my problems and she will have time to listen to me. I have grown so much fond of her that I dont go to office if she is on leave :-)

All these people dont even have an idea how they have influenced me and my life; but I would thank them throughout my life. This ode is just my humble bit.


  1. Such a sweet post :). Lucky you are to have them and they are more lucky to have you :).

  2. beautiful thoughtful post
    yes your post are refreshing.
    spread the happiness.

  3. Very good post. It is always good to thanks/tell people.

  4. The ode is certainly a thanksgiving post. The good thing and respectable too I noticed in your observations is that you are not aping these special people. You have gathered the air that they radiate.Not a blind job!
    There are people who like to say that they are like a Gandhi, their speech is like that of a Churchill , they write like a Marquez , so on and so forth. That is walking around with no self made identity.They are, if they are truly so, only replicas and shadows of these people. Good you are different.
    Keep ahead and continue to be inspired by the many special men and women , and even animals ( dont discount them , they have more special qualities which we will envy and admire)who will continue to come into your life. Good luck

  5. Wow! What a lovely dedication to the people who shared a bit into making what you are today.

    "You ARE bits and pieces of so many people whom you have come across at one point of life; and even though short meet have had a lasting impression on you."

    Really really true. I too have some people, who have made an undying impression on me and whom I can never ever forget. Same, goes for me, Those people don't even have a slightest idea that they changed a bit of my life.

    Nice post! As I said your posts are warm and wonderful, this one is too. :)

  6. Yes, it is good to have trusted friends in our life. Need to make sure we keep them connected all the time :)

  7. What a sweet post.I loved the way you wrote it.Good analyst you are. God bless you and May your friendship phule and phale...

  8. :)

    May God Bless You with More Wonderful People Around You.

    Keep Smiling!

  9. Harini,

    Thanks so much :)
    Awww, the beauty of this is that these people are not there near me, I meet them for a couple of weeks once in 3-4 years. Yet such lasting effect :)

  10. sm,

    thank you. My humble way to spread joy.

  11. A,

    Thank you. I am thanking them openly on a public forum. Out of these, only Gautam would read it. Others are not even aware :)

  12. anil,

    Thank you. True, its not good to ape what others but pick up their quality that reverberates positivity and try to implement that.
    I have molded myself on these lines. There could be only one Churchill, one Gandhi, one Vivekananda, no one can even be a shadow.

    There are so many special people around us and they certainly influence us in positive way but we fail to either get influenced due to our ego and stubbornness.
    Animals - ha I need one more post to write how much I get influenced by their special qualities :) Thank you.

  13. Enigma,

    My humble dedication. I am so glad you find my posts warm :)

    I breathe my life into it. Thanks once again for agreeing to re-post your comments
    I by mistake clicked on Delete :)

  14. Jarlin Parul,

    Yes, we need them :) Thank you.

  15. chitra,

    Thank you. I do need blessings and wishes :) Hope your words come true :)

  16. Makk,

    Thanks. May your wishes come true :)

  17. Good to know that you have quite a list !! Enjoy the moments and treasure them with all that you can !!

    these are perhaps the only truest treasures !

  18. Nice post. It is so nice you have such good friends. In fact, I think, they are lucky to have you as their friend.

  19. that is indeed a lovely post. beautiful dedication to all those you care for :)

  20. Kavi,

    Thank you. Right said, these are the only true treasures :)

  21. SG,

    thanks. I dont know if they are lucky or not, but I am very lucky :)

  22. wow good post boss..those guys and gal too r also lucky to have u as their dear friend...cheers to all of u:)

  23. A great tribute! The best thing in life are the best friends!

  24. Bala,

    Thank you. Yeah they are the best to happen

  25. That was a good one.. I've a similar post, dedicated to all the wonderful women in my life ;-) listed in the best in the lot section...

  26. Most beautiful post :)
    As you go through these people, it feels like putting together many little jigsaw pieces and making You. True words, u said in the beginning..
    It makes me think a lot. How unknowingly people walk into our life and change a part of us forever. Thanks for helping to realize this better!

  27. et,

    Thanks boy! :)
    Exactly1 you realize you are not yourself but bits and pieces of people around you that makes YOU.

    My pleasure as always :)

  28. I have known you for some time now (a year?) and I can say that the people mentioned in this post are as lucky to have you as you are to have them :)

  29. Neha,

    A little more than a year :)
    Thats so sweet of you to say that :)

    I dont know about them, but I am sure lucky.

  30. A beautiful post on gratitude.

    You are very luck to have such lovely friends. And all your freinds too very lucky to own a friend like you.

    Happy friendship days always.

  31. "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
    Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
    Just walk beside me and be my friend"

    We often misjudge what we see because we merely skim the surface and fail to penetrate the depth of matters.Be slow to judge others, for appearances can often be deceptive.Many people who appear cheerful, carry within themselves smoldering pyres of misery.The best way to live is to live as what we appear to be. And the best way to have good friends is to be a good one.Not surprised you have so many.

  32. Insignia, when I write a similar post, your name will be in the first list.
    The fact,you seem so happy is because you write such honest posts.I have always admired people who are honest to themselves---you seem to be one.
    God bless, take care.

  33. Naidu sir,

    Thank you. Yeah, I am blessed to have such nice friends. :-)

  34. dr.anthony,

    Those are genuine lines isnt it?
    I agree with you. Glad that you think I am a good person :) Thanks.

  35. Chowla sir,

    :-) You made my day. I am genuinely happy and honored.

    I am not only honest to myself but to others as well. Unfortunately, it has landed me in soup a few times, but this is how I am and continue to be :) Thank you so much sir.

  36. A very nice thing to do. I hope your friends read your blog too. It would make them feel so good. To know that you appreciate them for whatever they are / do!

  37. RGB,

    Yeah :) None of them I mentioned read. Oh thats fine. If they read, I would be embarrassed. I dont want them to know that I am thanking them. Let it be this way :)

  38. Junior in college and YOUR CLOSEST buddy realizes everything.....hehehehehe
    Sanju khus hua ;)

  39. Sanju,

    :-) You have been my closest and will always remain closest buddy. I know I can count on you anytime and forever. Thanks for being there and being so supportive :)

  40. You are truly blessed. Touchwood and cheers for all the friends who make our lives wonderful and beautiful! :)

  41. Shilpa,

    Yes...I am truly blessed. Yes, cheers to people who make us beautiful with their presence.


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