Saturday, November 13, 2010

An Open Letter to Mr. Wisdom

Dear Mr.Wisdom,

You will turn out to be good for nothing. I don't need you. I already have some decent amount of wisdom in me. I am appreciated for being wise, time and again. Yet, God decided that I lack wisdom at this stage in life, maybe I was doing something stupid. He mistook the wisdom that I am missing to be YOU.

Its a painful proposition. You would not be helping me in any way, there is little room in my mouth to accommodate you priceless jewel.  I appreciate you, but forcing your way out and claiming a rightful space of your long abandoned ancestral land is not fair. The battle is tough, agonizing me and totally disrupting my routine for days together. Mr. Wisdom; please note that I have better things to do in life than fighting a battle against you!

I sincerely appreciate your good intentions but please understand that you are the one now least needed for my good oral health. My jaws are smaller, my diets are not tougher. I do not need extra chewing power anymore. In addition, you are also causing trouble to your siblings as well - the gums are swollen and the other molars which are hale and hearty are intimidated by your rising presence. I do not like you bullying them; waging a war against them by harboring bacteria and infecting them in turn.

This is to sincerely warn you to drop your senseless effort to erupt in my mouth. Continuing to do so will have serious consequences. You would be deported as per laws against illegal occupation. Please accomodate my request.

                                                                                               Agonizingly yours,


  1. Nice humorous post as always. From the beginning I knew you are talking about wisdom tooth. If the shoe does not fit just get rid of it. Same way, if the wisdom tooth gives trouble, just take it out. No, not by yourself. By a dentist. Even though doing yourself can save some money.

  2. Lol! :D
    Fix an appointment with the dentist Insignia! Mr. Wisdom won't budge ;)

  3. SG,

    But its painful! I dread to go to the dentist! I have always had excellent oral health that I never had to go to the dentist, now I dread.

  4. Destiny's child,

    :-S I am dreading that! It does seem that Wisdom wont give up!

  5. lolzzzz :D that was hillarious :D
    its strange that I don't have any of the wisdom teeth :S

  6. My dear Bindu Maadomm,This has refrrence to yur lattar vich wos so insulting consulting. You think too much yourself you think you need not me! Yoiu forgit! Rembebr the millions chickens you eated! rmebber the billion fry- banana fry, ajack friut fry, bhindi fry dal fry -withouyt me you no eat fries! you eat no meat! you only drikn suop and vattar, yu know?

    And remnbber What shakeesperee said:

    The surreptitious search
    for a toothpick -
    even a matchstick to ease
    the itch -
    to poke
    to probe
    to dig
    to dislodge
    to divest, finally
    that fine morsel of meat
    that little bit of cashew -
    or ground - haven't you gone
    nuts -

    with the sheer ecstasy
    the purest bliss
    of toying the last of the morsel
    with your tongue -
    and then
    hiding behind your palm
    relished it -

    Now see withut me what you do?
    See tv see colgate doktor saying brush your teeth after food and you never brsuh me good coz i am way back. i am sad and protist! your old old wisdoem toeth.

  7. Ralakshmi,

    Its painful :-|

    Hope you dont get it; its not nice trust me!

  8. Bala, convey this to Mr. Wisdom :-)

    Mr. Wisdom,

    I wont buy your sob stories. You know I dont eat meat.
    Have never eaten meat in my life; I stopped eating sugar cane as well.

    So again I dont need you!! My first and second molars are enough for me.

    Go away!!!

  9. ROFL post though your condition is not that funny I know :) But what a way to put the pain in words :)

    I did a similar post sometime back check that

    P.S. The blog is looking fantastic ! And the profile pic ravishing :)

    P.P.S I'm back after a while...have to read a lot of your posts :) BTW my blog sends a word that it's missing you ;)

  10. Lolss! Last time i had a toothache and i thought that Mr. Wisdom has finally arrived.I thought i will also join my gang of friends who always associate tooth ache with comming of Mr. Wisdom . But this time also Mr. Wisdom ditched ;)

  11. very interesting post,
    its very painful
    sure this gave smile to everyone

  12. The only Tooth that is wise enough to come in the world, gives you pain n never let you forget it, never works, and leaves with more pain.. I guess Dentists asked for this wisdom from God, so that their work never comes to an end, just in case all the other dental problems die.. :P
    Wonderfully written and while reading it i was relating this wisdom tooth to our Bollywood villains like some Prem chopra bugging the lady in the lead role :D
    P.S. Liked your new look :)

  13. This wisdom teeth eruptions always create problems. I too have suffered this and it was always painful and I deported one. LOl..

  14. touchwood, but when i got them, they didnt cause me any trouble. btw, why dont u bribe them with a jacket too? :P

  15. Om my goodness I was thinking everything good about you , who now I see well is an arrogant, haughty, swollen headed person.You think you have the required wisdom to be angst about the natural wisdom that erupts in you. You think an awful lot of yourself .
    “Nature hides her secrets because of her essential loftiness, but not by means of ruse.” Albert Einstein.

    I only wish that you have more Wisdom erupting .Ha so enjoy the little agony until Wisdom dawns in you ha !!

  16. Scribbler,

    Yeah, thought let me forget the pain for a while by putting these words
    I shall sure check your post. Thank you.

    Yeah long time no see, hope to see you more often. I will hop on to your page soon :-)

  17. neha,

    Oh!! Mr. Wisdom is not so wise and nice after all. He ditches as well :-D

  18. sm,

    Thanks. Thats my intention. Smile even in pain and make everyone else smile :-)

  19. Shesha,

    Exactly!! And it calls itself WISDOM :-P

    Maybe!! lest we dont have any dentists here :-P

    Hahaha Bollywood villains? :-P Poor Wisdom tooth, now I feel sorry for it :)

    Thanks much :-)

  20. chitra,

    They are creating problems for me.
    You deported one? You did the right thing :-)

  21. Neha,

    Lucky you!!
    I am in fact thinking of bribing it with something else. I have bribed someone else with a jacket already :-P

  22. anil,

    Haaaa see.....I say dont overload with "wisdom" because I already have enough.
    But its happening and nature is in no mood to listen!

    Got to put up with it...Sigh!

  23. He he! Funny.
    Just get it removed before it becomes too troublesome!

  24. Enigma,

    :-) Will wait for few more days and would get rid of it

  25. Wise girls that you are--you dont need the wisdom tooth.
    Let it be taken out

  26. Chowla sir,

    Oh yeah :) Should be!

  27. Yes, it is painful. But, it is required, we can't neglect it :)

    Nice post, enjoyed reading...

  28. Jarlin,

    Welcome to B Log :-)
    Thanks for your comments, yeah wisdom tooth is a necessary evil.

  29. For your information :-)

  30. So wisdom tooth do come eventually? :O
    How are u doing with swollen gums and cheek? I can only imagine, as of now. Gather your courage ad pay the dentist a visit. Not that I'm much familiar with that place either ;)

  31. haha real fun post..and yet full of wisdom..cheerss buddy:)

  32. got that girlll..wisdom tooth isnt necessary for insanely wise people like us..ask me,it should be banned from being a body part..:) :)

  33. i got my signature..thank u for the help..:*

  34. Careful!It might affect further mental development, and then,you might lose what all wisdom you gained so far.
    Ughh!I changed my mind after seeing this!

  35. I opened your blog so that I could take a 2 minute break and Viola! I started grinning so wide that I was forced to shout, "Ouch!!" Is this conincidence or what? At this very moment, my wisdom teeth are trying to grow. they are still underneath my gums, but as they keep trying to pop out, tearing my gums and it hurts! :-S

  36. et,

    :-P they do! But you need to be blessed with 'certain' amount of wisdom first!
    Nah its not that bad. No swollen gums or cheeks. But it does irritate.

    Dentist!! Oh no!

  37. Madhu,

    Yes!! It ought to be banned!

  38. dr.anthony,

    Hope I only loose Mr. wisdom and nothing more!

    The video scared me further!

  39. Gautam,

    you too! You are gaining wisdom too! Awesome!

    Come, lets gain it together :-P

  40. Dear Insignia,

    Whether any one likes it or not, Mr. Wisdom will not leave any one after a certain age and stage. It is inevitable.

    Chawla Sir is very well said that you don't need any extra wisdom teeth as you are having full of wisdom. Let it be taken out.

    However, I am surprised, whey this much late by Mr. Wisdom in your case and in the case of Mr. Gautam.

    Recommends you and Gautam to check up once again whether currently you are having 32 or less than that. You should have 32 by this time if I am right.

    Best of luck.

  41. Naidu sir,

    Yeah thats true. We cant escape.
    I dont know why its erupting now. I agree with you, its a bit late for the tooth to come at this age...Hmm....

  42. LOL :D
    Hope you have met the dentist by now! :D

  43. Shilpa,

    :-) I didnt visit yet :) The pain has vanished miraculously. So peace now :)


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