Friday, November 19, 2010

A stroll around San Jose Downtown

My poor and humble point and shoot camera which clicked so many awesome pictures went bust due to my carelessness. I was playing in the sea in Mauritius when this unfortunate incident happened. The service person told me it was beyond repair after hearing about it; I have not yet taken it for inspection yet. I am very angry with myself for being so callous with my camera which served me so well. People who have been following my blog for long time now can understand why I am so mad. The same camera which captured those moments an visuals which I saw and enhanced them aesthetically is beyond repair now :-(

Anyway, here are few pictures taken when I and Gautam strolled around the city of San Jose on a Saturday. Each picture has a story. 

The famous cathedral in San Jose. There was a wedding so could not go inside. Gautam likes this cathedral a lot and he mentioned that its very beautiful inside. We thought we will come back after few hours so that we can go inside but something else came up for me later. Missed it :-( Next time for sure!

A Chinese restaurant. I liked the intricate red gate

A very old piano. Gautam told me that such piano are left outside for the public to play. We stopped and Gautam played Pudhu vellai mazai/Yeh haseen wadiyaan from Roja. I was lost in music and got goosebumps for few moments. Gautam, thank you, subtle things like this are treasured forever. :-)

A very ornate and colorful graffiti capturing the essence of the city of San Jose.

 Hungry, we wanted a quick meal. We saw this shiny hot dog cart and this guy inviting us to savor his hot dogs. His shop was set up new, he said how tough it was to seek permission from the cops to set up a business on the streets. And he readily agreed to pose for the photo. Oh! I did not ask his name :-|

 I liked the lamp posts and the bunch of colorful flowers that fall out from it

These golden leaves and its fruit shimmering in the sun was a delight

We were sitting by the glass partition in a Starbucks coffee shop. Just less than 7 feet was this Light rail track. There was this light rail chugging every 5 minutes. It was surreal to be sipping coffee sitting just close to it. Right opposite on the walkway was this pothole lid made of bronze and beautiful carvings. We discussed as to how such items might not survive a single night in our Indian cities. A real treat to thieves :-)

Outside a Thai restaurant was this beautiful lady

Bright crimson flowers lining a wall sill. 

Abandoned? No just a model piece for advertisement.

The beautiful flowers and the lamp post

A tower against a clear blue sky. I dd some shadow and highlight effect to get this :)


  1. sad for the camera :(

    lovely clicks as always :)

  2. great clicks and stories. I am sure Gautam is a great company..

    aww, I know how sad it must have felt when you gotta know that the camera is beyond repair! but you have another reason to smile right? :)

  3. Your pics are as usually treat to eyes...

    btw few pics keep waiting for some one to share story behind them...

    I guess some one like you can unfold the stories.. :)

  4. aww..i can so very well imagine ur state..after all ur cam did give us a sneak peak into ur vacation trips..:P :D

    i love my cam just too much.Its my loyal stalker!! :P

    Lovely pics they! u have an artistic mind to notice such minute things..;)

  5. Scribbler,

    Yeah :( Thanks, glad you liked the pictures.

  6. Neha,

    Thank you. Gautam is an awesome person to be with :)
    Yes, I get emotionally attached with my stuffs. I am happy about my new toy but my sadness about this camera is much more than my happiness :-(

  7. Makk,

    Thank you so much. Yes, each story has story behind it. :)

  8. Madhu,

    Not only my vacation trips...but also loads of other moments.
    Thanks, glad you liked the pictures. I am very observant by nature :)

  9. Travel writers need to capture good photos too. And you adapt in that well mate.
    Lovely indeed!

  10. anil,

    Thank you. If you like seeing pictures and appreciate visuals, please take a look at my numerous posts under the category "Photograph"

  11. Excellent pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Yes, its time for new Camera :)

  12. The one I liked best was the lamppost and bunch of flowers. It could've been better if you had cropped it and brought the flowers closer.

    Sad to hear about the camera. At least you should have told us what make it is and wrote an obituary!

    The other day a friend of mine came to see me. He had his laptop with him. Even though only a few months old, it had started showing signs of casual use. I asked him why didn't he put a screen skin and a keyboard protection skin. He said rather tartly - 'I don't care about inanimate things'. In my mind i told him - 'Those who don't take care of inanimate things won't take care of the animate either'. Love is a quality inherent in you that makes you capable of loving all. Love with distinction isn't really love.

    I join you in your bereavement! :)

  13. Jarlin Parul,

    Thanks so much, glad you liked them. Yeah a high-end DSLR :-)

  14. Bala,

    I tried cropping but zooming the flowers would manifest grains as well. So left it at that.

    Yeah, no no!! no obituary. I am emotionally attached to all my stuffs and love them and take care of them a lot, I would never ever say my camera is dead to write an obituary. I will revive it.

    I still have my phones, my first ipod, even one of my salwar suit that I wore as a 3 year old. Wanna check out? Here it is -

  15. The golden leaves pic and the beautiful flowers and the lamp post pic were awesome.

    Sad to hear about the camera! Hope you get/buy a new one which captures more beauty and magical moments of your life.

  16. Nice post. Typical San Jose. You have captured the city’s character.

    Very sad about your camera. Looks like camera and sea do not like each other. You might remember I lost my camera in the middle of the ocean (on a cruise a few months ago). Hope Santa Claus will get you a brand new camera for this Christmas.

  17. Enigma,

    Thanks a lot. Glad you liked them. Yes!! the new one is already delivered to my friend. I have to take it from him :)

  18. SG,

    Thank you. Yeah I remember how you lost your camera. Yeah I am counting on Santa

  19. All the photos taken at San Jose are really excellent. Especially, the lamp post with flowers and pothole lid. If you have not mentioned it as pothole, nobody knows.

    Pionas left outside the road for public for play, really good. Glad to hear that Gautam played one/two songs on it. Great. I think still he remember the tunes.

    I am sorry for your camera. I wish you should get a better camera than that.

    Nice pictures.

  20. Thats bad about the camera. Which one did u own btw? The pictures as usual are beautiful. And also love it when you tell the story behind the picture :).

  21. I always wanted to ask you how you brought such wonderful pictures.Now I know,it is not in the camera,it is in your eyes!

  22. Naidu sir,

    Thank you. Lamp posts in San Jose downtown are really cute. Yeah the pothole lid is too nice

    He struggled initially, but did play it eventually. the tune still reverberates in my ears.

    I am getting another camera now

  23. Harini,

    :-( Yeah. I had Sony Cybershot DSC-W 55.

    Thanks, glad you liked the picture.

  24. dr.anthony,

    Exactly! Its not the camera. Many who see my pictures ask which camera is it without realizing its not the camera but the eye :-)

  25. San Jose is a lovely place alva? I loved the train ride from SF to here. Very scenic. Been long since i wrote so haven't read also:(

  26. kish,

    It is :) Caltrain? The place is in deed scenic :)

  27. Oh dear , i have got the same pic 8;)!!! as i thought nobody will believe that it's a pot hole! Lolsss!!!

  28. Excellent pictures.

    Get a DSLR. Sometimes good things happen with camera breaks. You take very good picture so a DSLR will give you more options.

  29. neha,

    :-) No one would believe unless mentioned :)

  30. A,

    Thank you. Time for DSLR now.:)

  31. boss, beautiful post n awesome clicks..

  32. Lovely clicks!
    Sorry to hear about the cam..get a new one so that you can show us your captured memories :)

  33. Hey! Super photos as usual. :-) What a lovely morning that was... Beautiful weather, lovely company!

    I am so glad we chose to walk to downtown that day rather than taking the bus. Next time we should make it a point to go to the church. Too bad that you are missing it... Was so nice to read this post, nostalgic... And ya, probably the main reason why i enjoyed that day so much was because you did not take me to the flea market! LOL! Just kidding yaar. :-)

  34. Loved all those pictures, along with your commentary! Too bad your camera went bust. I had a Sony Cybershot too that gave me some excellent shots and served as my shooting (photo) weapon for years. But it developed a lens problem all of a sudden. Got it fixed, but doesn't work as good as it used to. So got myself another one, however retained the old one for keeps :)

  35. just visited to see the pics again.
    sorry about your camera.
    You should try it here in local market, here anything is possible someone may repair it.

  36. Ramesh,

    Thanks, glad you liked them

  37. Destiny's child,

    Thanks so much, glad you liked them. Yes, time for a new camera, I am feeling restless without one :)

  38. Gautam,

    Thanks, few of them are what you clicked Gautam :)
    Yeah, it was perfect morning with perfect setting all around isnt it?

    We really did a wise decision by not taking a bus to downtown.

    Yeah, I so wanted to go to the church, but yeah I couldnt make it this time because I should have something left to do next time isnt it? :)

    I really miss the downtown and you.

    Even if I forget the Flea market, you wont...right? :-P

  39. RGB,

    Thank you. Yeah, feel bad. I think I will get this one fixed as well :)

  40. sm,

    Oh so nice of you.
    Yeah, I will get it fixed how ever expensive it becomes. Its too close to me.

  41. Oh really, did I take some of them!? Good team effort then! :-D

  42. Gautam,

    Yeah, let me point out which all - photos 7, 8 and 9

    Yup! wonderful team effort :)

  43. Simply awesome clicks!!
    Sad abt the camera!
    Liked the graffiti on the wall! :)

  44. Shilpa,

    Thanks. Glad you liked them. Camera, yeah! but time for new one :)


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