Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trying to write

You have this, this, this and that to write and share.

(stares into space, watches TV, Kylie Kwong is showing how to make Ma Po Tofu)

Then you click on Posting -> New Post...your fingers snap and hit the keys....few words, backspace....stare at the wall, get lost in thought.....Get into the mood of laziness

(Sentence not turned out the way it has to...Backspace..........)

trying to dress your thoughts with words in your vocabulary....few more words, erase


....snap the delete key.

As I typed those words above, I did type, backspace, stare, delete, type some more, nod my head in disapproval, delete, try typing again - whatever I did is captured within braces in italics. Yeah, the same old writer's block. I have loads to share, pictures, travelogues, thoughts and everyday experiences. Yet, why don't I feel like writing? Lack of interest. Why am I (stares into space......minces for the right it!!!) uninterested?

 Is that really a writer''s..................

(At this point, nod in disapproval, backspace....backspace....backspace....)

(Uummmppphhhh....need a hot cuppa...should i make it or sit still)

(Thinking.........decide to continue writing)

Yup, so talking about lack of interest. (Pauses) (Pauses again.....really blank..$#@&%)

Am I forcing myself here to write? No, I want to write. Been thinking to write for 2 days now. Yet, I cant bring myself to write something substantial. (Wow....the previous sentence just flew like a river downstream.....Improvement! )

Catches a glimpse of Kylie Kwong mentioning "put in some brown sugar. As the cooking process continues, the mushrooms soften and takes the beautiful flavors together. A tiny little bit of sesame oil for extra flavor, to top it off with fresh green chillies and fresh red chillies. A beautiful balance of sweet, sour and spice"....)

(Concentration lost)

I want to write about how blogging evolves and how bloggers and their posts influence us and what we write.

(Scratches the neck) 

(Caramelized Potatoes is what I see on TV...Hmmm...sllluuurrrrrrrrrrppppp...)

So I want to write a post on blogging, influences and how blog evolves. Just wondering why most bloggers around have either vanished or are not writing anything interesting .......

 (Ooops...thinks this might be an umbrageous statement. Bloggers not writing interesting? Maybe I am lacking interest. So....backspace...backspace....backspace...)


OK!! Not Today!!!


  1. Well sometimes it does happen to me too. I want to write on/about so many things.

    But for some reason, I can't. Sometimes it's the lack of words the other times lack of good mood. (~_~)

  2. You missed a few lines -

    krkrkrkrkr -- scratching head

    guyong gyong gyong - nasal gold- digging


    I will stop here. Imagination running wild!...

    you shook me out of slumber! :)

  3. Bala,

    No no! I didnt. I only did those that I mentioned. I refrained from indulging in other few as you have mentioned just because I then have to put that up here which would have been gross :-P

    Haaa....mission accomplished!

  4. hahhaha...happens to many of us...enjoyed reading this ya...

  5. happens all the time :D but still you managed to post this...

    ** Whew this is the 3rd time i am writing this comment I hope it won't show any error this time :)

  6. I want to write about how blogging evolves and how bloggers and their posts influence us and what we write.

    on similar topic sophie from usa requested me to write and still i am not able to complete that post.
    difficult topic

  7. No comment hard :)

  8. and it still made a post for us :)

  9. ha ha ha... nice post yaar...

    (paused for 30 seconds)

    (sighed deeply)

    as i was thinking what to type, it suddenly struck me that this is such an empty but unique and entertaining post. :-) Cheered me up indeed!

    After reading the post, I was thinking about why I have not been journaling stuff like i usually do.

    It may be writers block... Shift+Home Del

    (and thought to myself, periya writer ivaru, ivarukku writer's block vere)

    The thought was instinctively in Tamizh, because it sounds better: cheap and local. :-p

    (I'm clicking the Submit button hoping that the HTML tags work. Would be kinda funny if they didn't.)

  10. The best moment is to start when the fingers play without restraint and with ease on the key board, ( well when the pen goes forward , without stumbling).
    Scratching the head , howling, back space , delete etc will bring us back to where we began.
    But then you have a point and the matter is what you noted, with many of us . One step forward and two steps back space.
    But still we manage dont we?

  11. Rajlakshmi,

    Hehehehe yeah thought why not make use of this writer's block opportunity to capture its essence :-P

  12. sm,

    Yeah my next post would be on that. Its a tough topic I agree
    But my post wont be like yours. You give lot of real data and you do exhaustive research. Mine would be more on the fun type :)

    I am waiting to read yours :)

  13. Hit Wicked

    Thanks. I am honored :)

  14. Scribbler,

    Saw an opportunity here :-D

  15. Gautam,

    Its a "nothing-in-it" post. :-)
    Yet you managed to enjoy it and it cheered you up, I am glad.

    Hahahaha...I like your self chiding in Tamizh..

    I remember the "Costa rica trip kekutha ivanukku,..costa rica.." :-P

    :-) Brings a smile each time. And not to forget the "Cherry saapta sirippu varum"


  16. anil,

    Yeah, for me if I dont get to pen down my thoughts in under 5 mins, I quit
    I wanted to capture the essence and "how" really the block manifests.

    So this post :)

  17. As always excellent. You even managed to write a post about it. I have had situation like this, both in blog world and also at office. I used to stop immediately and concentrate on something entirely different. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, ideas would prop up That was my experience..

  18. SG,

    Yeah just grabbed the opportunity.

  19. I don't have any posts in drafts..I usually write and publish. I try to write and if the draft is open for more than an hour, i discard it :)

    interesting idea of the post..i am sure most must be doing this..

  20. Hahaha! I have many unfinished posts. Many posts just as random as yours :P. Never bothered to complete them... lazy you see.

  21. Neha,

    I hate to see posts in my Drafts. I either publish what I write or delete it :)

  22. BK Chowla, has left a new comment on your post "Trying to write":

    Good, you are very normal blogger.It happens to most of us.
    Perhaps, it depends upon as to which side of the bed one gets up from in the morning.

    Chowa sir, your comment was deleted by mistake and I am not able to publish it now.

    Aah yeah it does seem so....Sometimes we are so dry that we cant get ourselves to write a word!

  23. Harini,

    :-) Yup! I feel incomplete if I see drafts. We tend to become lazy yeah!

  24. Even when there is nothing to say or write that too is presented like a well garnished recipe...

  25. There is no one way of doing any thing.There are no two ways either.

    Yawn..and go to sleep.. or keep awake,stare at the ceiling,and then leave it blank. No rules!

  26. Hi again,

    This is so true!! If i'm unable to start up in 5 min time.. I normally discard and will not continue further. :) :)

    and you have managed so nicely to write up this post!!

  27. chitra,

    Thank you :) I am glad you found something to appreciate here :D

    I thought why not capture the essence of being blank, thats why this post.

  28. dr.anthony,

    Yup!! frame your own rules :)

  29. Ramya Ranganathan,

    Hi hi, Yeah thats the best thing to do :) Haa, just took the chance to capture the essence :)

  30. All of us, bloggers, have faced this situation at some point of time. And are not immune to it. Your post reminds me of the lines written by a great marathi author Mr. V P Kale... More personal you write, more general it becomes.

  31. Vivek,

    Yeah it happens. :-) Thats a true quote

  32. LOL!! :D Have experienced this soooo many times! :P

  33. Shilpa,

    :-) It happens to all of us at some point :)


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