Thursday, May 19, 2011

Niagara Falls

This was mid 2006. My first visit to US on work; overwhelming, shocking and too much to handle is what I would use to sum up my experience those 4 months. It got to a point when I forced my way out when asked to extend my stay.

The travel bug in me was born then..I visited quite few places - Niagara on the US-Canadian border being one of them. The falls were majestic and grand. More than the falls itself; I thoroughly enjoyed the 406 miles drive from NYC to Niagara through New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. The rains, the lush landscape and the chill weather was heavenly and worth the experience.

The mist that forms due to the force of the falls is visible from miles and miles - the hovering smoke and the water drops suspended in the air! The manicured walk path, the cruise and the close proximity to the falls lets you realize the power of nature. Once again, I realized how trivial we are! Almost everyone who visits Niagara dont return without taking the Maid of the Mist boat ride and the Cave of the Winds tour.

Stay there till late evening to witness the illumination of the falls by floodlights from the Canadian side. Cross the Rainbow Bridge to enter Canada and stroll around Ontario; watching the falls from the observation deck of Skylon tower is a beautiful experience.

Here are few pictures. I had to dig in through my archives :)

Outskirts of NYC.

The US-Canadian border

American falls. Reached post 5 and the light was dull. 

Horse shoe falls

Rainbow Bridge

Skylon Tower.

Sunset over Ontario sky


  1. awesome clicks..this place is on my wishlist for a long time!

  2. I wish i cud visit the place!! It look so awsome !

  3. beautiful pics
    Niagara falls sunset beautiful pics

  4. hopefully , god willing fingers crossed next year july/august I should be clikcing the same pictures :) but i will be in canada .. a friend is getting married then :)

    they are so beautiful ...


  5. I remember visiting Niagara back in 2010. It was constantly raining and real chilly. The town has some amazing Indian Restaurants:P
    But i still feel The western ghats have better falls. More breathtaking in every sense.

  6. Insignia,

    I plan a trip this summer. I will use your wonderful post as reference. I will post pictures if I go there :)))

    Thanks for putting a post together on Niagara falls. :)))

    Nice pictures

  7. Beautiful clicks.In my travel wish list too.

  8. Nice pic especially that of the falls.

  9. Insignia @ traveler back?? nice pictures :)

  10. Neha,

    Thanks, I did not know how to capture a good picture then. Just random clicks clicks.


    You should :)




    The view on the Canadian side is more beautiful. Have fun!


    I thought the food was not that great in Indian restaurants. The town is crowded as well.
    Agree with your comment on having better falls in Western Ghats. Thats why I said, more than the falls I enjoyed other things.


    Thanks. Have fun!


    You should not miss it :)








    Thank you


    Travel mania started then :) Thank you.

  11. A good one for your albums - and memories...

  12. I envy you. You have visited so many beautiful places, unlike me.

  13. My god...the photos are so breath taking...especially the horse shoe falls. Excellent.

  14. wow, such a relaxing chilled out post yaar. loved it.
    "manicured walk path" - superb description bindu...

  15. Balan,

    Thanks, somehow the falls didnt mesmerize me. You might have noticed it from my post. :)


    :-) Thanks girl. I have so many places to visit.


    It was tough to click pics with low light. I had a basic camera then.


    :-) Thanks pa

  16. ery nice pictures.
    Checks on Canadian US border is very exciting

  17. B, when I went there ( presuming it to be a dream come true)I could only feel and go back may be a couple of centuries and visualise what the Niagra, the falls and the surround would have been like.
    Yes the awesome water was astounding.Though the truth as you may have been told ,is that the fall is artificially controlled.
    But visualise instead of the sky scraping five star abodes around, the Macdonald's and the KFCs , the limos and the flamboyant sports vehicles, the blondes in their expensive sun glasses and seductively dressed brunettes,a time when the falls was surveyed by the moose herds, the native Indians on their horse backs, the game that thrived, the wild bosons, the grizzlys as well, the Apaches in their canoes .Certainly the so called civilised folks have done much there to erase the past. May be I was a fool not to live in the present , that day I was at the falls!

    Your photos are typically the ones for looking back into the journey when you sit back in retirement.

  18. Chowla sir,

    Thanks. Yeah, the border is exciting


    Yes, probably the fact that the falls are induced maybe the reason for me not getting mesmerized as I mentioned to Balan. I loved the drive better.

    And yeah maybe I too didnt live in the present to enjoy the falls...something was amiss; I still dont know what.


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