Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Those 3 hours

Well, yesterday was an interesting day...of sorts.

Started early to work in order to attend a mandatory training on intellectual property. Carried my breakfast of idi appams and unni appams.

Just decided on the fly to watch Pirates of the Caribbean - 4 post lunch. My 3 team mates and me - the movie was superb and Johnny Depp was impossible. I so love him even more now; after him being unfaithfully faithful to Angelica in the movie :)

Came home at 6:45; tried unlocking the front door. Thats when I doubted if the bunch of keys I carried had a key to the front door. Tried...tried...tried....remembered Robert Bruce's "Try try until you succeed" phrase and kept vain. I remember unlocking the door with a key from this bunch. Tried again and again; realized I really had the wrong bunch.

Called up Velu, he was not picking the call; should be in Yoga session. 1 more hour before he can pick up the calls. It was raining, I was not dressed to be seated on the floor comfortably - Skin tight jean trousers; why am I in them in such situations always? Called up a friend and spoke for a while as I kept loitering but soon realized I need to save the battery charge. Hung up and chatted a while with a friend. She left for dinner.

Sat about for a while and was drowning myself in self realization. It turned out that I found myself insanely stupid, arrogantly confident, emotionally foolish and a hopeless seeker of care. It seemed better to remain ignorant so I dismissed the idea. Though I did have some arguments and counter-arguments on love. Let me save that for another post. 

I had 3 street dogs for company; not for long, just for few minutes, they were either scared or wary. They ran away.  I generally carry a book to read with me; today I did not have one. I carry a USB modem with me to connect to internet; I left it back at home. I sat for a while until my bum started aching. Got an idea! Thought of going to a supermarket and buy some stuffs to read and eat.

Realized it was raining. My tank top was thin and without sleeves, all I had was a thin bandana; wrapped it around and walked in the rain to the supermarket. Browsed for books, all they had were few magazines - fashion, auto, political, technology. decor, travel...Aaaah travel! I picked up a travel magazine and some buns. Outside in a push cart was a vendor selling boiled peanuts. Steaming peanuts in the rain..Heavenly. I packed some and got back.

Though the dogs were not hostile towards me, they were reluctant to come near me. So I thought feeding them would rest their doubts about me. They devoured the buns happily, I think they liked the jam inside the buns more. One of them came near me and I stroked its head for few seconds. They all ran away once again. I came back and seated myself comfortably, munching in the only leftover - peanuts and reading the magazine.

For someone whose passion is traveling, this magazine gave immense joy - Ladakh, Leh, Himachal, Bhutan, Goa, Kodai, Coorg, Ethiopia, Munnar, Kochi.......visualising myself in all these places. Read them all, seated idle. I hear the occasional chatter of the neighbors, while I browse my phone for mails and other updates. Read few latest blog posts while waiting for Velu to arrive.

It was 3 hours before he came. Pain in the bum was all that was left.


  1. Interesting! I am really scared of stray dogs and have to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 still :). It rained like crazy in Bangalore last night, felt like the sky was coming down.

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  3. Oh My!! Rains, stray dogs, boiled peanuts, buns, travel magazine, and some profound thoughts and of course J Depp, for company!! Wonderful experience! :)

  4. OMG 3 hrs is too much of a time to kill i think! Even i watched Pirates of Carribean this weekend and always loved Johny ;) . I think his being flirty and unfaithful adds vibrancy to his character ;)

  5. shud have knocked on the neighbours.. door :) be a guest for sometime ..

    should have called me up ... :)

    I keep saying I have to watch movies but never get time to go ..


  6. I would go to gym or friend's house :))) Three hours is a long time to wait. Silly me. I am assuming you did not have gym outfit and friends were at work....

    Seems like you managed...once in a life time.

    Now do not tell us that you had the key all along in your that coming in the next post.

  7. two things :
    a) you realled liked POTC4 ? I dont know..kinda dragged... but yes, was sitting beside my friends wife and she was drooling over Depp so I guess I understand...

    b) kinda agree with Bikramjit... should have bugged neighbours.. 3 hours is wayyy too long.

  8. Another bad day outside the (office)!

  9. Good that you have a supermarket nearby .You did great (except for the achy bum)with the situation.Boiled peanuts,book,rain and few dogs.Don't listen to 'go to the neighbour' advice - i did once ,and they turned out to be ' Amway' devils,paid a heavy price.It still hurts.

  10. Rachna,

    :-) Go watch it. Very very few people dont seem to like it. But it keeps you glued :)
    Yes, the rains are awesome isnt it? It rained this morning as well. I am loving it :)


    :-D I guess the movie did the trick. Helped me stay calm.


    Yes it was. Oh I hope you enjoyed the movie. The dialogue delivery and the timing sets him apart.


    No way! I never ever want to trouble anyone. And know nowadays people dont like anyone knocking on without prior intimation. I dont like it anyways.

    As I said, the phone's battery was draining. So no choice of calling as well. :)


    It was raining. I didnt have the car; I anyway dont drive. Gym is 4 kms away. I didnt have the gym outfit either. I was tired, carrying my laptop and bag. Friend's one stays nearby. I thought I would go to a shopping mall and buy some books. But it is not easy to hire an auto when it is raining in Bangalore.

    Yes, I managed pretty well. I didnt have the key. Waited till my husband returned home.


    Welcome to B Log.

    Yes, I really liked POC4. I didnt feel it was dragging. I only thought most part of the movie was dark. You are the first person who doesnt seem to like it :)

    No sir, I didnt drool over Depp but I sure enjoyed his presence on the screen.

    Nah, I try to keep away from neighbors as much as possible. 3 hours didnt seem that pathetic.

    Thank you, keep visiting :)


    Not that bad :)


    Yes, I thought I managed well. Oh the pain...yeah it vanished once I hit the bed. :)
    Haaa amway - my cousins do it too. I am scared to go to their house for that reason.

    Nah, even if it meant all night out, I wouldnt have knocked on the neighbors :)

  11. I have left a key with the watchman,because I trust him.I did it after I locked myself out few times and I had to change the lock.I dont know if it can be done safely.

    But wasn't it a change from the usual?.What you do at times like that reflects the character.You did well.

  12. i left for dinner! I thought of calling you, but friends didn't let me touch the phone :(

    travel magazine must have been a blessing for you I am sure, but three hours is too much! please be careful next time!

  13. It's a nice experience for once in a while. Had it been me, I'd have got drenched in the rain! :)

    I'm yet to watch POC-4. :(
    Also I'm quite amiable with the dogs and other stray animals as long as they are to me! :P

  14. Munching steaming boiled peanuts in the rain... Boo Hoo! Mamma,I want boiled peanutsssss NOW!

    Reading the comments reg 'wasting' 3 hours, I am happy to note that you are of a different kind! :-)

    I wish people would more often spend some time with themselves like you did.

    As you'd expect, I loved the bit about stray dogs. I would suggest to be a bit careful about fondling them, not because you will catch a disease, but dogs are wary about strangers touching them, esp., on the head. Our intentions may be friendly, but give dogs a little time to take it in.

    Loved the post much.

  15. Three hours is a long time...and I am really scared of dogs..hats off to you !!

  16. I am new to your blog. Gal... your posts are pretty interesting, i am absolutely loving them! :)

  17. Doc,

    Aaah this has happened for the second time with me. I had some training so I had to leave early. Else I am the person to lock the house.

    Yes, it was definitely a change without TV, internet, couch and coffee :) I was thankful that I didnt end up thinking few things that would depress me. The movie helped me actually.
    The magazine as well.



    Oh thats ok :) yes, the magazine was a blessing. I now have few more places on my list :-p


    Oh yeah :) Drenching wasnt an option because the rain soon stops and you shiver :)


    :-D You always make me envious, now my turn :)

    No it wasnt a waste at all. I enjoyed the 'me' time except for the pain.

    Yes, those dogs are familiar with me. They just are scared because of the way human beings treat them. One of them you know what they must be thinking. Sweet chaps.





    It wasnt :) Thank you


    I liked your profile pic and your about me :)
    Interesting. Will start reading your posts.

    Thanks for visiting. I am glad you are liking my posts :)

  18. Unfortunate, the pain. But you know what, I liked the way you narrated it all - kinda relaxed, unhurried...and easy flow to read.

    good work, will return for more. Take care. :)

    ps: Donno why, from the way you described the weather and the surroundings (peanut waala etc), it felt like you're in Bangalore? Are you?

  19. Excellent experience of 3 hours in rainy weather because of a small key. The way you spent time and your narration on buns, boiled peanuts and street dogs is good. Since you are interested in traval, you might not have bored those three hours as you are having a traval book on hand.

    Moral: "Carry the correct key always".

  20. you just narrated my evening two weeks back :)

    locked myself out and had to idle away an entire evening sitting in a cafe bar with my (only that day learned-)neighbors waiting for my roomie. had no money. no mobile. just my bike key. ;)

  21. idi appams and unni appams.. yummy!! but yeah.. good that you finally ended up reading something you really enjoy..

  22. aha interesting :D
    street dogs as company !! ROFL
    but then u enjoyed :D
    well opposite once happened to me.. got locked in by roomate :P

  23. phatichar,

    Pains - are necessary now and then to teach you life's lessons :)

    Those hours spent was relaxed, unhurried and easy as I did not have any work pending.
    I could always say - Look, I didnt cook today as I was locked out :-) Easy no? :-P

    Thanks so much for your appreciation and for visiting my blog.

    Naidu sir,

    Yes sir it was. Lesson learnt but this mistake once did no harm :)

    Silent Aella,

    Awww hope it wasnt terrible for you.


    :-) Yup! yummy! :) Yes, that was the best


    :-P ohhh locked in is still ok no? :)

  24. Must have been an awesome experience.Isnt it?
    I must tell you. I was involved in release of POTC on DVD for the studio.

  25. Chowla sir,

    It was surely :) Wow thats nice. You sure must be an important man


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