Monday, October 31, 2011

Always right

Dancing at the first beat of music; carefree of the people around .

 Making a plaything even out of a broken twig.

Talking to a toy as if it were with life; oblivious to the smiles around.

Identifying animals out of clouds.

Excited seeing the arch across the sky - rainbow.

Not worried a wee bit to talk sense - with all the goo-goo-gaa-gaas.

Just scribbling on the wall makes it a beautiful picture.

When do we lose this innocence? Is it a gradual process or do we lose it over a night's sleep? Measuring words when we talk; worried about what others will think about us.

Chasing false praises and fake success. Trying hard to live for others and make others happy. Putting up a fake smile for others' jealousy.

Dance amidst a group but lonely in reality.....

How long -

To measure what one speaks?

To wear a fake smile?

To try to be right always?

I dont know :) OK! this post is a witness to how worked up I am due to work! Yeah its naiceeee..........:P


  1. yeah, i can see how worked up you are. especially after seeing your reaction on your last post *evil grin*

  2. We never lose that innocence; we hide it occasionally, for convenience.

  3. Balachandran V,
    Exactly what you said Sir.

    Very beautiful. The kid is somewhere inside us. When we are alone, we still do those things but we don't notice!

  4. fake smiles .. praises .. lose of innocense isn't that what life has become now adays we dont know who is who anymore ...

    each one says something and does something ..


  5. We can always live the way we want...without fake smiles...without chasing fake successes and false praises...Integrity... :)

  6. I think it has got to do with our want to live up to other people's expectations. Maybe the expectations keep increasing exponentially as we're growing up? Some people who like to live life their own way without caring for what others think still pull off acting like a child without any problem? With the right gang I think we'd still be very innocent.

    Some people will get this chance this December 2011. EPIC! Woo Hoo!! :-D

  7. As long as we retain the child like innocence, we will never have a mental turmoil! Well written

  8. Busy with work? hope you had a nice Diwali.
    Once we leave behind childhood we learn lot of acting. We pretend what we are not. When we grow we learn a lot:)

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  10. It is so important not to lose ouro innocence .
    When you're green you're growing, and when you're ripe you start to rot. ~Ray Kroc

  11. Innocence fade away with conditioning. don't you think so?
    Is it not true that , "in the lost childhood of Judas, Christ was betrayed."?

  12. Innocence goes for a walk when the harsh realities of life confront us.

  13. B, just to add on to what I mentioned .
    There is something which is informal that determines or shapes our personality from childhood. Atmosphere at home, relationships with parents and siblings. Involuntarily we , if we can closely analyse ourselves, we fall back into a mode which is a hangover of our formative stage , and influences that affected us in child hood.
    When some say situations bring out the character in a person, is it not something that is determined in early stage of our being, being of our self? Or can a person change 180 degrees just at wave of the wand?
    But indeed it is true considerable acting go on in us every day.

  14. Its so obvious.Try and learn to relax,it helps

  15. Neha,

    :D hahaha


    Yeah, sometimes we bury it deep down for fear of being dismissed


    Thank you. :) True. You said it, when we are ALONE, we are conscious to not do that in front of others the way we did as child




    Yup, but have you realized how tough it is :)


    With the right set of people :) Thats what it is. Or when we are alone; but never otherwise.

    Hahaha EPIC? :P


    :-) Well said


    Yeah off late. Had a good Diwali :)
    I agree chitra; we lose ourselves in the process


    Thats a nice proverb kavita. Thanks for sharing.
    So true


    I agree Anil.




    :-) Well said, I agree


    I get your point; thats an interesting analysis. But dont you also agree we pretend; we act?

    Considerable effort goes in pretending :)

    Chowla sir,

    :-) Yup sir.

  16. i always be kiddish in my behavior,no matter wat ppl say...i m happy with this.
    And i love this thing abt me!.....:)

  17. I haven't grown up. My family and friends can vouch for that. So I am very much innocent all the time!!!. Thank you for bringing this to my notice.

  18. I agree on point No 1, 2 & 4 :-)

  19. clouds,

    Thats the way to be :)


    :-) Beautiful :)



  20. It's the world that turns us into fake dolls.


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