Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the Wild

Two days of Dusshera holidays saw us pack our bags to foothills of Nilgiris - Masinagudi. Driving through Bandipur and then the Mudumalai forest area makes me happy. One has to go through Bandipur if you have to go to Wayanad or Ooty. The drive is peaceful amidst bamboos and other wild trees; passing along numerous sign boards mentioning to maintain silence; no use of plastic; no stopping and such. Occasional sights of bashful deers, curious langurs and if you can get lucky herds of elephants to keep one happy.

Went on a night safari and also day safari this time. At night; spotted herds and herds of elephants seeking refuge beside road. They escape the harsh mosquitoes and come to the edge of the forest.  Saw 10-20 together a couple of times. No photos. Sorry! I didnt want to introduce harsh lights on them. I felt guilty about going for the night safari; it was a private one; courtesy the resorts. The jeep drivers are not sensitive to the elephants. The driver of our jeep went very near to those herds and was heckling at them to grab their attention. He took the jeep too close for comfort and used harsh headlights on them. It was however; cute to see mother and calves; mother protective of their calf; the calf being naughty and running away while the mother pulled the calf's tail.

It always brings me immense happiness to get close with nature. Few pics


Bandipur-Mudumalai forest reserve. Spotted deers all along.

A curious langur. Another was hanging from the tree; few others curiously looking at us and maybe wondering "Who are these monkeys?"

Clicked just one picture of an elephant though herds of them were spotted at night. This was the closest we got; and enough light so didnt need to use flash. There was another gentle giant walking in the opposite direction on the road and it was scary; what if it just comes and topples the car? But he didnt bother; and we went our way.

They dont simply compare a beautiful pair of eyes to a deer's isnt it?

An ostentation of peacocks; unaware of the intruders.

A lovely sunset.  Oh yeah spotted few bison and pheasants as well.


  1. It's good that you travel often and love nature!

    The last I saw a wild animal was around 8 years ago! :(

  2. wow. that's quite an experience. am quite the typah who gets close n personal with Mother Nature, and once too often - on one-day treks, camps, etc. In fact, end of this month, am trying to go beyond the borders of Goa towards Karnataka-side for a respite with the bosom of Mother Nature for three days - visit three Falls, n a bird sanctuary. Staying at a Resort facing Jog Falls. Hoping for the best.

  3. Wow! goosebumps Bindu... Really enjoyed reading this post. And the photos! Mind blowing yaar! Excellent photos... Miss the nilgiris. :-(

    Bindu: "Occasional sights of bashful deers, curious langurs and if you can get lucky herds of elephants to keep one happy. " ... " The drive is peaceful amidst bamboos and other wild trees"
    Gautam: ooooooooo, lovely!!!!!! (Captivated and drooling)

    "No photos. Sorry! I didnt want to introduce harsh lights on them"
    proud of you bindu...

  4. Awesome picture :)))

    Seems you like you had a good trip !!

  5. It sounds like an awesome place. you are too kind not to click even one picture.

    nice clicks :)

  6. The first picture- of the hill looks familiar. I guess it was a resort called-Blue Mountain or Valley that you stayed the one with electric fencing near the resort owned by Mithun Chakraborthy?

    I ve been to this thing called night safari, when the jeep wallas take the vehicle close to the elephants .It is something insensitive and should not be allowed.

  7. Grea. You know, we dove from Bangalore to Ooty years back It was an experience of life time.
    I remember, we came to Bangalore from Mettur and then to Ooty.
    How can one forget one's honeymoon.

  8. Wonderful ! I have never experienced Night Safari before though we have our own Kaziranga here.Would love to visit Nilgiris sometime .After reading your post i now want to revisit Kaziranga .Thanks for the beautiful pictures and nice description.

  9. Wonderful , loved the pictures and the wild life is always a welcome to see


  10. A tusker in the wild! You know how fortunate you were to see that!Calendar pic of the spotted deer!
    Love you for your concern and respect for the wild.

  11. A beautiful post and the lovely pictures to go with it!!

  12. The pics and your post, just brought a whole lot of freshness to this morning. Lovely.

  13. Nice pictures and a good vacation for you.

  14. Enigma,

    I do only that during free time; just travel.

    8 years ago?? Thats quite long


    Wow! Wow! Jog and the area around are heaven. You will sure enjoy :)


    Thank you. It was drooling really :)


    Thank you. Yeah good trip with good sun burns as well :)


    :-) Its a beautiful place. Thank you


    I dont know Anil, just drove that way. No, didnt stay in that resort :)

    I didnt know what harsh stuff they would resort to in Night Safari; else would not have gone for it. I cursed myself for going. Humans are so insensitive.

    Chowla sir,

    Wow it would have been memorable :)


    :-) Oh dont go for a night safari if its not from government. Resort ones are insensitive towards animals.


    Thanks, yes it is


    Yes Balan, saw herds and herds of elephants - tuskers, mother, was a delight to watch. Thank you :)


    Thanks a lot; glad you liked :)


    Thanks much :)


    Thanks, yes it was the much needed break.

  15. I have heard so much about Masinagudi and now this! What lovely pictures Insignia! :)

  16. Thanks for this fantastic tour. The pictures are cute.

  17. Destiny's child,

    :) Thank you


    Welcome to B Log sir. I am glad you liked the pictures. Thank you

  18. Lovely!
    By the way... do you have the blog in mind, when clicking pictures... I know a silly question!1 :D :P

  19. Shilpa,

    Thank you. Haha, Yeah I do; I want to share my joys and yeah sort of yes :)

    But why did you ask?


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