Monday, October 17, 2011

Crunchy Carrots

The color of the carrot is enough to entice us. In Ooty fresh luscious bunch of carrots are sold everywhere.

Clicked a couple of pics. Inspired me to write few verses. Just random words with rhymes. Dont try to find a meaning :)

I was walking along,
Found a carrot on the ground,
Look around to see to whom it belonged,
But no one was around.

Fresh green stalks,
Gave way to flowery leaf,
Is there around; a rabbit?
Instead saw perched; a parrot.

I took the carrot
thats when it started
They are a wonder
The best is down under

Loveliest of orange,
No! not a mirage,
My love is like the carrot
I heard from the parrot

What you see at the top,
Is just a tiny drop
My love; like a thunder,
Emerges from down under.


  1. FIrstttttttttttttt :)

    now let me read the Rhyme

  2. indeed best is down
    under ..

    We do find it in real life too, we dont know the good what is inside or below .. and make assumptions on what we see from exterior .. :)


  3. Like I said, nice ones. I like such random words.

  4. Random verses always turn out good.
    and i always love poems....:)

  5. You asked not to try to find any yeah.. I won't :)

    I liked these stanzas :)

    I took the carrot
    thats when it started
    They are a wonder
    The best is down under

    What you see at the top,
    Is just a tiny drop
    My love; like a thunder,
    Emerges from down under.

    you sure..there is no meaning? :)

  6. The carrots look so tempting and lively..The color of fresh carrots,any photographer would jump into.

    And the lines down,I salute the kid inside you..

  7. " What you see at the top , is just a tiny drop".
    Isn't it so with carrots, parrots and all?

    Good attempt B, so what is seen outside the grumpy looking expression has a bard inside yea!

  8. The carrots are enticing, and your attempt is decent :).

  9. Wah ! Loved the verses specially the last line.And now i want some crunchy carrots in my chowmein :):)

  10. The carrot look so fresh and yummy , i like red one more though :) and your poem is not just random words. It has lot of meaning to it :)

  11. Yes, I have seen these too on my last trip to Ooty. It really is tempting. And it made me wonder too if there were too many rabbits around. You let the kid in you out! Nice Random Words. :)

  12. Errr..'What's up,Doc?'.

    Guess I was Bugs Bunny in my last incarnation! I Looooove carrots and your poem was as crisp and juicy and crunchy as the carrots!

  13. Can't believe you can make a poem out of carrots, vegetables and fruits. Good attempt

  14. The pic is absolutely lively and refreshing!!

    So are the words!!

    The carrot and parrot .. what a rhyming and timing . I could only think and dream about the colour of carrot and parrot.. Bright orange and green!!

  15. Carrots look good.
    I am too dumb to react to poetry

  16. These are very common in Ooty and Kodai...Love the fresh ones...

  17. A poem on carrots!!! damn cool!! Love their bright color and can imagine their crunch in my mouth!! :D

  18. Bik,

    Yup you were first :)

    Thats true; as they say dont judge a book by its cover :)


    Thanks girl.


    Yup, they did. :-)


    Haha. Good. I dont know; I just didnt write with anything on my mind.
    But if it has a meaning; good :)

    Thank you


    Yeah they were! Treat to the eyes. :-D maybe it was the kid inside me that did it :)


    Hahahaha grumpy did you say? I must try not to look that way hereafter :)


    Thank you; the carrots made me jump on it to take shots.


    :-) Thank you; hope you had carrots with your chowmein. :)


    They were very fresh. :-) Thank you.


    Thank you; no rabbits; just us :) The carrots was tempting.


    Doc? Err...were you addressing me as Doc?

    Thanks, glad you liked the poem Mr.Poet.


    Haha it just happened

    Rahul Bhatia,



    Thank you. Yeah; bright orange and green :)

    Chowla sir,

    Thank you sir; yeah dont bother.


    Yes, they are so bright and nice


    :-) Thank you.

  19. It was cute & I like carrots too.

    Feels good to be reading your writing again. Just finished midterms today.

  20. Nethra,

    :-) Thank you. I am glad my write ups lifts your spirits. Hope you did your exams well.

  21. Hey I think I clicked these same carrots at Mahableshwar many years ago.
    Or maybe they all keep it the same way.

  22. enjoy what you got going on here! hope you'll checkout mine when you get a chance. Love the fresh looking carrots

  23. Haddock,

    Oh! maybe


    Welcome to B Log :)

    Thanks, glad you liked.


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