Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back to School Again!!!

In his comments, Karthik seemed that he wanted more of school. So I satisfied his thirst by adding a paragraph in the same post; yet he wanted more!!!

See that's what I said in my "I want more" post...Yeh Dil Maange More!!! More means abundance not the peacock!!

Awww, pathetic joke that was. To make Karthik jump with joy like a school kid; here's more.

One can talk and talk about school life isn't it? Those days were so much fun; pure fun with innocence. How many of us have not played group games which had no logic at all of any sorts. Each one trying to impose a character; not human characters but as animals, birds, trees and run like an horse galloping; flying with an imaginary wings! Did we ever see around who was watching us? Or if anyone was making fun of us? Did we bother to check if the game is logical?

How about the times when we unleashed our wild imaginations......the mountains, the river, the birds, the trees in all unimaginable colors; blue rose, pink mountains, yellow river...did we ever pause to think about any color sense? The drawings were still beautiful isn't it? And how we felt sad when the teacher gave us B grade instead of an A+. Aww, why did the teacher not find my drawing amazing?

And the times when the lunch boxes were grabbed and each one was interested to know what others had packed than their own. The thirst to be admired by a teacher; each one would bring a rose to his or her favorite teacher on Teacher's Day and wait the full day; being bashful to approach the teacher as if it was a boy proposing to a girl!!! And many times; that rose were taken back home without reaching the teacher.

The days of excursion, seeing places with all the excitment; sharing eatables; singing songs. But yet feeling sad that you had to wear uniforms to excursion. The utmost care taken by teachers to see that all the students returned home safe. The movie experience; when kids are taken for a movie each year. It was Home Alone, Baby's Day Out and such. Walking to a movie hall in a orderly manner.....

And the frowning and making faces by few kids who didn't consume meat when someone mentioned meat. Their parents taught them that hearing the word itself was a taboo isn't it? And how the teacher scolded them for acting indifferent. Those moments when the exam papers were distributed and each one literally rubbed their sweaty palms in anxiety. Who could ever forget those moments when one had to gather all the courage to approach the teacher to be excused so that they could run to the restroom - and the weird gestures made to the teacher and the teacher was supposed to understand :-)

Some sort of admiration for the School Pupil Leader and the House Leaders; everyone tends to look up to them as if they are god and their words are final. Those everyday checks for hygiene and neatness after assembly; polished shoes, trimmed nails, neatly pressed uniforms, neatly combed hair......The popping up eyes and the gaze with queerness when the computer was seen was the first time...those isolated rooms..those BASIC programs on the black screen which seemed the most complicated piece of instructions like rocket science!!

Who would care to forget the birthday celebrated at school. Dressed in the best of dress; the day when the birthday kid was free to not wear uniform to school; each kid waited for the teacher to initiate the birthday wish procedure so that they could get chocolates!!! The birthday kid proudly standing with the teacher; while everyone sang and each kid hardly shook hand; while their eyes and hands were on the chocolates....And if it came on a Sunday; the sad feeling that one could not celebrate the birthday at school.

As one grew, things changed a bit. Girls more bashful; boys more aggressive. I studied in an all girls convent. Anyone who has studied in a strict convent will relate to what I am going to say.

These things happen during your teens especially. The interest towards boys are more because there are no boys studying with you. So the sports practice and outdoor practice is a secretly happy times for the girls and they tend to get admired from passer by guys who would literally stop their vehicle to stand across the school gate to see the girls in action. Aww...lets accept, the girls loved all the attention.

The biology classes when the teacher was supposed to teach about reproduction would be the most amusing one. I still recall my teacher began thus "This is an important topic. I don't want you girls to be giggling and acting funny!!" The times when doctors and Mother superior were called in to get our facts right on sex education. They bound religion and science so that we could understand things better and be cautious. The agony aunt sessions later when girls seemed to have fallen in love only to be guided by teachers to get out of it as they told it were mere infatuation and it was too early in their lives!! The gossips that followed later......Those educative videos and the books thereafter. It seemed funny then; but how it helped shape each of the lives.

There was this one amusing incident that happened each year at my school. We got 3 pairs of uniforms each year; tailored by the school tailor. We had knee length skirts; typical convent style. Few bold girls used to cut one fold shorter so that the skirts are shorter.....And the reprimanding later.....How one wished to get out of these shackles and talk about going to college and then wearing their choice of clothes, trousers, all.

Finally, out of school to college when it seems so exciting to be free without uniforms and bunk classes according to whims and fancies. Only to realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side.


  1. what a mentioned it all what we did in school...the drawings, tiffin, non-veg stuff etc. etc. so true na...n remember when there used to be a new admission in the school, how everybody compete to be friends with that person first? and how others used to gossip about him/her...

    loved the post..:)))

  2. apadiye autograph movie of scool days only this was...lunch boxes, birthday boys,yeah the best part was biology class, ours was a boys scoool and our mam asked one of the freakiest guy(me) to read the whole unit... so she didnt teach at all...but i asked doubts :D .... ha ha nice memories Bindu

  3. NIce one again!

    I had one of the shortest yet cute skirt in the campus! The only thing I hated going to Central school from my convent was that class 9th onwards we have to wear salwar!!!! gosh...But God was listening and the accident happened and i have to start ewaering salwar from class 8th only...sigh sigh tsch..hahaha

  4. Nostalgia overload part two Insignia...there's just so much in our minds that simply cannot be erased.

  5. Yo man yo! Sure I did want more. It was too obvious, as my school days were goddamn great! So thank you thank you! You made me nostalgic again.
    All those crazy days are worth remembering.
    This time you did cover a lot of things, and girl, am I glad? Oh, yes. Very. :)
    You know, I was smiling all through the reading, but when I reached that Birthday paragraph, my smile turned to frown. I never celebrated my b'day in school, as it comes in april. :( Sob..sob...
    And you were shown 'educative' movies and books in school too?? Damn! We were never shown. I'm feeling cheated now. he he he....:P :D

    It was one hell of a fun ride. Thoroughly enjoyed reading. Thanks again. :)

  6. Super post. Loved every bit of it. As Neha said you covered everything. I have a question. Boys used to give nick names to teachers. Do girls give nick names to teachers? Or is it a boy thing. Like clarification from you. Thanks.

  7. School revisited. You captured it throughout. Great post:)

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  9. Hi Neha,

    Thanks. Yup..the new admission process, waiting for the new kids to join...or if we were that new kid, the frenzy and nervousness!!!

  10. hi!!! its too good....
    our experiences are so similar (including the movie names written by you) that for a moment i thought we went to the same school....
    was great reading it... thank you... for writing it..

  11. Hi Hary,

    Thank you. You were not taught!!! Your teacher just asked you to read for the whole class? Oh my God!! That's sad. Narrow-mindedness...

    Hmm anyways as long as you had fun. :-)

  12. Hi numerounity,

    Thanks again buddy!! :-)
    Thats sad for you. In that way we were lucky lots as we didnt have to switch to salwar kameez in high school. Until we left school, we wore just above knee length skirts :-)

  13. Yeah Shaunak. Overloaded ain't it. But seems we just cant get enough!!

  14. Karthik,

    Glad, glad glad... Guess you are fill this time...I wrote more for you. :-)

    Awww, I can understand when the birthday fell on summer vacation. Kids used to feel bad for not having the chance to celebrate with friends at school. but the advantage you guys have is you gain a year throughout!!

    Yup!! We were educated very well during our teenage years, books, shows et all....It taught us a lot and gave us the correct perspective.

    Glad again you enjoyed reading it!! :-)

  15. SG,

    Thank you. You know, girls are naughtier than boys. And if its an all girls school; its the wildest place to be!!

    We gave names to teachers like "Stick" for a tall ma'am, "Clipetty Clop" to our English teacher who wore stilettos, "Lizard" to the computer master whose face was like lizard's, "Fountain" to our chemistry teacher who would spew out saliva when she spoke..... :-P

  16. Hi holy Lama,

    Thanks much. I just recall your kids must be going through all these wonderful experiences...:-)

  17. Hi Tanmaya,

    Thanks much. Was it similar!! Hmm...maybe all schools showed the same movies..:-D

  18. Grass may not be greener on the other side but background of your profile pic...its greeeeeeeeeeeeeeener...


    Nice Post INDeed!

  19. Hi Makk,

    Oh yeah, the woods behind me were great!!


  20. Lovely!!! :-) The more you write, the more I get nostalgic.. Is it gonna be college next?

  21. Hi lostworld,

    Oh thanks!! Why not? But I'll break the nostalgic mode for now and come back later. :-)

  22. I've linked one of your posts in my blog. You've been awarded too :-)

  23. hi lostowrld,

    Thanks a ton. This is an honor. :-)

  24. aha..the narration was too good :)"be quiet" was one word that I always remember..the monitor used to write down the names of kids who used to talk a lot esp when u get a free hour..since my name would always appear there..the teacher got so fed up that she made me the class monitor instead..I got so excited that I even wrote down the names of the kids in the other classroom ..hehee

  25. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  26. Lol!! Rohit..
    Yeah I recall the "Keep quiet" stern voice of the class monitor and how we hated that person...

    :-) Nice reminisces

  27. Hi anonymous,

    You could have left your name :-)
    But I am so honored to receive your comments, as you mentioned you usually dont leave comments on blogs.

    Glad you liked my posts. Thanks much for your comments

  28. Wow!!!!

    That was a beautiful... I ran into your blog by chance but I had fun reading.. it brought back beautiful memories. I should say all your blogs are cool :) :)

    Thank you

  29. Hi subhasree,

    Welcome to B Log.
    Thanks much for your comments. I am so glad you liked it. It was just wondering reminisces.

    Thanks again. Keep coming!! :-)


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