Monday, December 28, 2009

Lonavla, Khandala and a Hill Story

Ho!! Ho!! Ho!! Insignia's here....

Errr...what to do? Didn't feel the Christmas spirits this time.. So my spirit is hovering around...

As I said, I am back again before January 1st. But this is my last huh!! Swear!! I would not have access to my "Until death do us apart" laptop until January 3rd. I am off to Kerala!! Yeippeiieee...

Now now..this is just the beginning. Shortly after coming back, I am off somewhere out of the country and then couple of months later, again off outside't feel jealous!!

I had a chance to visit Pune, the usual Lonavla, Khandala and trekked a local hill and the icing on the cake was visiting "Choki Dhani" - a Rajasthani ethnic village. OK, straight to business. Guessed it right!! Pictures.....

Here are few....

National Highway - on the way to Lonavla

Lonavla Dam..The dam is further away

I somehow like these old worn out wall

As seen from Lonavla Dam..The smoke..the ghats...hmmm....

Khandala ghat. It was all dry

The NH seen from the ghat

A corn vendor

Gola vendor and his cart

My corn :-D

The cotton candy I had. I did eat lot of junk that day, these 2 being few of them

Sunset as seen from Khandala

The hill behind the place I stayed; I decided to climb it just out the blue, spontaneous. So started at 6 AM when it was chilly

Sunrise.....I first chided myself to have got the idea of trekking this hill. It was so cold that morning. But it was worth this view and much more

The destination...seems easy but it was not. But thankfully the climb was OK as the grasses and plants were dry.

Finally, the summit. A small temple. I love this scene

On the way back, spotted a myna. She was singing...was very sweet to hear...Early morning, calm and peaceful, great views...and a lovely song..What more should I ask for?

I deserved this..A hot cuppa and cream roll in a small shop after coming back.

The Rajasthani Ethnic Village is a different league in itself. Would write about it and share lot of beautiful pictures in my next post. :-)

Advanced New Year Wishes people!! Wish all ya folks a great year ahead with lot of fun and frolic!!


  1. ah Pune, lonavala and khandala...its been 2 months since I have been there these places...and what images re...chai ka was the best...loved all....

    n u r so mean n bad...itte saare vacations ki baat karti hai n expect us not to b jealous? sigh!

    have a great time in kerala..and share ur experiences too :)

    tc and happy new year in advance :)))

  2. As usual, nice post. Excellent pictures. Especially the long shot of that National Highway. Have a nice vacation. Going out of India twice in two months. You are very lucky.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. :-(
    You know what, I was in Pune recently and did not see any of this! :-( :(

    but.. I don't know what kind of Chowkhi Dhandi is there, here in Jaipur we have the original one and I love it! :)

    ahh.. I shud hv stayed at Pune more!

  4. Whoaaaaaaa! Wonderful photography!
    Gimme one reason why I shouldn't be jealous of you. :(
    Lovely pics!
    Have fun. And get back with lots of pictures. :-)

  5. Oh man! Always wanted to go there! I am so jealous.

    All the photos are nice, and three of them caught my eye. The bird photo is very nice. The chai photo is so yummy and the angle of the photo with the corn wala and the road.
    really nice. :-) had fun going through the photographs.

  6. Ive been four -five times within the last 15 days, that its almost looking way too familiar ! :)

    Anywhich way, enjoy Kerela. Its a lovely place to go to, and a lovelier place to spend the new year with and recharge !

    The greens, the mountains, the rivers, the sea, the boats, the bananas, the coconuts, the fishes and ofcourse the people out there....all have wonderful stories to tell !


  7. Haven't been to khandala in a long time! This looks awesome.

    Happy new year to you too! :)
    And I envy you travelling so much :D

  8. Oooh awesome pics.. misty and dreamy. Did you have Lonavla chikki??? :-) I love them!

    Enjoy your holidays. Your start to the new year seems great..all the travelling!! :-) Happy New Year.

  9. Your beautiful pics. reminded me of my trip to these beautiful places...those sight seeing points..bushi dam and I still miss the taste of Misal pao in Khanadala..lovely places.

  10. God! first pune now kerala!! damn! u are lucky! .. u are getting to see all the places i have on my ' must- see' list! :( ..

    nice pics!! love the place!!

    kaash.. main bhii jaa sakta!!

    post the kerala pics too!!


  11. i am off 2 lonavla on 31st...happy journey!!! waiting for ur post on kerala...enjoy and o yaa advance mein happy new year

  12. Beautiful Picture....u really have th 'eye':-))!!!!

  13. Beautiful pics.I remember my first trip there long back.
    Very interesting.

  14. seri insignia na yena? yena antha adai mozhi?nanum nalla suthren.rendu masam out aa?? blog pannuveengala?? i know you

  15. Excellent post.. makes me wanna buy the next avaialble ticket and be there to see it all. and EAT ALL THAT FOOD .. yummy ... Who want to stay in the cold here..

    Loved reading ur post..

  16. Nice shots esp. the one of the mandir at the summit. Nice play of light there.
    And wish you a happy year ahead.

  17. Temple summit was awesomee!! real la neenga pulli than pola!

  18. Temple summit was awesomee!! real la neenga pulli than pola!

  19. nice post
    pics are really good
    corn, tea

  20. Beautiful pics!!
    Wishing you a wonderful new year!! :)

  21. hi
    happy new year :)
    i went to lonavala once, that NH view is too good !

    yaar this cream roll looks like a prawn :P

  22. Hi Neha,

    Those are such beautiful places :-) Glad I got a chance to see them.
    Chai photo is my personal favorite too because it was like manna from heaven after that strenuous ascent and descent of that hill on a chilly morning

    :-D Haan yaar...don't be jealous :-D
    Kerala yeah,, have my experiences...will write soon on that.

  23. Hi SG,

    thanks much. That long shot looked very ordinary but still wanted to capture it.
    Glad you liked it. Yeah...seems I am lucky :-)

  24. Hey Abhi,

    Thats so sad, you missed being in these places. They are so beautiful.
    It seems the Choki Dhani is in numerous places. It was a new experience for me; as never seen anything prior to this.
    A post on that soon :-)

  25. Thank you Karthik :-)
    Hmm..yeah I cant think of a reason..but please dont be :-)

    Have lots of pics..will share soon :-)

  26. Gautam,

    You will go there for sure. Worth it dear. liked the snaps? Hmm then I did a decent job.
    The bird photo ...that thing didnt move till I clicked and I was pretty close to her.
    Chai thing is very special as it was divine after a strenuous trip to the hill and back.

    the corn wala snap is somewhat mysterious..He is seeing somewhere else and I was waiting for him to look away so that I could click. That was the way I wanted :-)

  27. Hi Kavi,

    Oh nice :-) Lucky you...

    Kerala is anytime super place. This was my third trip and enjoyed it a lot.
    Will come out soon with snaps

  28. Hi shaunak,

    Thanks a lot. Happy Happy New Year to you too :-)
    Hehehehe...I like traveling a lot, so I never miss a chance.

  29. Hi lostworld,

    Thanks :-) You bet!! I did have different types of Lonavla chikkis.
    They all tasted so great. Oh yeah the traveling thing seems fun..
    Let me hope for the best :-)

  30. Antarman,

    thank you. The places are so beautiful. Misal pav...aah..why did you remind of it now?
    I want it!!

  31. Rammy,

    Yeah yeah!! :-D Thank you,
    Sure will post the pics of Kerala.

  32. Gayathri,

    Hope you enjoyed Lonavla.

    Happy New Year to you too :-)

  33. Hi Reflections,

    Thank you.. :-) Thats sure a great compliment.

  34. Hi Chowla sir,

    Glad that these pics brought back your first trip memories.
    thank you :-)

  35. soin,

    Are you seriously asking me what "insignia" means?
    suthunga...have lot of fun...

    Oh can I survive without blogging. Will sure blog. :-)

  36. Hello Bikram,

    Welcome to B Log. Oh wow!! Glad the pics have enticed you
    You should sure go and visit these places and eat all that junk :-)

    thank you for the comments.

  37. Holy Lama,

    Bang on!! thats my hot favorite too. It was divine there..
    Happy New Year to you too :-)

  38. Hary,

    thank you for that great compliment. Naan puli illa...singam :-D
    My personal favorite too is the temple summit one :-)

  39. Hi sm,

    Thank you. Glad you liked them all

  40. Hi Shilpa,

    thank you. New Year Wishes to you too :-)

  41. AS,

    thank you. Lonavla and Khandala are nice places.
    Does it look like a prawn? Hmm...It was sweet and creamy and a word yummy!!

  42. apidiye chumnava insignia nu vecheenga?free

  43. Chumma vaikkala. :-)

    I was attracted to this word while I was in school. Those were the times when we were suggested to learn at least one new word a day to improve our vocabulary.

    And INSIGNIA was a wacky word then and it stayed with me. There's a cigarette brand too right? :-D

  44. Hi,

    Great post thanks for sharing with others!

    villas in lonavala

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