Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, are you guilty? Yes you are!!! I see it, I see it :-P

Haven't each of us sheepishly given awkward excuses for being late? Running into the meeting room and awkwardly searching for an empty seat to accommodate yourself and coyly apologizing when there are about 12 pairs of eyes staring at you and sizing you up? Swearing at the teacher for being made to run 3 rounds around the school ground for arriving late for the assembly session? Blaming your sandals for showing up late when your boy friend has been waiting for what seemed like ages?

I always had an excuse while at school. "Ma'am bus was late". :-S Only to be retorted back with a sharp "You are supposed to take an early bus"

Or the rather stupid "Uh..I don't know. I was sleeping when my alarm went off"

Being punctual is paramount elsewhere; but here. A person who is late is treated with such disgusted frowns that he would want to hang himself upside down!!! Is it that you had more important and critical work and we are all fools sitting here with all the time of the world? - is the common thought.

But what if nature calls?? Hmmm...... in a fix huh? One of my friend just gave this excuse for being late to the lab session. The lecturer was red-faced.

Talking about punctuality, why do most of us lack it? Isn't it a quality as important as standing first academically in school? But when things as studies are taken so seriously, why not punctuality? We did frown when we were reprimanded for being late to school; didn't we? Did we learn to be on time after that? No!! We repeated being late. Being late for school, for morning basics, for meeting friends......

That's because the importance of this quality was not imbibed. Did we ever think that being on time is respecting other's time? Owning responsibility? No...rather we give lame excuses as if we had better and more important chore than the others.

There are few others who are super punctual; so punctual that they feel uncomfortable on arriving early. These people don't like to keep things pending; always up to date to finish tasks. It is a good trait but is it a sign of anxiousness? Maybe it is few times; when trying to not keep anything pending for fear of lags.

And yeah, not to forget. It does land us in awkward situations sometimes. Arriving early to a birthday party? Errr.....isn't it as if the person has come to grab a few extra drinks?

I have had experiences of arriving on dot to marriage reception. But that would be when the bride and groom are getting dressed!! By the time they are ready; my clothes are ruffled, my hairs frizzy and my patience gone to hell.

There's a very famous quote on punctuality by Franklin P Hones

“The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.”

How true!!!



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  2. well I believe in consistency more than punctuality...huh, you guessed it, right? I am never punctual...but i am always late by an that's consistent na :P

    and my excuses are awesome...well don't be hopeful; for I won't share them with you, cos if at all I get to meet u, and I am late, you wil catch me from my excuse :D

    I have been late for my exams too btw...sigh! wish clocks function as per my arrival!

  3. “As you put into practice the qualities of patience, punctuality, sincerity, and solicitude, you will have a better opinion of the world around you” - kleiser.

    I strongly believe that procrastination is the main factor for the unpunctual...You know in Japanese society they never allow late comers. They are very keen on it...

    life is beautiful...

  4. Lolzz...
    Jus to be on time i always keep my watch almost 5 or 10 minutes ahead of the actual time. Now my computer, and two watches all show different timings and now the irony is that i don't know which one is showing the actual time....lolzz

  5. ha ha. good post! reminded me of all those silly excuses i used to give while being late.

  6. I was (and am) always on time except for school and college. :D
    I've never been late for a movie.
    I've never been late for a music concert.
    I've never been late on your blog to read and comment on a new post.
    ..... I can go on and on and on... :D
    Now you know I'm very punctual. So the philosophies explained in this post doesn't apply to me. :P

    Wonderful post as always, by the way. I'm sure lot many people will learn from this. But not me as I'm already punctual. :P :P

  7. the best excuse that i have heard. When quizzed, ' why are you late'?

    'I got late' !

    Those three words are so perennially ingrained into some people as though punctuality is non existent. Even in the dictionary !

    Arriving early at the wedding is so typical. I mean, arriving on time and finding that you have to make small talk with the sound system chap, is not funny ! :)

  8. Be punctual where you are not calling the shots is my rule. Not very good at giving explanations.And for the wedding , be there when the videographers have moved away from the mandap so that you can actually see the bride and the groom.

  9. HI! A nice topic to write about....
    You would have noticed that ppl are always punctual wen they want to be where they are going.. as in a movie... party...
    You are right.. ppl should respect others' time as well....
    very good post...

  10. Nice one as always. I am reminded of a true but funny story that happened a long time ago.

    When he was President, Jimmy Carter, had the habit of spending the night in an ordinary family's home when he travels. He would pick the home at random and the secret service will give clearance after investigation. He stayed with a family once like that. The next day, the daughter from that family went to her school. She was late because of "saying good bye to the President, secret service closing all the road, etc. etc.". The Principal of the school asked her why she was late. The girl replied: The President stayed with us last night and that is why I am late. Too far fetched imaginative excuse...the Principal thought. She asked the student to get a letter from the President if that was true. The girl wrote to the President. And then came an apology letter from Jimmy Carter to the Principal. He apologized for his host's daughter being late to school. Needless to say the Pricipal was embarassed.

  11. :) being late is my prerogative...i said this to my senior when he showed me his watch which read 12.00 noon :) needless to say he went away quiety (probably swearing at me mann hee mann)

    P.S: i may be late for everything, but never have i gone late for movies...infact i reach 30 mins before the movie begins

  12. Neha,

    Late aao....lekin consitently late aao...Hahahaha..Thats the spirit!!!

    I was late when I had to receive my offer letter - my first job. I knew they would wait for me :-P

    Proud you say....hehehehe...

    and do you a clock similar to the one I put up?

  13. Hi oorsuthi,

    Welcome to B Log :-)
    Yeah procrastination is definitely one of the reason. There are other factors as well. Disrespect and non consideration are few others.

    Yup Japanese are very particular about keeping up time

  14. Hi Shas,

    Welcome to B Log. Oh I can relate to you. I have different times on my cell phone, computer and my wrist watch. dont know which is right. But I always start early....:-)

  15. Gautam,

    What were those excuses? Mail me :-)

  16. Karthik,

    You ARE super punctual.
    You are a darling...aren't you? :-P

  17. Hi Kavi,

    Your answer would definitely would leave anyone flustered!!

    :-) Damn punctuality kind. And yes arriving early for wedding when there would no single soul even to welcome you is embarrassing

  18. Holy Lama,

    Be punctual; whatever it is is what I feel. I haven't been able to do that most times though. I keep trying :-)

    Videographers being there at the stage is any time better than capturing videos of guests eating!!!

  19. Hi Tanmaya,

    You are right. People go on time where they want to be.

    But I was late for prize receiving ceremony :-( Anxiousness for a different reason this is.

    Thanks for your comments

  20. Hi SG.

    Thank you. Thats an interesting trivia. Thanks for sharing

  21. Hi Gayathri,

    Lol!! Thats was a statement.
    I have been late for movies too :-|

  22. It is a very relevant topic.
    It is just ideal situation to be punctual.
    Personally,I have never been late for any appointment as I time my driving time and parking time and take expected traffic chaos into account.
    I have just been lucky,never been late.
    Good to see such topics being discussed.

  23. Well said my friend!
    There was a time when I would be on the dot at a social gathering. Then when I found myself waiting for hours just for everybody else to make an appearance, I joined the trend of the fashionably late.

    Meetings, though, are a different ball-game altogether. You don't want to join in the middle of a presentation and go, "Huh?" when he makes a reference :P

  24. Thanks much Chowla sir. Thats really nice to know you have never been late. One could find very few people who are prompt.


  25. Hi Shaunak,

    Oh you would know better than. One difference is you started going late, I still end up on time and face the wrath. :-)

  26. there is no excuse my friend.

  27. I've been to 2 wedding receptions even before the bride & groom arrived.. wait a minute..even before ANYBODY arrived ;-/ I know what you mean.. Its annoying & you lose all interest and enthusiasm to have fun!

  28. Hi lostworld,

    Oh thanks. You are with me!!
    It gets embarrassing isn't it?


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