Thursday, December 24, 2009

This and That


Holiday time!! I have 10 days of holidays, no work. Absolutely no work!!! Relieved that I would have some breather from work, but no plans of vacation yet. Something spontaneous maybe.

The year has been "lucky" as our Honorable Home Minister P Chidambaram mentioned. Why? No bombings people!!!

I saw Nanos on roads. They are so cute and adorable. Overdose of Saifeena on TV. It was also abysmally entertaining to see Rakhi Sawant's swayamvar. An Indian origin scientist Venkatraman Ramakrishnan got Nobel Prize and as usual we all shamelessly started owning to him, only that unlike Sunita Williams, he came back strongly. Mr Obama made speeches everywhere and got himself the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yeah!! many more such interesting events was witnessed in 2009.

Personally it has been a good year for me. Perfect blend of joys, sorrows, excitement, depression and all. My blog had to handle sudden rush of people this year. I have been blogging for more than 1.5 years now and its recently that these surge. Feels good. Got more readers, more thoughtful comments and more views to debate about. More awards :-) which was encouraging and made me write better.

OK, Its Christmas!!; would like to share few pictures of different Christmas trees that I found around USA. The trees are so huge that I was only able to click a part of them

At LA's Farmer Market

In Bellagio Casino - Las Vegas

Somewhere in San Francisco

The tree at Universal Studios, LA. The decorations are all movie stuff - clap board, camera, film roll and such :-)

I would like to thank all the folks who put up with me and go through the ordeal of reading my self proclaimed sarcasms and information and strain your eyes looking at my pictures.

I want to specially mention about bloggers who have been encouraging and thus have kept me alive and kicking. Its tough to find such sweetness among fellow people isn't it. I really appreciate all you people who read completely and throw in relevant comments and don't do it for the sake of commenting. Passing comments without reading the post and not understanding what the writer is trying to say but just for the sake of getting comments on their blogs is a big NO-NO.

Its OK if you don't pass comments, I like your posts and if I have something to add, I will definitely comment on your blog. But don't resort to this absurd act of throwing irrelevant comments; not only here but anywhere...

Now, I want to pass on these awards to few people whom I appreciate and cherish their presence in my blog.
These people are those whose posts I wait for. :-)

SG : He is an encyclopedia of information. Look forward to his posts as they have one or the other interesting trivia. So the Excellent Blog Award to SG.

Neha : Uber amazing blogger. She wears her attitude on her sleeve and its evident in her posts. Has the ability to generate interest in the simplest of topics and in her simpler way of presenting it. I liked your Harry Potter post a lot Neha. Yours is an Uber Amazing Blog

And finally Karthik. I have been reading him only recently. His fictions are real good; only thing is he does NOT KISS :-P

Errr.....I mean Keeping It Short and Simple....And me being the restless kind who wants to know the ending, I cant wait!! Interesting Blog Karthik

Happy Holidays and wishing you all a Great Year Ahead with lot of fun and frolic.
(I am not sure if I would write one more time before Jan 1st...but I just might knowing me :-D)


  1. oh 10 days of holidays? pretty cool gal...
    chidambaram and his statement - he is so proud of it na..whatever, a happy post, so no rage here :)

    Nano - i found it a bit girly :P ..there is a tough competition between saifina and rakhi as in whom I wanna ignore more..nobel prize, sarena, obama - I have said a lot na...a post also - O and the nobel Prize :P

    your blog deserves the rush is wonderful..debates - hmmm, but awards wowwwww..

    loved those Christmas trees..

    I completely agree with you about blogs and bloggers...wait for my take on it too...won't say anything here now, as it is a happy happy post :D

    SG - truly deserves the award...his posts are amazingly informative; so is his comment section..

    Neha - oh she is uber cool..I completely agree with you on this point...I wonder from where she gets all these ideas..I love that harry potter post too - mast roles assign kiye na..

    Karthik - I am a big fan of his fiction stories..simply fabulous..

    wish you too happy holidays..waiting for one more post before Jan 1st..

    PS: My longest comemnt ever on any blog..hope you will forgive me for this :P

  2. Nice blog. I am very happy to note that 2009 has been a good year for you. I wish you 2010 be even gooder.

    Those Christmas trees look lovely. I was in the Union Square in San Franisco yestrday and saw all the decorations there.

    Thanks for awarding me the Excellent Blog Award. It is an honor to receive an award from my blog guru.

    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  3. Congratulations to you !!!! :-) You deserve more..

    The X-mas tree pics were great. It always makes me happy to see a bright and decorated tree! It completes the festive look for the season me thinks..

    Agree with you about the commenting bit.

    Happy holidays. 10 days is blissful indeed.

  4. Yo! 10 days of leave! Going to las vegas again?! :-)
    Well, you mentioned all the major events. One thing that stands apart is Obama's Nobel! In my opinion, this is the biggest joke of the year. Long live the Swedes! :P

    And man! that was a superb compliment. Thanks!
    I don't KISS? Robert T. Kiyosaki said it in a slightly different way: Keep It Simple Stupid! :P
    To be honest, I always try to keep it short (but never simple), but end up writing lengthy. And mind you, the original versions are much much much more bigger than the blog versions. :P
    And thanks a lot for the award. That was such a nice gesture. Will soon put it on my blog. :-)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :-)

  5. Hey!!
    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!
    Glad that you had a memorable year dear. My best wishes.
    Nice photos of the Christmas trees.
    Reminded me of the Christmas trees I've seen here.
    I saw one on pier 39 the day before, was awesome, and one in San Jose downtown yesterday(the same as last year, you remember na) and the one in San Diego today was nice too...
    Plan up something and enjoy your vacation!

  6. Neha,

    10 days holiday, but no plans :-(

    It was appalling to see Mr C proud of the lucky year

    Oh yes, forget all those forgettable incidents :-P

    Glad you liked those Christmas tree. But I have always been disappointed that I was not able to capture the whole tree

    Thanks that you are with me on comments from certain bloggers. Annoying isn't it

    SG is a fab with his information, and Neha!! of my!! I also wonder from where she gets all those ideas :-P and Karthik is a master story teller :-)

    I might just end up with posts before new year's day.

    PS : You can never beat the biggest comments ever :-P

  7. SG,

    Thanks much for the wishes. Oh thanks. You would have seen more different trees there. There's one outside Pier 39 too. Unfortunately, I didn't click a picture of that tree.

    Thanks for accepting the award. Honor's mine. Thank you. Wishing you and your family happy holidays

  8. Hi lostworld,

    Thats so very sweet of you and I am touched. Thanks a lot.

    You are so right, those trees makes one livelier. But I dont see more of those anymore. And the stars too. Earlier people used to decorate and all. Now I guess its hectic lifestyle

    The commenting bit - I did put up for sometime but I thought I must talk for all bloggers who get irrelevant comments :-)

    10 days yeah!! :-) Blissful. Happy Holidays to you too

  9. Karthik,

    No..I am here for 10 days and I might be going to US come February. Not to Las Vegas though :-)

    Hmm Obama's Nobel..Good for him and The States.

    Hehehehe yeah you dont KISS. :-P. Keep It Simple isnt relevant to you. Your posts are simple but not shorter :-)

    thats fine, your posts are always to look out for. Happy Holidays to you :-)

  10. Gautam,

    Thanks a ton for the wishes dear. Happy holidays to you too. Have loads of fun.
    wish you have a great year ahead.

    The Chrsitmas trees - the one outside Pier 39 is awesome one. Yeah I remember. I saw your photos of the Christmas tree on Orkut. Good ones.

    Happy Holidays again Gautam. Have to see if we could go anywhere

  11. Good time for holidays.
    Mary X'mas.
    Enjoy yourself.

  12. 10 days hols is masti....njoi madi...i ve 5 days breather...back to blog world after a short break! nice pics maga :D..wil post mine soon....kudos to the winners!:D

  13. almost forgot...Merry Xmas:D..

  14. 10 days urself! wish u merry christmas and a happy new year.

    P.S: I like your posts a lot...keep writing...hope to see more blogs in these 10 days...u have 1 faithful reader hooked to your blog :)

  15. Hi Chowla sir,

    Thanks much for your wishes. Happy Holidays to you too :-)

  16. Hary,

    Welcome back.
    Thanks much. It is masti only to be going back for a grilling schedule which is waiting.

    Happy holidays :-)

  17. Gayathri,

    Thanks much ji :-)
    You too have a great new year's day and a wonderful year ahead.

    Aww....this statement makes my day dear. :-) Thanks a ton...very encouraging and I for sure know I have 1 friend who keeps a tab on my posts and reads them and shares honest views.

    :-) Thanks again for those wonderful words


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