Monday, January 18, 2010

Macro Madness

I got some breather today after a devilish week that went by, including weekend. I had to slog myself out; so much so that I didn't realize when Pongal came and went by, when the solar eclipse happened. :-(

I took a break from my work for few minutes yesterday; wanted to do something else. So as usual, I started clicking things around at home. Here they are.

Macro shots with no flash and low light :-)

Blushing Bridegroom

Wanted to see how this would turn up having the lens so close to the object. Pretty satisfactory!!

Looks like a Jewelery advertisement :-D

Shells colored in pink

Where is Micky Mouse?

To keep things in place.....a glittery clip :-)

One cent has never been this beautiful :-) This was with flash on; the shadow is the spoiler :-(
Fire is so beautiful...lest you are away!!


  1. interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys hear that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

  2. psst.... let not the aunty who asked you to help her lil daughter get to seethis or the neighbour. You compooter engineer, can't spare a moment eh? PIc of the cent is excellent. Have posted comment on last post too.

  3. beautiful post!

    keep clicking!

  4. You're so creative in photography; you shouldn't be anchored in any boring task actually!

    You've taken real good snaps!!

    Mexican Prickly Poppy [Argemone Mexicana, Satyanashi, सत्यानाशी]

  5. :)

    amazing clicks Madam...loved them all...and the best one - Banana Republic..and you should not keep the second best with send me that bangle ok :P

    I wish I could click so well too....

  6. Holy Lama,

    You know what? That aunty called me today too. Told her to call after 6 PM...but I am still at work :-(

    She wont see this anyways :-D

  7. Makk,

    thanks, glad you liked them

  8. Hi Bhavesh,

    Made my day today. :-) Really really happy receiving these comments from an ace photographer himself.

    Honestly, these pictures are not as good as I wanted them to be. Clicked when I was really stressed out. I thought I could do much better...

    But hey, thanks much, it means a lot :-)

  9. Sorcerer,

    thank you. More of my pictures under "Photograph" tags. Please check them when you find time :-)

  10. Neha,

    thanks ma'am :-)
    Oh the button wala? I am waiting for Gautam's comments on that particular picture.

    Did you say bangle...ooh...where was that? :-P

  11. lovely clicks! always wanted to ask yu!! ena camera use panringo

  12. u should be a professional photographer...wht r u doing in IT???

  13. Hary,

    Thanks much :-) Its not a great camera Hary.
    Sony Cybershot 7.2 MP

    Will have to soon buy a nice DSLR

  14. Hi Gayathri,

    That is life :-S
    Hahahaha...Its my passion...and photography is costly business. Let me get a decent DSLR first. :-D

    But thanks yaar, thats a great compliment. :-)

  15. Love the banana republic, the one cent and the bangle shot.
    the bangle looks pretty expensive! nice detail!

  16. I liked one cent the most. Great pictures :-)

  17. Gautam,

    Thank you...thank you...the Banana Republic was inspired from your picture...Remember that pic? :-)

    Geeez...yes the bangle is pretty pretty expensive. Thanks a ton for your comments

  18. Hi lost world,

    Thank you so much :-)

  19. Your photographs are getting better and better. Loved that jewelry and one cent. Spectacular! :-)

  20. beautiful photographs,loved those coloured shells the have some imagination..

  21. Very very nice pictures.Seem to be taken by a pro.You are amongst lucky ones who have work to do and you seem to be enjoying it too though you may complain.A lot of work is a lot of success.
    And a happy Pongal to you all.

  22. I love all the pictures, especially the banana republic and the bangle ones...!!
    We all have hidden talents, nahi!!

  23. Karthik,

    Thanks a lot. But I thought these photos could have been clicked better :-)

    thank you for the encouragement, will try better.

  24. Chowla sir,

    Thanks a ton for those words. Its soothing to hear when putting in so much of hard work. I do hope it pays.

    Thanks much for calling me a pro..because I am not. Just a novice in photography.

    Happy Pongal to you too :-)

  25. Hi Jaunty,

    thank you...Yeah we all do have something hidden within us...:-)

  26. all shots nice.but the first one macro potath sarilanu nenikaran..and button and coin

  27. Yup!! Exactly..I wanted to capture the netted cover over the doll's face. But didnt turn out good. Glad you liked others. Thank you :-)


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