Sunday, January 24, 2010

Artfully Lethargic

OK, I am getting nostalgic. I guess 'nostalgic' is too exaggerated a word; because 'those' days I am talking about were just 3 weeks back.

Yeah....just about 3 weeks back, I spent my entire 8 hours at work in meetings, discussions and technical presentations. Presentations are hectic, discussions are interesting but meetings....hmmm...I am not a fan of them. Especially when the meetings are just a monopoly when only one talks and everyone else......snoozes.............Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...............

Restless that I am, I very soon get bored of meetings or for that matter; anything where I have to sit and be passive. I don't know what is wrong with me that I cant sit at one place for more than 10 minutes. There was no need at school as my teachers always made the topic interesting. College was a different league; got bored very easily; restlessness started then.

But I didn't want myself to sleep or feel lethargic. I didn't want to day dream; I wanted to keep myself occupied with something else effective. I have been carrying that legacy while at work too. I started DOODLING. Well, this one requires concentration!! at a different level.

My favorite environment in Yahoo Chat is Doodles. Few of the doodles have transformed into nice paintings. I doodle while on the phone. Give me a paper and a pen, and I can doodle while tapping my keyboard :-P

I started the same during office meetings. My notepad has more doodles than important information. I was caught off-guard a couple of times when my manager asked me to jot down minutes of meeting. But I would never give up my favorite activity. :-); for it helps a person's memory significantly :-D

So start DOODLING people and improve your memory!!

Few of my doodle collections

Yahoo Chat Doodle


  1. Best way to pass time!
    And amazing pictures for sure!!

    My notebooks were always full of these!

  2. it's time to god, you doodle well doodling art - I only can't understand :P

    your post on doodling reminded me of another post by my favourite blogger - Kavi

    do check it will like it..

    loved your art gal :D

  3. Abhi,

    It is!! Definitely. Thanks a ton. Do you have large collections? Please share with us :-)

  4. Nehaji,

    yeah!! Thank you. Thats what I keep wondering...Lethargic mood can bring the best out of us huh!!!

    I checked Kavi's post...He has written it so beautifully....

    Thank you..:-)

  5. Thats one best way to pass time.
    I draw stick figures being chasen by dinosaurs..

  6. Wow!! Amazing pictures! I'd never seen like these in my entire life. Dhuhh! hehehehe.. :D
    Well, it could be a nice activity to keep oneself occupied as I now know it works for you. I have tried to draw pictures, but only to end up writing words instead. Perhaps I should call them 'woordles'.

  7. Doodles convey quite a bit ! And this is some intense levels of doodling.

    In my case, often, they show how 'interesting' the meeting went !


  8. When I doodle, its usually in meetings too..but they don't make sense to me. Its always some abstract unsymmetrical weird design and I don't do it as religiously.. Once in a while. Yours is excellent! Especially the last one.. :)

    When I started reading the post, I was wonderinh who on earth would miss work & meetings..haha ;-)

  9. I don't Doodle.
    The pictures are very nice.

  10. wow, i need to learn this art, i jsut go to sleep and my fellow collegues have to shake me to wake me up.. embarassing sometimes
    but good idea i shall make sure take a pen and paper for DOODLIng next time i go in ...
    thank you for the tip :)

  11. Cool. We have another Ralph Waldo Emerson here. As a student at Harvard, he decorated his composition books with classical doodles.

  12. Bingo! an artist is born. That is a beautiful pro pic..

  13. Bingo! an artist is born. That is a beautiful pro pic..

  14. Doodles Yes. Doodles and memory. No. More doodles, less memory, that's me.

  15. Even I used to do doodling. Half of the meeting is spend doodling and the other half is spent in finding out the start and end of the series of spirals and distorted spiral doodles :D

  16. great idea
    for timepass
    great doodle art

  17. Really liked the way you have described that your inherent self has not changed. No matter where we go and what we do, we will be ourselves, eh?

    The sketches are quite nice given the fact that they were a result of doodling! I have seen some of these before, so it was not a surprise... :-)

  18. Even I cant stop myself from doodling, but you make sensible things whereas I just keep making some flowers:)

  19. Hi Sorcy,

    I bet it is!! Stick figures...hmm but why only dinosaurs??

  20. Karthik,

    Thanks a ton :-) Really? Now common stop pulling my leg.
    'Woordles'...hehehehe thats interesting :-)

  21. Kavi,

    Read your 'Oodles of Doodles' post. Neha let me know about it.
    Your take on it was so beautiful.

    As you say, they do convey lot about a situation and the event. :-)

  22. Hi lostworld,

    Welcome to the group. :-)
    The abstract unsymmetrical ones are also unique in their own way.
    Thank you :-) I also begin with some lines and circles and then it forms a pattern
    Thats how my mind wobbles!! :-)

  23. Hi Chowlaji,

    I infer from your statement that your meetings are always interesting :-)
    Thank you

  24. Bikram,

    Trust me!! Its therapeutic and of course less embarrassing than dozing off :-)
    You are welcome :-)

  25. SG,

    No way!! I am no where near him

  26. JD,

    Yeah!! artist born during boring of times and dies right after those boring moments :-D
    Thank you, glad you liked them.

  27. Holy Lama,

    More doodles and less memory?? Hmm interesting.
    You need to be studied then :-P

  28. Quest,

    Dont you do it anymore? Hahahaha..nice time pass.
    Ultimately, you do spend some time figuring out doodles

  29. Well,

    You are a selectively open person.


    Keep Smiling! Keep Doodling!

  30. Hi sm,

    Thank you. Yes it is the best idea!! :-)

  31. Gautam,

    Thank you dear :-)
    Hehehehe, some things never change; we shall be same :-)
    Oh yeah? Thank you. recall seeing some of them.
    I am surprised you remember :-)

  32. Antarman,

    Dont stop yourself....doodling is fun.
    I am sure you can make beautiful flowery patterns :-)

  33. Makk,

    Whats a "selectively open" person? :-S
    Thank you...will keep smiling and doodling :-)

  34. doodly doodly dooo doo doodly doodly doooooooooooo....nice one's yaar...i tried it too on yahoo...the first tht u mde on yahoo luks enchanting :)

  35. Lol ;D you should consider doodling as a profession ! who knows you might make M.F. Hussain change his career ;)

    As dilbert said, the only good thing about meeting is, no one remembers what the meeting was for, so you end up having another meeting to decide what you want to meet for !

    The doodling pics are very good.

  36. Gayathri,

    Try try...make more doodles.
    And thanks much :-)

  37. Hi Prashant,

    Welcome back. Doodling as profession? Hmmmm....what will happen to the idea of photography then :-P

    Oops!! Hope MF Hussain doesnt come across this..He may take umbrage. Dilbert says right about corporate ways!! :-D

    Thank you for the comments.

  38. cartoons..of meetings..where are they?

  39. Hehehehe...yes..cartoons of meetings :-)
    You got placed right? you'll soon experience it :-D

  40. Yup. Doodling helps. Keeps boredom at bay. I don't know about the memory thing. And nice doodles :)

  41. oh doodles :) My favs :) Me too can draw them doing whatsoever...

    And you know once when I was making mehandi on my left palm I got a call from a friend..and you know how these calls are..long..everlasting.. :) while talking on phone I didn't realize that I started making the mehendi on the table cloth... :P And of course you don't have to guess my mum's reaction to it :P

  42. Hi Nu,

    Welcome to B Log :-)

    Oh my God!! Did you really do that? But I know thats possible. Doodles mesmerize and you cant control :-)

    Keep visiting :-)

  43. This is my fav. I too started doodling and it is such a bad or good habit that I ventured into jewellery designing. So 3 cheers to doodling.

  44. heheh
    doodles say something about the personality but what?? wo to i dont know :P

  45. Hi chitra,

    Wow!!! From doodling to jewelery designing!! Awesome..Its definitely good :-)

  46. AS,

    Yeah is that so? Lets research :-D

  47. Wonderful way to pass time...Keep doodling..

  48. Hi Netha,

    Welcome to B Log. Yes it is!! :-)
    Thank you.


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