Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Chinese Lucky Tag

:-) Anything 'Chinese' raises eyebrows huh. I read Antarman's post out of curiosity; it was a tag. She had done it beautifully. I was tagged, so taking it up.

Warning: I am not feeling sleepy; slept for 3 hours in the evening; so to kill time; the tag here. Skip it if its boring!

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch

I am no TV freak, now that not many nice stuffs are shown on TV. I tend to watch TLC a lot. Yet, let me try....

1. Nigella Bites on Discovery TLC : I just love the way she describes the food; so sensuous.

2. The Week That Wasn't on CNN-IBN : Rib-tickling humor by Cyrus Broacha and Kunal

3. Super Swank on Discovery TLC : Show on over the top luxury where money is no barrier and every whim is indulged

4. The Foodie on Times Now : Kunal Vijayka's indulgence in food makes you crave for it right away!

5. Passport to Great Weekends on TLC : Travel show by Samantha Brown. I so envy her!!

6. No Reservations on TLC : Anthony Bourdain has really no reservations in where he goes and what he eats!

Hmm...pretty much done

8 Places to eat and dine : Few eateries that I loved and would want to go back for the food, the ambiance....

1. The Cheesecake Factory in Farmer's Market, LA
2. Saravana Bhavan, Chennai
3. Millers 49 Steak House, Bangalore
4. Taqueria Canonita - Mexican restaurant beside the Grand Canal in The Venetian, Las Vegas
5. Kabab Studio, Bangalore
6. Riverwalk Tandoor, Singapore
7. Thea Mediterranean , San Jose, CA
8. Fern Hill Palace, Ooty

8 Things I look forward to

This is getting difficult. Let me se....Hmmm......

1. Feeling sleepy so that I can hit the bed
2. A great week ahead
3. Meeting a couple of my friends.
4. Bit of travelling
5. Buying Nikon D40........................................Gautam, get ready!!! :-P
6. Getting a tattoo...........................................Might be difficult :-(
7. Some breather at work
8. Pick up few books.................Its some time since I read something!!

8 Things that happened yesterday

Its mostly work!! Might be boring.

1. My team mate and a good friend commented on my outfit and accessories....(As usual)
2. Bid farewell to one of my team mates. It was his last working day. Gifted him a lovely watch
3. Went out for lunch. Ate alright!
4. Interviewed a couple of candidates for openings at work. Phew!! finally selected 1 after rejecting quite few :-S
5. Gave some gyan to a friend on his love relationship :-D
6. Finished a product design specification document after dragging it for a long long time....Yiepppie!!!
7. Didn't cook food at home, was lazy :-D
8. Paid my cellphone bill :-D

8 Things I love about Winter

Ooooooh...winters...I love them!

1. Layers of clothing
2. Only Jeans and no Salwars for me :-P
3. Snugging inside the thick blanket and waking up late
4. Hot cup of coffee
5. The fog and the mist
6. Monkey caps
7. No heat, dust and grime
8. Shivering!!

8 Things on my Wish list

Hmmm....oh my!! its turning out difficult. Should I be philosophical or just casual?

1. To pursue photography. I want to be half as good as my friend Gautam. Hope I learn fast!!
2. To study further...But lazy that I am, I don't know!!
3. To visit as many countries as possible in my life time and with my financial position...its too ambitious!! But yeah a wish is a wish!!
4. Learn a foreign language - Spanish? French?
5. Try to be shrewd and rough...Can I?? Oh God!!
6. Learn to manage my finance least decent enough
7. A Tattoo!!!! Get a tattoo...but it might be difficult
8. A BMW :-D

8 Things I am Passionate About

1. Reading
2. Photography
3. Music
4. Blogging
5. Sleeping....zzzzzzzzzzzz........
6. Learning new things
7. Animals
8. Maintain silence and calm

8 Words/Phrases I often use

1. Yeah right!!
2. Fine!
3. What the heck!!
4. For what joy?
5. Dear me!!
6. Classic!!
7. Oh!
8. Tata!

8 Things I learnt from the past

1. Never be dependent
2. Go by your rules
3. Be answerable to yourself and your conscience.
4. Never expect, it only hurts.
5. Be assertive.
6. Work smart
7. Everything has a reason to occur
8. Its OK if you don't do good to others, but don't do anything bad

8 Places I would like to visit

Let me name the countries :-D

1. Italy
2. Egypt
3. Morocco
4. Peru
5. Greece
6. France
7. Mauritius
8. Brunei

Anyone game??

8 Things I currently need/want

Nothing really!! :-)

PS : I am not tagging anyone. Anyone interested can take this up :-)


  1. that was very well answered re..getting a tattoo is not does not pain much re...all myths n no get one done asap..:D

    photography - good luck re..I am sure you will succeed..

    your TV show list is quite long..I don't think I wil b able to name any (I have been tagged too)..

    the words you use often - they are more of sarcastic remarks :D

    wonderful answers..:)

  2. Awww. cho chweet of you to mention me in your blog yaar. I am sure you will be a great photographer. You will soon realise that I am not as great a photographer as you think. :-) Get an slr and you will do much better than me, I assure you.

  3. Hmmm ok coming straight to the point .. PLACES you would like to visit .. Please please take me with you.. I am game he he he EGYPT.. Mauritius...

    and things u learnt :- I learnt a few of mine too, and reading your article made me realise that there are other good people too , like me HA HA HA HA HA HA :) just pulling ur leg, cause you wont do anything BAD to me .. u said it

    Phrases I use , u dont wantto know, but i shall still go and tell you ..

    1. Alright
    2. ta
    3. Fine
    4. K
    5. F___
    6. ha
    and so on BORING i know :0

    ok i bored u enough now ..

  4. The Week That Wasn't is my fav show too...

    and u should certainly pursue photography, please do that...i hope u will write a travelogue someday for sure

  5. Nice answers. Now we know a little more about you.
    We have some similarities. I love Discovery Channel and the Food Network. Like you, I love the Cheesecake Factory in Los Angeles, Sarvana Bhavan, and yes, the Taqueria Canonita in Vegas.
    I was surprised at the words/phrases you use. I thought you would have included “anyways”.

  6. Neha,

    Thanks re. :-) I am not worried about the pain, but about the feeling that what if I get bored of it?
    Regarding photography, hopefully I should, thank you.
    My TV shows, hmm I actually had to think a lot to get those 6 shows.

    Absolutely!! you got me. I use those words to express sarcasm, sadly not many get them. :-S
    Thank you

  7. Gautam,

    Thanks much, I truly believe you have awesome talent. I want to be half as good as you
    I should be getting the SLR very soon, hopefully!

  8. Bikram,

    You game?? Great! :-D
    Oh I am glad that there are good people like you and me :-P
    The phrases you use...hmmm...It is not boring :-D
    thank you :-)

  9. Hi Gayathri,

    Oh!! Its humorous isnt it? Thank you for the encouragement, I would surely work on my photography.
    :-) Travelogue...hmm ambitious one :-)

  10. SG,

    Thank you. Oh you love Discovery and TLC? They have some awesome programs.
    I can spend the entire day watching them without getting bored, so much to learn.
    You do like those restaurants?? Amazing food and splendid ambiance :-)
    I use "anyways" while writing. While speaking, I dont use that a lot :-)
    Thank you

  11. The show I never miss is The week that wasn't
    One could add another restaurant--The great kabab factory.
    The words I use often--Achcha

  12. Hi Chowla Sir,

    :-) Yes, The Week that wasnt is my favorite too.

    The great kabab factory? Hmm...I should check it out sometime.
    One common phrase most people use is 'Achcha'

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  13. antha monkey cap!! ha ha! i always luv that abt winter!


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