Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Name is BOND.....

How many of you are happy with your name? Would I get a decent count? Hmmmm.....I guess not many. I have always felt my mom could have named me with something "nice".

And this "nice" is what one likes...for some weird reason. You really don't know, but you have few favorites and wished you had this name.

There are reasons for people to feel embarrassed about their names. Awkward names....I had this classmate in my engineering whose name was "ANAL shah". Poor Anal....:-P

There are few names which lifts your spirits. A boy from my school had this name - "Bright Joy". Wow!! how much more optimism do you need? I also know a guy whose name is "Happy Mon(mone in Malayalam) and his brother "Nice Mon" :-D Such names brings happiness.

There are few other gender independent names. You cant figure out if it belongs to a guy or a girl. "Apoorva", "Kiran", "Vachan". It puts both parties in embarrassment. "Hello Mr Apoorva, how may I help you? " - only to hear a female's voice!!!

And yes!! I have come across people who have 3-4 names. But why?

Hey Sid, please send me your resume.
Sid, you have sent someone else' by name Rajesh!
But its my resume, my official name is Rajesh.
OK, what other names do you have?
My friends call me Ranjit, my official name is Rajesh, my mom calls me Siddharth and my colleagues at work call me Sid.......


What do you think about these names - "Min-Y", "Pin-I-Pai", "Ben-Hsu", "Khoa"........these are all South East Asian names. You would die trying to pronounce then correctly; without offending the owner of these names.

Awwww....the surnames. Surnames originate from caste, family names, native towns. People from southern part of India generally have initials instead of surnames. Most of them do. The initials are generally the first letter of father's name. While filling in promotion report for Bright Joy, one of my teachers gave him tough time asking him awkward questions as to why he didn't have an initial. He was fruitlessly trying to explain that his father's name was "Joy"!! But to no avail.

And few surnames are rather best forgotten. No "Godse" would want to name his son "Nathuram". Or how about a "Mittal" in your surname. You would be constantly tired of denying that you don't relate to Laxmi Mittal in any ways. But you do end up feeling good about being asked if you relate to Ambani or Mittal or Mahindra!!

Few of them would want to name their kids after celebrities, so a remote village in southern India would have girls named as "Aishwarya Rai" and a boy would be named "Amitabh Bachan"

Talking of celebrities, why do they end up naming their kids as weird as possible? "Apple"?....Next what? "Cucumber"?

My name is a two syllable word. Many people ask me "That's it?" Huh!! Yes, that is it. Did it end before it began? Not my problem, ask my mom. I was called by various names, before she had her way. Ladies have the final say. But my surname is so long that it crosses the character limit in visa application forms :-(

It is a concatenation of my father's and my grandfather's name. I was cross verified at JFK Airport as my surname was chopped off by that computer which generated my E-Ticket. It was scary to be cross verified; I was already late for the flight!!

Few people call me BONDS. Here is the story behind it. We friends went to a bowling alley. Each one was trying to help the guy feed the names so that we could start playing. My friends were so excited that each one spelled out my name and what the guy who was typing understood was BONDY.

BONDY became BONDS. Few of my friends call me BONDS.

My name is BOND :-)


  1. hahahahahahahahaa...hilarious post..

    I hate my call neha anywhere and i promise you that at least 10 heads will turn around and look at you..

    and surname? oh my, there are so many of them - funny ones..

    A friend of mine - her name is - Hasmat

    Another friend - her name is Nimky

    Dont ask me the reasons; I don't know..but these are the two weird most names I have come across..

    Love your post Bondy :D

  2. Anal Shah????????? LOL LOL... :D :D
    I'm in splits! :P
    Wonderful post, Ms. Bond.
    I didn't even know the real name of one of my friends, as he is called by his nick name, Gilli. :P
    Enjoyed reading.

  3. Interesting and funny read on names. I had written a post 'What's in a name??' about the different names that I was/am called by! :P

  4. Where do you get such unique idea for a post? good observation..sometimes I think why parents give sometimes funny names and children feel so embarrassed..Today i see that many celebrities in their zest for being unique give their children weird names..I prefer a name with a meaning.

  5. lol!!
    I like my name..
    Some call me SORC..and all the words that could rhyme with it.
    Actually!! I forgot my real name

  6. Yo BOND.. How do do.. I loved the article, made me smile. You got to see the punjabi names.. have a name Put a Singh it becomes a male name .. put a kaur becomes a female ..

    Manjit Kaur - Manjit singh
    Surinder Kaur - Surinder Singh
    etc etc etc

    My name is a bit unique BIKRAMJIT... you may find a lot of VIKRAM's but a very few BIKRAM's .. so yeah I am happy with my name, short becomes Bik.. and here in uk it becomes
    Bikraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam :)

    You have given me a idea to write on .. lets see thank you..

  7. Thank you Neha...:-) I know that you dont like your name...what to have to carry on :-)
    I get irritate if people ask me "Thats it? - Your name?"

    Thanks much Neha, glad you liked the post.

  8. Ms.Bond... err..Bindu... ena oru investigation! :) , yu know my full name along with surname..its Hari Sudhan Ananda Subramanian, so i get being called with each part in different places :( ... and finally i get the blame for not turning back....ena koduma ithu.!

  9. Karthik,

    :-D Thanks. Ms.Bond? Wow!! I'm lovin' it!!
    Oh that happens Karthik, real names get buried. Thanks again

  10. Shail,

    Welcome to B Log. Thanks a lot for your comments.
    Oh, you were called by different names? Thats interesting. Were you responding?
    I would get confused if I am called by many names. :-)

    Keep visiting. :-)

  11. Hi Antarman,

    Hahahaha..I write what I think about. I do end up thinking such sort of things :-D
    Yes, thats a state when the parents are helpless too....
    Celebrities- they are weird lots. Thanks for the comments :-)

  12. SORC,

    Lucky you; you like your name.
    Oh you forgot your real name? But you just said you like your name!!!

  13. Biks,

    I am good. :-D And hey thanks for sharing the Pujabi names. Its new information that "Kaur" is for females.
    My swimming coach was Nisha Millet. She is married to a Punjabi whose name is Bikramjit and we used to call him Biks :-)

    Bikraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam, so glad that you got an idea after reading this post :-)

  14. Hary,

    Hehehehehe..Thanks Hari. You should be having real tough time....
    Hmm...poor you!!

  15. Bad bad bad! making fun of names and surnames is BAD!!

    don't ever think only you can do it! :)

  16. Ha ha!
    Reminded me of a conversation we were having long long time.
    Good that you blogged about it.

    The visa stamping guy says "Hope you had a pleasant flight. Welcome to the USA. What is your name sir?
    "Ha ha! Well!!! Did you have a hot chick by your side in the flight?"
    "Err... Actually she was an old woman"
    "You are sick!"

    "Could you tell us something about yourself?"
    "I am Sukhdeep. I have developed and honed various skills during my graduate study."
    "Ok, I would not dare ask you what those skills are. I am pretty sure you are quite skillful. But we do not have any openings, voids or protrusions that meet your needs. Glad you could join us."

    "Welcome to the MBA information session sir. May I have your last name so that I could sign you up?"
    "I am sorry I could not find you in the list. What is your first name sir?"
    "Sorry Mr. Bose DK, we could not... err... we... ha ha ha... bose... ha ha ha... dk... ha ha ha... I am sorry... but... What was your father thinking when he named you?"
    "It was my freaking mom! She was not around people like you, so she did not know!"
    "Thanks for the entertainment. I think we will let you in anyway"

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. sorry forgot to mention .. its good you said
    your name is BOND... and not BLONDE he heheeh ok a bad joke :)

    and wow thats surprise that ur coachs hubby name was same as me .. and Biks it is he he he Thats the second person I have heard who is called Bikramjit..

  19. Hey by the way, my full name is Gautam Singampalli. Singampalli is a small village on the banks of river Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. My great grandfathers used to live there. I love my name. :-)

  20. Nice post. It is not just in India. The same thing anywhere in the world. I know a guy whose last name is Lipshitz. George Foreman has 5 boys and all of them are named George. There is a professional basketball player in USA who has changed his name officially to World B. Free.

  21. Nice post. It is not just in India. The same thing anywhere in the world. I know a guy whose last name is Lipshitz. George Foreman has 5 boys and all of them are named George. There is a professional basketball player in USA who has changed his name officially to World B. Free.

  22. Interesting subject. I haven't given my name too much thought really..Its here to stay & I'm perfectly fine with it. It raises a few eyebrows as its unique (have never met my namesake).

    Good one Bond! Now I can claim to know 'Bond' ;-)

  23. Abhi Abhi,

    Kabhi Kabhi ho jata hai!!! Bad bad bad kyon kaha diya?

    Nah...I know you can make fun of names much better than me :-D

  24. Gautam,

    Hilarious!! Oh yes, I recall discussing about it.

    Oh my God!!! such fine examples of names giving troubles!!

    Thanks much for sharing :-)

  25. Yeah right Biks!!
    I m no BLONDE in any remote way :-P

    I thought Bikramjit was common...Hmmm....

    Anyways Biks, have fun with your name :-D

  26. Gautam,

    I do know your full name :-) But thanks for the trivia and yeah your name is nice.
    Glad that you like it :-)

  27. SG,

    Yes, have heard of similar stories. I forgot to mention in the post.
    "William" is Bill, "David" is Dave, "Robbert" is Robs and "Richard" is Dick :-)

  28. lostworld,

    Now you have made me curious. You havent found a namesake yet!!
    you seem to have quite a different name :-)

    Hehehehe...yes, thank you :-)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. you would be constantly tired of denying that you don't relate to Laxmi Mittal in any ways

    this is true in my dad's name is vishwanathan so i enter my name as gayathri vishwanathan sarcastic friends would tease me arre tu vishwanathan anand kaa naam mitti mein mila degi agar aise chess khelegi toh...kya sochega woh kii meri relative aisi hain...

    that's why the first line in my intro is...hi! i am gayathri vishwanathan but i am not related to the chess player...hehehe

    about the blog...awesome!!!

  31. I love my name.

    but i have come across many name when it was hard to stop laughing

    few: Laddu, Jalebi...

    now for sake these are sweets or people....

  32. Well I had a classmate Jeemol and we discovered that her sisters were Beemol, Ceemol and brother was Deemon. By providence they had an extra e, the boy was just a bit better than demon

  33. Ha Ha Ha.. superb post.. cool idea... I havent had the fun of meeting ppl with such funny names.. Though i have a fren called Vandana... once wen she went to calcutta ppl there wrote her name as Bandana...:) :)
    Thank fully my father has given me quite a sensible name... thats rare too... though ppl call me tanmay which happens to be a male name... so much difference an alphabet can do..!!!

  34. Superb post indeed BOND! It's not easy to write such an interesting post, with sheer joy. Enjoyed reading it so very much, especially about Bright Joy :)

    The Day

  35. I have read that in your profile Gayathri :-)

    Its tough na...:-)

  36. Makk,

    Good, good that you like your name :-)
    Laddoo and I wonder where Pizza and Burger is? Hahaha

  37. Holy Lama,

    Hahahahaha....I know of sisters who had their name as Sinu, Minu, Anu, Jinu, Rinu..:-D

    Deemon...hahahahaha...poor guy

  38. Hi Tanmaya,

    My name starts with 'B'.
    A junior at college - he is from Ayodhya.
    He replaced 'B' with 'V'.....:-S

    Such things happen :-)

  39. Thanks Bhavesh :-) Glad you found it interesting :-)

  40. I dont like it.

    I love it.


  41. OK OK Makk, Pardon me for the mistake...You LOVE your name and thats nice :-)

  42. Nope, you wont being pardoned.

    Your punishments are:

    1. Keep smiling.
    2. Keep Doing new mistakes.


  43. Nope, you wont being pardoned.

    Your punishments are:

    1. Keep smiling.
    2. Keep Doing new mistakes.


  44. Hello,Ms Bond(without the gun).
    Very nice and funny post.
    You might have heard of Navjot Singh Sidhu.
    His wife's name is NAVJOT KAUR
    His name is NAVJOT SINGH.
    Besides,Punjabis have made it simpler by calling their children--Pappu, Jajji,Kukku,bhunni, Meshi.
    I wish I was called Amitabh Bachchan.

  45. sure Makk...Both are a piece of cake for me :-P

  46. Hehehehe Chowlaji,

    How did you figure out? I dont have a gun....yes!!
    That was a trivia
    You wish you were called Amitabh Bachchan?
    Change your name :-P

  47. lolzzz thats hillarious... i had a senior whose name was Tintina :P

    My only problem is people think i am south india by reading my name... and evrytime I have to clarify...

    Nice post :)

  48. Hahahaha...Tintina? Maybe her parents were fans of 'Tintin'.

    Hmm..Yeah most south Indians have Lakshmi in their names..

    Thanks for the comments Rajlakshmi. :-)

  49. Now who else is Quest here? That is a question. Any heads?:D

  50. Hahahahaha....Figure out Quest!!

  51. I am here via SG's post. so I thank him first as I could come across an interesting post. Like it's mentioned in your post I come across many people with celebrities names. Daughter of Muniyandi is Indira Gandhi, Then we have Subash Chandra Bose, Netaji, Kuttralam Banerjee all South Indian names.How about this one.Ronald Reagan... Feel quite odd calling thm by those names. Feel it doesn't suit them. But what's in a name?. Shall be around.

  52. Chitra,

    Welcome to B Log. Its funny to be calling someone "Ronald Reagen" or "George Bush"..

    Yeah!! Whats in a name after all..:-)

    Keep coming

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