Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too late

He was always aloof, taking things easy and was never responsible. But that year was special to him. It was his graduating year; he would be free from the clutches of studies, exams and professors. He dreamt big, dreamt of securing a job in a nice organization and earning handsome, having fun throughout.

He knew he had this one final hurdle to cross, final year in engineering was most easy. He would just have to write one theory and submit two project works. He had elaborately planned and even succeeded in buying some exotic project. Easy way than slog for months. His project works were ready and all that was required was submission and one final theory exam and then he was free bird.

The project submission, the semester everything went well. He even managed to get his attendance adjusted. He even attended a couple of interviews and the results were positive. Things seemed to be working his way; in spite of his irresponsible attitude and carefree ways.

Just one last ordeal left. He had to write one; just one theory paper. He never attended any lectures; as he thought it was not necessary; management paper after all. You write anything and you end up getting some marks. Pass marks was all he wished for. The subject was so generic that he never even felt like browsing once to revise.

The exam was scheduled. All set, projects done, college done with, just one exam more and then he is out of this ordeal. The day before the exams, he sat to read and understand the concepts; thinking he would be done within a couple of hours. It didn't seem to, he decided to sit whole night and read through it.

He was done with some time during early hours in the morning, he was satisfied and happy with his achievement that he could revise a subject in under 12 hours. He thought he deserved few hours of sleep before he got ready for his exams which was scheduled morning at 9:30 AM

He woke up that morning and was all rejuvenated. He came out of his bath and checked the time to leave home for college.

It was 10 AM.....


  1. Nice write up. Since I have been following your blog for a long time I knew from the beginning you are setting us up for some unexpected ending. I was imagining all sorts of ending. But never expected this. Good one. Loved it.

  2. great narration
    and great end.

  3. And as per the VTU rules, he wont be given an entry into the exam hall, as half an hour has already passed. Phew!! Such a moron! :P
    Awesome, Insignia! I loved the narration. :-)

  4. first time on your blog.
    i could identify with most of it as my both the children have been through this ordeal
    only thing till now they have managed to reach in time :-)

  5. Well, the world sometimes turns fast in that 1/2 hour doesnt it !

    And it does seem to turn pretty slow compared to the racy narration here !!!


  6. Nice one... i was trying to guess the culmination all thru! ... i just wonder what his expression would have been when he saw the time!!

    Zor ka jhatka dheere se lage ??!

    liked it!


  7. good one and teaches us so much!

  8. An his mom said," Good luck , beta. Buy new cells for the clock on the way back".

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  10. great narration...and guess what, I couldn't guess it this time..I was not expecting a twist here, but didn't think of this climax either..I loved the pace of this story..too good :)

  11. Goody goood... Excellent

    10 Am all hell break loose.. One leg in trousers, shirt buttons open.. rather one arm in the shirt .. ULTI Banayaan.. one slipper .. he DASSHs .. he saw his Dad starting his scooter to go to work.. "YOu still here .. "... and AAAGE i am sure you are going to change all this ha hah aha

    am i close or AM I CLOSE :)

    just kidding... excellent story.. Do tell please what happened

    jaldi jaldi jaldiiiiiiii

  12. excellent one...what a narration...reminds me of my college days...i had once missed one of the exams...i thot the exam was at 1.00 when actually the paper was at 10...thankfully it was just a prelims exams so it was not a risk.

  13. lollzzzz

    and he ran hysterically for exam hall...

    :D....happened with me once.

    Keep writing. Keep Smiling!

  14. Crisp flow of your writing is suspenseful and like a suspense movie.I knew something unexpected was coming--and it did.
    Superb writing.

  15. thats amazing..and a fantabulous narration

  16. SG,

    Thank you. :-) You did expect an unexpected. Thank you...such situations do happen :-)

  17. Karthik,

    Yes!! absolutely!! You gotcha!!
    Guess most universities have the same rule.

    Thanks a lot, glad you liked it.

  18. Hi anju,

    You have visited me earlier too :-)
    Oh good god!! they did manage to read on time...great.

    Thank you for the comments :-)

  19. Hi Kavi,

    It does take a U turn, isn't it?
    Hahahaha...yeah the narration..didnt want to go too very slow too.


  20. Rammy,

    Thank you. :-)
    Jhatka lagne se pehle behosh ho gaya bechaara :-)

  21. Antarman,

    Hey you said it teaches us so much. Glad!! it does!! :-)

  22. Holy Lama,

    Aww...what would the cell be of use? Maybe magic cells which would read his mind and wake him up at the right time!!

    He didnt go out of his home after seeing that he was too late. No use!!

  23. Neha,

    Oh dear!! When I was writing this, I was only thinking that you might guess the end. And you didnt!!

    Thank you :-)

  24. Bikram,

    Hahahaha...I really wished he did that. But all hell didn't break loose.
    He was just helpless. The exam's already past 1/2 hour and I guess no university would allow a candidate after 1/2 hour.

    So he just remained helpless cursing his aloofness and regretting that he lost a year.

    So near yet so close....for him...and for you too :-)

  25. Hi Gayathri,

    thanks a ton. :-) Oh you did? Thats sad.
    But good that it was just a prelim. It so happens when they schedule exams during odd timings.

  26. Makk,


    Hmm, no he didnt run. No use!! He just remained helpless. :-)
    Oops!! it happened with you? Hope you managed to give that exam.

    Thank you for the comments.

  27. Hi Chowla sir,

    Thanks much for your comments. I am really glad you liked it.
    Unexpected is fun!! isn't it? Thanks once again.

  28. Hi Prerna,

    Welcome to B Log. And thanks much for your comments. Glad you liked it


  29. Poor guy!!tch tch...
    superb narration man!!
    Keep writing!!

  30. So close yet so far! He blew it totally in the nth minute precisely..As though fate had it all planned out..or in this case Insignia ;-)

    I enjoyed reading this. Well-written. Do write more.

  31. Suspence was maintained till the end of the story.
    Nice one! :)

  32. Hilarious! How did he even think of taking bath on a day like this!?

  33. Good story. I was done with college 30 years ago, but this kind of situation ocassionaly does crop up in dreams - nightmares ( yes, at my age too!).

  34. Hi Jaunty,

    :-) Thank you. I will sure try to bring similar kind more!

  35. Lostworld,

    Exactly!! Hahahaha..Insignia planned out I guess. Or it might happen, isn't it? :-D

    thanks much. I will sure try writing more like these

  36. Hi chandrika,

    thank you so much. Glad you liked it :-)

  37. Gautam!!!!

    Hmm, now you have given me an idea about you during your exams :-P
    He took bath because he is very particular about hygiene :-)

  38. Hi radha,

    Welcome. Oh 30 years and still nightmares!!
    I have such nightmares too....:-D

  39. eh..tough....
    he may have realized now wats the distance btw sucess and failure...
    but life never ends on a single exam.he is a human ,he is prone to err.. but ,learning from that he will surely get thru the xam 6 months latern wil find a better job than wat he got thru placement...

    heh..how is it?

  40. Nightmare...in this case daymare...hahahahaa...

    I'll patent this word :-P

    Thanks Bhavesh for the comments.

  41. Hi Bhagyashree,

    Welcome to B Log. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed reading it. Keep visiting!

  42. Rahul,

    Thank you. Yes, he might have realized it. He would definitely pass and get a job..The point here is that his realization :-) Thats what matters.

    Thank you for those lines.

  43. Hi i am one of those irresponsible and carefree souls.I didnt even bother to wake up some times . I am not boasting but i had my reasons . I learned my lesson though as i probably will never get my degree

  44. Hi scarlet,

    Oops!! Thats bad but I guess things are good with you and you wont probably need a degree :-)

  45. he he he..

    during 2nd year exams, we discussed commerce on the way back..and i assumed next day it would be commerce and when my friends told me it was accounts, i was praying it was an early april fool..it wasn't. but unlike your hero, i was attended all the classes..

    the day my 10th board exam were to begin, i had not bothered to think about the center for the exam. thankfully my siblin in the same school yelled out to me over the wall (lived near school) and mentioned about some center names being displayed on hte notice board..i think this was around a hour before exams were to start.. then i rushed and got the center name and searched the location..and wrote the exam..
    but if i write it,no one will believe someone can be stupid..and would get laughed at for writing poor fiction..

  46. Hi Wise,

    I like your name :-) Welcome to B Log.
    Oh my god!! Those incidents were so close. But you didnt goof up like my hero; obvious; he was so aloof.

    Thanks a lot for your comments and for sharing your experiences :-)

  47. satti sootathada.. kai vittathada.. free.. crisp one..free

  48. :) correct-ana phrase....
    Thank you


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