Friday, March 5, 2010


As we walk, 
amongst loneliness, 
lost in time, 
deep in thought;
Chasing shadows,
black and gray,
Hazy yet subtle,
clear yet complex.

I am the master.
I am the slave.
I own this beautiful world,
but no place to rest.

As the wind carrasses,
As the palms sway,
As the waves crash, 
Lightning strikes.

Life is so simple,
Life is so beautiful.
Open your eyes,
Open up your mind,

Embrace it with smile. 

PS : These thoughts flowed when I saw that picture. Its not clicked by me; for obvious reason being that I am in that picture. It was shot at Santa Cruz beach, CA. For people who prefer colors to B/W, here is the color version of the picture - Timeless


  1. wow...such a beautiful piece..loved very nostalgic..loved the image too re..too good :)

  2. I lived it..

    I will post my work for the same pic.

    Keep smiling.

  3. awesome...would like to click something similar sometime.

  4. Dear Insignia,

    Wonderful picture. Very Cooool. Nice to see you in the picture too.

    I have a similar picture recently taken by me on fishermen working in one of the sea shores and I don't know how to send it to you. If you see that, you will definitely inspire and give your thoughts like what you have given for your "timeless" picture.

    Expecting many more from you as I have become a great fan of you:)

  5. world is a beautiul place..and so is this pics.

  6. Hmmm.. Life is so beautiful.. well at times.. yeah.. :)

  7. Thanks a lot Neha. This is encouraging. And the pic, was just a random shot; a shot by my friend while getting used to my camera functions.

  8. Ohh!! Makk,

    Thats a great compliment. You lived it!!! Beautiful.

    I am waiting for your poem on the picture :-)

  9. Gayathri,

    Thanks. All the best. When you click, please share it with us.

  10. Naidu sir,

    Thanks a lot. Credit to my friend who clicked a random shot, it has come out beautiful. This picture is an example of unexpected random stuff emerging beautiful.

    Gautam already shared the picture of the fishermen you clicked. He also mentioned it was from point and shoot camera. Now I know where Gautam got interest and talent of photography from. The picture made me speechless.

    Trust me, I was starting at it for long long time. It was so beautiful and I could weave a story. I did mention to Gautam about it. But I want your permission to use that photo to support my words describing it. I wouldn't use it unless you give a go ahead :-)

    You say you have become a fan of me, this is an honor. I am a huge fan of your photography. I have had the privilege to view few of the pictures that you have clicked; Gautam shared them with me.

    Thanks again, your comments are encouraging.

  11. Samvedna,

    It is beautiful!! Thank you

  12. Scattered Thoughts,

    Life is always beautiful; it is only that some unfortunate people do not have the privilege to enjoy it...poverty, depression....war..... If there are bitterness and sorrows, it is meant to be that way :-)

  13. Please go a head my dear Insignia. I am also interested to see how best you will support with your words describing my picture.

    I am not that good in describing the picture and I am very much confident on your knowledge and the way you are bringing life to the picures.

    Of-course, I have already made a small description to that in TELUGU language and the same was published in one of the telugu blogs where only telugu reading people can enjoy it. Now it is my pleasure to see in your words.

    All the Best of Luck.

  14. guna kamal mathiri... kavithai kavithai padi :) ! nice work signora

  15. Such a beautiful shot with beautiful words! I loved the B/W version. Very thoughtful post! Well done! :)

  16. Very nice picture though I preferred the coloured one.
    Beautiful thoughts so well expressed.

  17. Beautiful. Such lovely scene and fittings words. Santa Cruz beach brings me lot of fond memories. Thanks.

  18. Sure sir, lets see how it comes up.
    You said you have confidence in me, now I need to keep up to your expectations :)

    I will sure come up with something nice :-)

    Thank you

  19. Hary,

    Thanks!! Kavidhai kavidhai...Hahahahaha. I dont know if it could be called a kavidhai...but those are my thoughts!!

  20. Megha,

    Thanks much. Glad you liked it. And yes B/W, it brings in nostalgic feel

  21. Chowla sir,

    Thanks a lot. Hehehhe, you liked the colored one better. Yeah!! Both are awesome.

  22. SG,

    Thanks, glad you liked it.

  23. That picture itself is like poetry to me:) You're very talented, I love the lines!!! Beyoootiful. and the b/w pic is far better.

  24. Hi!

    Really, really nice!

    My favorite lines:

    "I am the master.
    I am the slave.
    I own this beautiful world,
    but no place to rest."

    Most impressive way to put this predicament people face in trying to earn, survive, get ahead of others despite realizing how time slips by without their being able to do what they always wanted to do. I hope, that's close to what you had meant. :)

    Your last stanza is somewhat similar in meaning to my blog's description, though expressed very differently. Because people, paradoxes, patterns, mysteries, etc. are what I find beautiful about life, apart from of course the things 'normal' people find beautiful! ;)

    I'm very glad for you that despite being short of time, you manage to find time to do things that you love. :) After growing old upon looking back, it is largely these small-small impulsive things that will bring smile to your face. Who says one shouldn't plan for old age! :P

    You should write poetry more often. It is they honest and spontaneous, but I also understand it requires a certain kind of impulse, mood and inspiration. :)


  25. *Very honest and spontaneous.

    Another interpretation for lines I liked:

    Though you find the whole world beautiful, circumstances have forced you to keep on shifting and traveling to newer places so that you can't call any single place your home. Is this closer to what you'd meant?

    And I noticed, "unexpected random stuff emerging beautiful" ==> "Serendipity"! ;)

  26. yenna kevalamna beach adhu..sundal kadai kanum,plastic covers kanum.idhuku neenga feel pani poem yezhuthirukeenga.anyways poem nalairuku..but yelarum ipidye feel pana arambicha yenna

  27. Words are so powerful, and when talented people like you, by using these words, communicate the intricacies of the complex thought process, you tend to have a profound effect on others.

  28. Random shots can turn out to be wonderful. And then you put it into song, and things simply flow :)

  29. beautiful pic
    nice poem
    when i saw the pic just thought where you got that pic and who clicked it
    thanks for the PS

  30. Btw, you've been featured on my blog. Hop on over! :D

  31. awwwwww I loved it .. the picture is beautful.. the poem is WOWO... I would not say Life is so simple, But Life is so beautiful, It is beautiful it iw WOWOW... When you open your eyes you do see it ...
    Open up your mind, Embrace it with smile.

    It indeed has done wonders for me reasding this .. and I am smiling thanks for sharing this with us...

  32. Nice picture and wonderful words there....
    Have a nice weekend.

  33. Wonderful word play and imagery !


  34. lostworld,

    Oh!! Thank you. You would be surprised if I say that picture was a very random shot, clicked while trying to learn the working of the camera.

    Thanks much, I am glad you liked it and my favorite is the B/W too :-)

  35. Hi Ketan,

    Thanks much. Yes, whats close to what I meant in those lines. Exactly, we are the masters, yet we end up as slaves to our desires and other wants and forget the simplicity.

    I read your blog description once again. Yes, thats what it is. Everything about life is beautiful, even struggle is a beautiful stuff, isn't it? It teaches you something.

    Hehehehe, yeah this thing just took me under 4 minutes, it was just spontaneous. So it was very less time. Oh yes!! things like these will definitely bring a smile on one's face when looked back. I will try writing poetry more often, provided there is sufficient inspiration and mood. Of course, the lines would be impulsive. I dont think I can ever write poetry by thinking and analyzing :-D

    Your second interpretation - its what I meant expect for the 'shifting and traveling to new places'.
    My idea is the world is yours, your home; wherever you maybe. But our busy life coupled with unwanted stupid thoughts, wars, fights, unpleasant situations makes it so complicated that you dont rest, you cant rest because you dont accept what is available to you. Your own self turns unfamiliar to you.

    This is what I meant. :-)

  36. soin,

    Hahahahaha...Yes it was very calm and quiet. No people except for us. Only few birds.
    OK, you will be surprised to know the real reason behind going there. These guys wanted to check out chicks in bikinis. But it got late and we went after that 'golden' hour. :-P

    No kuppai, no kadai...:-D yellaarum ippdiye feel pannina, they will become wiser :-P

  37. Gautam,

    :-) Yes why else do they say words are powerful than a double-edged sword. You call me talented? Common!! its flattering. You perfectly put it. Its that compound thought process of ours that is a boon and a bane; isnt it? We use it for all stupid purpose, think otherwise complicate life. Whereas other living creatures are so happy, their life is so simple!!

    Did this have a profound effect on you? Now, dont brood and analyze over this. Better get to finishing your project fast!! :-)

  38. Shaunak,

    Yes absolutely!! Those words were impulsive :-) Thanks a lot

  39. and you went along?? neengal allava nalla nanbi..hopefully such ladies come my office too when i work..naala

  40. hi sm,

    Thank you. Glad you liked it

  41. soin,

    Yes :-D I went along. You will be shocked to hear what else I indulged with them and where else all I have accompanied these idiots!! And me being the only lady in a group of 10 guys.

    guys are always scared, dont have guts, so they would always ask me to take the lead :-D

    Hahahaha, hope you get such ladies at work :-P But I warn you, its tough to find such women :-P

  42. Shaunak,

    Thanks a ton. You made my day. To be mentioned by a co-blogger is an honor. Thanks again :-)

  43. Bikram,

    Thanks, I am very glad you liked it. the picture is yeah beautiful :-)
    Life IS simple :-) I stand by it.

    I am happy that the lines did wonders for you, its a privilege. :-)

    Take care

  44. chitra,

    thanks a lot. Glad. You too have a great weekend

  45. Holy Lama,

    Nah!! I was born wiser :-P Just sharing my wise thoughts around :-P

    Thanks much for the comments

  46. some one is on the way to sainthood and to become a philosopher :)

  47. Hi Scattered Thoughts,

    Lol!!!! Half as good as a philosopher!!

  48. A very serene pic and a heartfelt poem.
    Loved it..:)
    See the world is so beautiful...
    Nice work..



  49. The words and the photograph, both are in competition with each other. I so loved them both.
    I loved the second stanza very much.
    Beautiful words, beautiful picture - a perfect blog post. :)
    Thumbs up to the person who clicked that photograph. And two thumbs up to you to for making it more beautiful with your beautiful words. :)
    Insignia rocks! ;)

  50. Nipun,

    Thanks much. Yes, world is beautiful :-)

  51. Karthik,

    Thank you very much. I am glad you liked both. This is my first attempt and it was impulsive. The person who clicked it didnt even realize what beautiful picture he clicked :-)

  52. Hi scarlet,

    Thanks. Glad you liked the piece. :-)

  53. Though colors fill liveliness this picture looks beautiful in b/w !!

    Nice words to accompany it :)

  54. hey i'm unable to follow your's not able to read the feed :(

  55. Nu,

    Thank you. Yes. Some things are beautiful B/W :-)

    You said you are not able to follow my blog? Blogspot is behaving fine?

    But I see you in this follower's list. Hope its solved.

  56. such a beautiful write... lovely and filled with positive note :)
    well written...

  57. Thanks much Rajlakshmi. I am glad you liked it.

  58. Wow this was really beautiful.. simple, short and serene!

  59. Hi Smita,

    Thank you very much. I am glad you liked the piece.


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