Friday, March 12, 2010


Nah!! This is not an attempt at celebrating woman's week. Yes, woman's WEEK, that's what an advertisement mentioned it today on Radio...anything for business.

I keep away from ranting on this space. I believe each one of us have enough problems and issues ourselves to hear about others problems. But I cant help myself. This post could turn analytical and maybe philosophical too. So read it at your own risk, I am not to be blamed.

Woman - Dont expect me to be saying anything unique apart from what has been said everything about woman. The source of life, the inspiration, the destructor......Each one have their own definition of a woman.

She laughs when she is supposed to cry, cries when she is supposed to laugh, takes everything in her stride and behaves as if all is she mad? I mean why doesn't she just cry when she wants to cry??

She feels like crying for no reason. When everything is fine, she feels like breaking down. People around her don't understand why she is feeling low. They either term it as nonsensical or troublesome. Even when she is depressed, she has to cook for her family, take her of her kids and husband, behave as if everything is normal.

There are days when a lady would just go blank, depressed, down, low. Everything hits at the same time. When nothing seems to work, when things are worse even if they are fine, when people around her are insensitive even when they try their best, when everything around is void, when there seems to be no meaning for her being. When there seems to be no sense of anything, when no amount of consoling helps, when everything is irritating, when she throws a fit around for no reason.

But this doesn't leave her helpless, its the state she cant avoid. It comes and goes according to its whims, on which she has no control. She has to live through it.

But why does a woman feel depressed or low even if everything is fine? Its her way of repairing herself. Its her way to rejuvenate. Seems weird, but that's how it is. But if asked why this painful way? I have no answer.

When such a situation arises with your sister, mom, wife, friend please support her and lend her a shoulder to cry. Trust me, it goes away in a day or two and she is all kicking ass then. But when she is low, don't dismiss her saying that she has no better work, don't ignore her, listen to what she has to say, don't blame her. Dont let her mood swings affect you, instead, cheer her up. Just lend her an ear.

Show that she is an important part of your life, show how she makes your life meaningful, be patient and show her how special she is.


  1. Very thought provoking post. Women are misunderstood and mistreated by the society. This must change. They are a family's anchor.

  2. I so very agree with you here..all we need is ears - human ears..when we are low, we just need a hug, an assurance; that's all..we know we behave insane sometimes; most of the times we are understanding right? all we need is a moment or two of people just supporting us and loving us unconditionally..

    such an honest post..loved it re..

  3. Very nice post . Only if every one starts understanding the woman, her problems, her highs, lows; life would become easy for her. But how many really understand?

  4. that really is wonderful thought... beautifully expressed... being a women we ourselves sometimes couldnt see the pain of others... esp mother ...
    / Its her way of repairing herself. Its her way to rejuvenate// now i know the reason :)

  5. @ insignia,

    so true ... woman are from wonderland.

    cheers !

  6. The part and parcel of our life...a selfless being who lives her life to make others happy yet her happiness is kept way below in the priority list..its important to be there for those who've always been there for it our mother , siter , grandmom..friend...they deserve loads of love that they share generously without once thinking about the returns.
    A nice insightful post!:)

  7. Hmm I got your point... Will try to keep my mother, sisters and wives err. future wife happy!

    But to be little different from the above comments, even any man will feel the same. Only point is if he cries in the same manner a woman does, people say oh don't be so feminish!

    Every human feels the same.

  8. Bas karo Insginia! Ab rulaogi kya....:)

  9. what the hell..women cant explain this?? bah i thought they could. but it s really irritating when a girl breaks down when everything around is painted in happiness..i guess it just extreme case of humanism..i mean

  10. oh such a nice post....extremely touchy,....first time on ur blog and liked the drop at my place to read on women...

  11. Excellent post and the painting is too good.

    I love the last two paras.

    I believe and respect woman, she is always special and important part in every ones life. Without her support we are no where.

  12. A good post.Shoulders to cry on and some action on things that led to the depression. Else, it is meaningless.

  13. I am amongst the most experienced lot amongst the readers.I must say you have touched the right notes.
    Just for record--I do , and every one must do, exactly what is suggested in the last para of the post.
    One does come across such lovely posts once in a while.
    Keep it up.

  14. I have to say that women being depressed when everything's fine is self-destructing! It doesn't help 'cos they ruin their own peace of mind & everyone else's around them. Its better to always find an outlet for anger/depression/irritation etc:-)

  15. Yes Insignia.. as they say and history tells us .. Women are or Is there behind each Mans success..

    Woman.. without which Man is nothing ...

    So hats off to Woman.. it takes them to break or make a man.. You find a good one.. You are happiest person in the world.. You find a bad one.. they ruin your life..

    Sorry i am very late wrting here this time :) but i am sure you will understand... You are a woman too he he he So you have to understand ...

  16. Women are complicated.
    I'm not saying men aren't:P

  17. very thought provoking,

  18. 'Hear me' is all I can say for u.
    Respect women all of u.
    They are complicated for sure..
    Touched insignia...


    Cheers to women


  19. SG,

    Thank you. I felt like putting them down, here it is.

  20. Neha,

    Yes Neha. Thank you. The problem is our needs are not understood right. Cant be blamed, men are made that way as we are made this way :-)

  21. chitra,

    thanks. Not many, but yeah thats how it is

  22. Rajlakshmi,

    thank you. Oh yeah! we dont realize unless it happens with us

  23. Vamsi,

    Yes, they are. Thank you

  24. A New Beginning,

    Welcome to B Log. You said it right. :-) Very right. Thanks for those views and keep visiting

  25. Abhi,

    :-) Dont ever try getting wives. I bet you will have tough time keeping them all happy :-P

    OK, whoever said men dont cry are idiots. Real mean cry. But men cry for genuine reason whereas women cry even when things around her are all fine. Complex isn't it?

  26. soin,

    Yes, women cant explain. Because its beyond understanding. :-) It is weird but its meant to be that way

  27. rohini,

    welcome to B Log. Thanks, glad you liked it.
    I will sure visit your blog. Keep visiting

  28. Naidu sir,

    Thank you. You are a nice person. Women are important :-)

  29. Holy Lama,

    Thanks. :-) I agree with you. Shoulders to cry on will do the magic of solving the problem. Isnt that?

  30. Chowla sir,

    Thanks a lot, its a great compliment from you. You are a wonderful person to be supporting women when needed. Thanks again

  31. lostworld,

    Hmm it does seem to be. But is there a way out? Sometimes, however hard you try, that phase doesnt go away, when everything seems dull. We can do nothing about it but just let it pass.

  32. Bik,

    Yeah a woman can make it or break it. Aaah never mind how soon are late you are in my blog.
    Your presence itself is an honor to me :-)

    Take care

  33. Kish,

    Women are complicated, men are confused :-P

    :-D See I finished your statement

  34. Rajlakshmi,

    Thank you, its an honor. Will pick it up

  35. Nipun,

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate you understanding woman's complications

  36. Lol..i feel like i am not a woman at all after reading this post !

    We're all not that bizarre , are we?

    Do we really feel depressed when everything's ok ? I don know..

    All said and , women and all beings need that compassionate ear sometimes..

  37. Gymnast,

    Welcome to B Log.

    Oh I dont think that qualifies to being called bizarre. Yes, I do really feel depressed even when everything is OK...Most of my female friends do. Its the mood swings...

    Thats perfectly natural. Havent you experienced it any time? Interesting and I envy you.

    Keep visiting.


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