Monday, March 8, 2010

Ways to beat boredom

Yes!! you guessed it right!. I am bored! Did everything, pinged friends online, read blogs, passed comments, did some office work after logging from home, finished house chores...

But BORED. You walk up and down in your room, scan 360 degrees to figure out if there is anything interesting, Nothing!!! To complicate, I am lazy to move out to feed my hungry stomach!!

I am hungry, but lazy to cook, Oh I am also bored!! Weird isnt it? No its not. It happens with any NORMAL human being and I am absolutely, insanely normal :-D

There are some interesting ways to beat your boredom. Its fun!!!

- Watch any song and dance from Indian movies - with MUTE. Just watch the shakes and moves without any volume and see how much fun it is!!

- Go dig your kitchen, count the rice grains in your stock. Improves your math skill

- Make prank calls to your bank's customer service executive. Take revenge. Bully them; just do once what they do always with you. There's no sadistic pleasure than this :-D (Wicked smile)

- Pick your nose. Clear and make way for health paved with boogers :-P

- Fill a large bucket of water using a seive. Grow your wisdom!!

- Scratch yourself. No!! nothing weird. Definitely a feel good factor

- If you have someone beside you, pick lice from his/her head. Hygiene around you, anytime good.

- Try reading a book while the pages face a mirror. Its challenging!!

- Untie all of your shoe laces, tie them back. There are more than 15 ways to tie them!!

- Blog about being bored!!!!

Yeaaayyy!! Here are 10 points. Try them and beat your boredom to death people!!

What are your favorite ways? Share them  :-)


  1. you offered funny, gross, impossible and make one work hard kinda tips to beat boredom..I will give u one more tip - visit my will find a tag cloud rotates with the with it..I do it quite often..

    sleeppppppppppppppppppppppp - ithought that would be the first thing you would mention :P

    try ut diferent emoticons on chat..I have found a few new ones on facebook..will share those with me there :D

    read your me it's fun :D

    activate and deactivate google buzz :P

    oh rest of them I will mail you..

    and still bored; then please write a guest post on any of my blogs - a crap will also do for Crap Station :D

  2. This is a good one. I am glad you asked what are my favorites? Here they go:

    1. Recite the alphabet backwards.

    2. Spell (backward) the complete name of all your friends and relatives.

    3. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down your message to the most important peson in your life. Assume that you will be dead after writing that.

    4. Jog backwards and then sidewards and at the same time think of the things that angered you the most in your life. Then decide to forgive that person who angered you. You will feel good and energized.

  3. @ SG, do you know, I can recite the alphabets backwards in less than 5 seconds?

  4. Glad to know that Neha. Then you will never be bored. Good for you.

  5. came to know about many new ideas

  6. I am sorry I forgot one more idea. A bottle of alcohol washes away boredom.

  7. Oh my god! Can some of you do my reports? I will give you a list of companies and the job positions I am interested in, apply to all of them for me!

  8. Hohohoho! :) I thought blog about being bored would be the first!!

    Some of mine--
    * Take out old photo albums and trust me, you'll be occupied for hours
    * Why count only rice grains? Start counting the drops of water in your water jug!:-p
    * Count the hair on your head:D

    Enough? Let me think of more..

  9. I don't know but one sensible option is to read all my previous posts totalling to over 170.
    Try and do let me know.

  10. Call up some old relatives. Just talk. They feel good and you too.

  11. hahaha..yeah pretty gross suggestions ..few of them to kill bordeom.yuck @ the nose digging could always forward those "get rich" or "get lucky" emails to friends and relatives..who knows you might actually get lucky..

  12. Nice tips to beat boredom. Your first tip watch any song and dance with mute from Indian movies seems to be funny out of all. Of-course, we are also observing so many methods now and then to beat boredom either at office or at home and we never tried these tips.

    I would like to try the dancing tip at house next time, but I am afraid what my pet dog Great Dane feels about me while doing this. What happend to my master!!!!!!! suddenly!!!!!

    The tip given by The Holy Lama is the best and useful. Makes you and your old relatives very happy.

  13. These tips are for sure boredom busters.
    I usually read eminem lyrics when i get bored..:)
    They are just awesome.
    Make my own tunes setting those lyrics..:)
    Will try sum of ur opinions also..

    Cool write up.



  14. lol.. i liked the first point.. it should be fun...

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. What I do is just log in and log out my google account...hehehhe...It is different..I sometimes paint or sleep or try a recipe. Fun post! Keep Smiling and yes, you can buzz me whenever you are bored...I will bore more and more...:) LOL

  17. "Well, if you are bored, you are a bore well!" - Dug well to a bore well.

    A very violent post; not expected of you, Insignia. :(


    Just because you felt bored, you wrote:

    "There are some interesting ways to beat your boredom. Its fun!!!"

    How sadistic! So, someday if you feel particularly beautiful, you will write:

    "There are some interesting ways to beat a beauty. Its fun!!!"

    And people will shout "pink chaddis".

    And I am not even asking what people should beat up when they feel conned, 'cuz that's an old joke. ;)

    Okay, important questions, now.

    Did your boredom die 'cuz of your beatings, in other words, did it get relieved?

    Did you do any of the above things apart from point 10? ;)

    And well, were you really, really bored? As in, really bored?

    In which case, you really really (are a) bore well! :P [- Dug well to a weird looking bore well.]

    And see how well I *bore* my boredom by commenting on your blog. ;)

    Now that I bore my boredom, it (my boredom) will feel bored, and in other words it will experience boredom. Then my boredom will read your blog post, and it will try to beat itself.

    If it fails in the attempt, it will only end up black and blue. Which will mean there would even more darkness in the World, and the Sun will feel like committing suicide not being able to bear its own ineptitude. And not to forget there will be even more blues. :(

    But if boredom succeeds, it would have beaten itself to death. How masochistic!

    As you could see, your post is truly ground-breaking, as in consequences ranging from breaking of ground and creating of more bore well to something as unheard of as the Sun trying to commit suicide. :P

    Yes, this is bhang from 28th february, now finally showing its effect! ;)

  18. Don't expect me to not make typos being under the effect of bhang. :(

  19. why not try to sleep? listen music? hehe
    why so much pain?

  20. Neha,

    :-D Variety you see :-D

    Sleep - nah!! Not for me. Because if I sleep during the day, I cant get any sleep at night!!

    But those were some nice tips. Thank you

  21. Hah.. what kind of job is it where you boss allows you with time to get bored? Well, he/she is definitely not doing up to the mark in this case and if big boys in your company got to know about it, poor chap is screwed in next appraisal :)

    BTW, I wrote a post about the same thing long back.. some of the ideas from your post are already there (I hope you are not getting inspired from my blog ;), that is what anu malik says, right?) and others you can add in list :D


  22. Those were some nice tips to beat boredom SG. Thank you

  23. Gautam,

    Bring it on baby!! Hahahaha applying for job. I guess you shouldn't delegate such things!!

  24. lostworld,

    :-D Blog about being bored..hmm yeah!! that should be first unless you dont know what to write.

    Wow, old photo albums are a great pass time.
    Counting hair. errr....:D

  25. Chowla sir,

    Definitely when I get bored the next time!!

  26. Holy Lama,

    Thats a nice option. But me personally, stay away from them, :-) for obvious reasons

  27. Rohit,

    Yes few were gross. :-D
    Hmm, I dont get such mails, they automatically go to spam :-D

    Maybe I should try them.

  28. Naidu sir,

    Thanks. Lol!! Please try that first tip, I assure you that boredom will vanish and you will laugh your heart out. And yes, before trying, please dont have your Great Dane with you. Poor thing!

  29. Nipun,

    Thank you!! Eminem lyrics to beat boredom and get an headache??
    Hmm....interesting, :-)

  30. Suree,

    Welcome to B Log. First one is definitely fun. Please try :)

    Keep visiting!

  31. Suree,

    Welcome to B Log. First one is definitely fun. Please try :)

    Keep visiting!

  32. Megha,

    Yours is an unique thing to beat your boredom.
    Hahahaha...sure I will buzz you to get more bored!

  33. I seem to always be the last one writing a comment on ur blog.. Its the time difference :) Not me for sure..

    Bored:- Well call a friend , especially you have not talked for ages...

    I like your ideas though.. They are Funny and as Neha said Gross tooo.. But hey anything to kill time ...

    I usually take out Videos and watch them, the home made ones of visits to india or oz or canada.. They brighten you up ...

    Alcohol is good too. .especially if you try a few cocktails .. make your own.. by the time you tried 4th or 5th .. you are Tally and everything seems ROSY then .. Remember my blog .. Sleep is bad.. You are happy he he he

    Or do the following , you have a mobile phone use it to play pranks .. Check this out
    Fun with Mobile phone

  34. @Neha:- Sleep is Bad .. so how can sleep be first thing haaan...

  35. Ketan,

    Err..."Well, if you are bored, you are a bore well" ...whose words are these?

    Violent post, but how?

    Hahahaha, yeah boredom crept throughout, so i beat it. Hmm if thats violence, I dont mind being violent once in a while :-P

    I wouldnt beat a beauty, instead caress it :-P Only boredom gets beaten up.

    My boredom, yes, got relieved. How? By doing few things I have mentioned; of course apart from point 10.

    1. Watching dance sequences from Indian movies while volume muted. Thats sure fun.

    2. Prank call - called up my bank's customer executive. Turned out to be a poor guy!! Gave him tough time :-P

    this was what I did yesterday.

    I do end up doing other things apart from what I've mentioned other days when I am bored. :-D

    I was really really bored!

    Did your boredom read my blog post? How does it feel now? :-P
    Did it beat itself or is it black and blue?

    Hows the Sun? The sun is shining bright in Bangalore, how about Mumbai's sun? :-P

    Oh my God!! your bhang consumption is affecting me too!!

    Dont worry about the typos, bhang or no bhang, its acceptable!!

    Mistakes are supposed to be made!! :-P Errr...virtual bhang effect :-P

  36. Abhi,!! Then I have to end up being awake at night when everyone else is sleeping!! Cant even switch on TV, it would disturb others.

    Music - is just hearing to it - Passive. I can do something else while listening to music :-D

    Pain is fun man!!

  37. Scattered thoughts,

    You wanna know what kind of job I am in? No its a secret I am going to maintain. :-P
    I am definitely finishing off all my tasks sir. There have no more tasks to give me!! :-P

    You have a post on this topic too? sir I was NOT inspired. Let me get there and read your points.


  38. Bikram,

    Aaah thats long as your comments are present. :-)
    Hmm most friends are busy most times or they dont prefer your call unless its of some help to them!! So that option is ruled out

    Hehehehe, yes anything to kill boredom. I do end up seeing photos from my vast collections.

    Alcohol, hmm i will try :-)

    Mobile pranks!!! Thats new. Should try, thanks for the tips Bikram

  39. wow!!! wonderful ideas..
    hmm..would like to try some..

  40. Just funny ways to kill boredom!!!!

  41. well, I feel bored rarely. very very rarely.

    never the less.. a nice post from your side.

    I will surely try few of them.

  42. Basically, there are two kinds of wells - dug wells and bore wells. :)

    In the first sentence a dug well was addressing a bore well.

    As for answering the rest, I'll have to get into the mood and wait for the harvest of bhang, which will take around a year. :(

    The Sun is about to commit suicide here in Mumbai, but will reincarnate tomorrow morning - all of course, upon my orders :P (seems like bhang still has some residual effect). ;)

  43. Sorcerer,

    Welcome back and thank you. Please try some and let me know if it worked :-)

  44. Hari,

    Welcome to B Log. Thank you :-)
    Try some of them for sure and keep visiting

  45. Makk,

    Thats interesting. You dont feel bored at all? Hmm..but if you ever felt, try few of them listed here :-)

  46. Ketan,

    Thanks, I would surely like to hear more about dug wells and bore wells.
    Maybe you could write a post on it :-)

    But ultimately, you and me are WELLs. I got that point :-D

    Well, bhang has been sowed so right that it would take an year to harvest!! Well....well......'dug well' :-P

    Let peace be with the sun. For goodness sake, have mercy on the sun and help him reincarnate.

    Have fun!!

  47. Its funny!
    I cant stop laughing , thanks!
    If I get bored I drive!

  48. When I get bored I do the following:

    If in class: I started singing random tunes with wrong lyrics rigt next to the most studious person in class.

    Also, I make buzzing noises and sometimes the teacher is fooled into thinking there might be a bee in the class. It's fun to watch his/her expressions really :D

    When in hostel: I surf for images on google tagged "weird" or "funny" or "retarded" you get a whole plethora of things to see and laugh about :D

    Sometimes I get back on my much lagging exercise routine by walking a few steps to the next room (and then sinking on to the bed again haha) and gossip around with girl pals

    When at home: I go for a walk in the garden.. watching the big pretty flowers and walking on the grass bare foot makes me inexplicably relaxed and happy.

    When TOO lazy to do either of the above, I put on my slow-songs playlist and go to sleep :)

    cool post! ;)

  49. Raj,

    Welcome to B Log. Thank you, glad you liked them.
    You drive if you are bored!! Thats refreshing. Unfortunately cant do that in Bangalore, you will end up getting frustrated

    Keep visiting!

  50. Smita, must be giving tough time to your professors. But college life is fun!

    Exercising is good option, you beat your boredom and improve health!! You win either ways!!


  51. liked your last point the most:)

    when I am bored I browse thru my jwellery , dresses , diary etc:)

  52. Samvedna,

    Thank you. Oh thats a nice way to beat boredom.

  53. Hehehe... :D Some are really gross. :P
    Having said that, I've tried most of the things (with some enhancements of my own) and voila! As you said, they work, and how! ;)

    My friends and I once had a sort of "phone-in kaaryakrama." I closed my eyes and pointed my finger to a random number in the phone registry. It happened to be a muslim guy's number. I called and asked the woman who had picked up (mostly she was his begum) as to why he had not shown up in the mosque that day. She was stunned to hear it. It so happened that the guy had been dead for ten years. Eeewwwww! She was scared like hell! Hehehehehehe.... :D

    Thoroughly yanjaayed the post. :)

  54. Karthik,

    :-D Yeah!!

    The prank call was so really fun! How did you guys manage. Maybe that lady fainted and fell flat!!

  55. When I get i make phone calls.
    loved your list.

  56. Chitra,

    Thank you. Making phone calls...hmm but most of the people I know are always bust :-(

  57. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ILMAO !!!!

  58. Hi Dean,

    Welcome to B Log. I am glad you liked this piece. :-) Thank you

  59. Nice post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

  60. Hahahahaha...Hmm but who would stone you? And I am sure you have been stoned. Please tell us more :-)

  61. Tats a gud one.... something I do when I am bored.... try some new recipe :P

  62. Shilpa,

    Thank you. Trying a new recipe is a good way to beat boredom. But i get lazy :-D


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