Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I had this question few days back.

Why does Love exist? 

Not that I got all lovey-dovey; a la teenage sorts. I am long past being that dreamy-eyed love smitten teenager. It just occurred to me; this question!

Its not WHAT IS LOVE? But WHY IT EXISTS? I was seriously ruminating over it. Maybe this was one of many such occasion when I look within to seek and explore.; sort of self enlightenment. Having experienced how love manifests with respect to various people and how it evolves over time and how it transforms.

Think of the love between two kids; siblings. Pulling each others hair and snatching away each others food is love. As they grow up, love manifests in other ways. Its more of care, affection and support.

Or the love between a young boy and a girl. Its roses and mushy talks. As they grow together, love matures and is more realistic; going together for a walk is more lovelier than the mushy talks.

I am digressing, am I not? So, why does love exist?

Still pondering; I thought let me ask few of my friends what were their opinion. One of my friend said  

"it exist to ummmmmm screw us"

I am sorry about the language. I wanted to paste the exact statement given by my friend hence did not paraphrase. :-P

Well, my friend might have had valid reasons for feeling so and I respect it. Thinking about it, love brings pain. Or is it love or something else? Love is selfless, so what brings pain? Expectations. Yeah, expectations brings pain. But we are humans, and its our nature to expect. 

Another one had an interesting take on it. Is Love a feeling? Or a choice? We feel sad, happy, angry, bored....feelings are never the same always and they dont stay the same forever. So is love a feeling?

If so, does it mean when the feeling goes away, you should move on with someone else who will give that "love" feeling?

"True love is a choice, not a feeling"

Well, I did not get what I was looking for. Why does it exist?

There are few who feel it exists for sharing.

"for people to give and take some"

Yeah, what better way than to share love? Its all that we have to share and spread joy. 

Love facilitates convergence of the body and the soul. To identify us and our purpose. This is what another said.

Love - so sought after. When you hear the word, you know its magical and scintillating. Its universally celebrated and revered. Wars fought over it. Few say its complex, for few its so simple. Its everywhere, manifesting itself in so many ways. Its the most overused, misunderstood and misused term.

Love is not expectation, its not "I will die for you". Its not "give me this and I will give you that".  I do not understand how one could love someone and later harbor hatred to that person? Is it possible? How can such beautiful state be replaced with a vicious hatred?

For me, Love exists to give Hope. It exists to keep our world going. It exists to share, to spread joy. It exists to remove the inequality in this world.

How about you?


  1. Interesting topic.. I'll have to say that Love is more than just a feeling. Love is what makes the world a bit better place to live. Without it, the world would have been Under Chaos.

    On a funnier note, its the thing that make you wait for your Girlfriend/Boyfriend in the sun and in the rain for hours. it's the thing that make you in the middle of the night to fetch a glass of water for your wife.. :)

  2. errrr, haven't we discussed this in detail? :P I mean, a good enough discussion if you remember :P

    and my answer also i can see here :D I think I will read other answers this time and enjoy the comments more than replying to why love exists..you already know my opinion right? :P

  3. This is what I pondered over long ago and wrote a verse about it. An I think I ended up where you did, believing that it's quite necessary for the world to go on.

  4. I guess love is something that helps you wade through the difficulties of the days faced.. The love of your parents, friends , siblings , partner keeps you going wanting you to Live life another day when it gets difficult..

    THe love of your kids brings you back to childhood and you live it all over again..

    SO i guess what i want to say is to make life BEARABLE is why love exists

    to make life exciting is why love exists

    to enjoy each day you are on this planext is why love exists

    if it wasnot there we would all be f*&%^$....

  5. excellent,debatable,controversial and close to heart topic :)

    Nicely presented...though I would only want to add is love for every one is different..there is no particular definition of love..

  6. u said it friend...and i second u...

  7. I think u have read my Dove of Love very closely...:)

    Hats off to this post of urs..
    U have phrased all the colors that love has.
    It finally came out as a hope..:)



  8. Very nice read! Seriously!

    :) hw do u define 1 sided love!


  9. Love is...i am not getting the correct word. Will just explain wht i am trying to say. Now a mom loves her children unconditionally irrespective of how they are, a sibling's love come through their fights etc ( i used to know that my brother is angry with me when he would not talk or tease me)...so on and so forth

  10. Hey Love is my favorite topic. Someone asked me to tell about love and I started blogging. See my first blog 'My First Love'....it indirectly defines love

  11. interesting topic
    what is love ?
    God is love and love is God else is fraud.

  12. Love does exist and it varies on different relationships.
    Why does this question arise?It does as one has had a bad experience or feel that a relation is going beyond manageable limits.

  13. Love is sharing,being true to your friends,family, being kind,emphatetic etc.

  14. ungaluku gtalk la ping pani solren.. wat i felt once abt Love... sry dont want to discuss this..anyways it always depends on both the lovers.. the words as well and so is the feel!

  15. A million dollar question!

    Love exists because:
    It teaches us to give (unconditionally), expecting nothing in return;
    It inspires us to care and share;
    It gives us reason to smile;
    It helps us co-exist with others;
    ...And a million other reasons that make our life worth living, spreading joy and hope around.

  16. Profound thinking you have been doing!! Well, on a lighter side, love is a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker!! :)
    Cheers :)

  17. A.K,

    Fetch water in the middle of the night for a wife???
    Oh!! do you know someone who does that? That lady might be really lucky :-P

  18. Neha,

    Hahahaha we have! Why even ask?
    Yeah you watch this space for the answers :-)

  19. Holy Lama,

    :-) Great minds think alike :-P

  20. Bik,

    Nice views :-) Yes, to make our life bearable :-P

  21. Nu,

    True it manifests in different manner. :-)

  22. Nipun,

    Havent read. Will read it soon.

    Love is hope for me. :-)

  23. Hit Wicked,

    :-P Thank you. One sided love is expecting a decent hike at work :-P

  24. A,

    :-) Oh thats fantastic. I will very soon read the post you mentioned :-)

  25. sm

    Thanks. Excellent. I wonder what would an atheist say to these :-)

  26. Chowla sir,

    Maybe. But not all the time.
    Love manifests itself. I do believe it always exists; in one form or the other.

    This was just a leisurely thought I had.

  27. chitra,

    Yes, its sharing and caring. :-)

  28. Hary,

    Sari. Love is not only between lovers right?
    Its there everywhere with everyone, in different way.

  29. RGB,

    :-) Thank you for your views. Yes, there is no one definite reason to state.

  30. Shilpa,

    :-D Yeah!! Shows my joblessness.

    Hhahaha, liked your views. It does malfunction not only the heart but the entire being!


  31. "love exits to share and give hope". Beautifully and passionately said. If you mean what you wrote , you I m certain has a wonderful soul.
    The cheap form of love which is shallow as well is to serenade.And as you mentioned more the vogue of teenage infatuation and fantasies.
    Love can also be a feeling and state of mind where you can never think of hurting some body. Oh if one keep noting on this feeling then there is no end.Again well written feelings and opinion.

  32. anil,

    Thanks so much. You have said it beautifully. Yes, I strongly believe it exists to give hope and share and thats what keeps the world going.

    "Love can also be a feeling and state of mind where you can never think of hurting some body." I so agree with you on this. How can one ever think of hurting someone if the person truly loves.

    Intense love for you is the reason why I get angry and such stories make no sense to me

  33. Love is a beautiful word of expression and lovely feeling. Your last statement "love exists to give hope" etc., etc., is most suitable for this post.

  34. i can scribble a book on love..each time it appears different to me..Loving wrong people,not loving right ones. Giving too much love expecting even more..
    Its crazy..but it is what keeps people going doesnt it!

  35. Naidu sir,

    thank you. It is the most wonderful thing.

  36. Madhu,

    Hahahaha. True thats what keeps the world going

  37. ana 90% dont think like that... ena solringa? i agree love is not just between a gal and a guy... but namaku love nu sona... double meaning only coming...anyways vidunga :)

  38. Hary,

    Aama, thats sad. Enna panrathu. Its been misused for gross things.

    And its been that way. :-)

  39. hmmm..... interesting post...romba nala eruku

  40. The Solitary Writer,

    Welcome to B Log. Nandri pa. :-)


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