Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saving Insignia from Blue and Pink

On popular demand, I am taking up this tag. This tag is being devoured like yummy cakes all around my blog network. I did not want to take up tags for some time, but its contagious you see!!

Neha, Nu and lostworld have tagged me. Pardon me if I have missed anyone else who has tagged me on the same. I am losing my memory, see, signs of growing old :-|

This tag is about listing at least 10 things you have done that your gender is not supposed to do or generally does not do. Hmm, being me, I do have few interesting things and few things that I want to do that my gender is not supposed to do. Now who set these rules!! I do not know. Anyway, its fun tag, let me not get into probing further.

I have gone against the principles of 'Girls do not do these things' and a 'Girl has to do do all these things' all the time. Been a rebel, continue to be a rebel and I am smirked upon. Well, nothing has changed me!!

So, apart from listing those things I have done that my gender is not supposed to do, I would also list about the things that I have not done which a girl is supposed to do.

1. Never been able to get myself to adorn my house's courtyard with a Rangoli or the Kolam. My mom always made it a point to have an elaborate Kolam before the sun came out. She had a magic in her fingers which I could never ever get. It was a girl thing but I could never learn the art!! I remember an incident. One day she was having a bad headache(when was headache ever good!! :-S) and she was coaxing me to draw a Kolam before the sun came out. I was sleepy, yet I grudgingly went out not able to withstand her nag anymore, swept the area and drew a Kolam, came back and slept. When she saw what I had done, she was shocked! She mentions it even to this day to anyone and everyone she meets. Well, what I did was draw something of this sort, in the name of Kolam.
She would never forgive me for this. I was such a tomboy that I could never get this girlie habit.

2. At work, more than writing lines of code, what i love is climbing ladders and pulling optical fibers and cables to connect my servers and switches. The servers, switches and cables are my babies! I love to plug in modules and assemble servers and chassis. This is only a guy thing which a support engineer(mostly a guy) does. But I like to get my hands bleeding. Yeah you folks read it right. One such day, I noticed blood flowing on the edge of the rack in my data center when trying to connect some cables and wires to my server. It was spooky, like a scene from a horror movie. I did not know where it was from. I just wiped it off and came back to my desk. It was then I noticed a cut on my wrist. Talk about working hard by giving off your blood and sweat!!

3. I can talk about lengths regarding the technical details, performance, price and value of cars and bikes. Now this is often considered a male domain. But these things have always fascinated me. My friends check with me if they want any information on latest models of car/bikes and their specifications. It so happened that in my 11th grade, I was discussing about the newly introduced bike Pulsar with a friend. This lady happened to share the same with her dad. Her dad had warned her not to continue her friendship with me, as he thought I had a boy friend; because it was not possible for a girl to know all the technical details of a bike!! And hence I would have a wrong influence on her :-S

4. I am a beauty illiterate. You may already know about that. I have a post dedicated on the same - Beauty Illiterate.
I do not know what an eye liner is, what a mascara is. I do not know what is the difference between a foundation or a concealer! Never tried them, never been to a salon except to trim my hair. I like it this way!!

5. I do not have girls as my friends. I can hardly count on my fingers the number of girl friends I have. I am very comfortable with guys and I get along with them very well. Can talk anything under the sun with ease with them, but not with girls! I do not like gossips, the mushy-mushy cho-chweet candy talks of girls, that's the reason.

6. I do not like dressing up. It takes me less than 2 minutes to dress. A pair of jeans or capris and a casual shirt or a Tee is all I need. No make-up, no jewelry. Actually these things irritate me. But as a typical women, I am very particular about my foot wear. :-P

7. I am constatnly told to slow-down at home and at work. I come across as an aggressive, dominant, no-nonsense person who speaks my mind out. Are these traits of men?? I do not know.

8. I love riding motor cycles. Used to regularly ride my husband's Yamaha RX135 before marriage. 2 stroke bikes are always thrilling. Now that I am married to him and stuck up for the rest of my life, he does not give his bike anymore :-P

9. I have had short layered bob cut until recently and I found it very very comfortable. Others around me thought I was too boyish and on an outcry, I had to let my hair grow :-(

10. I do not like laces, satin ribbons, braids and bows. I cannot flutter my eye lashes, neither can I be elegant, even when I am draped in a Saree.. Sorry!!

11. I am very adventurous. I like traveling to the places not explored, and end up venturing to areas that are closed or which are not open for visiting. Guys!! I tell you are not that bold at all. I have tough time coaxing them to join.

12. I was about to forget this one. I do not get scared of roaches, worms, lizards....

Phew!! Its really tough you see! I am done!! Yaaeyyy!

Almost everyone around have been tagged, so now to make it interesting, I am going to tag guys!! :-P wicked me

I tag Bikram, Nipun, et. What are the girlie things you have done or want to do guys? I wanna know!!


  1. Tagging on gender stereo types is doing the orunds. This is the 3 rd blog I am reading today :) I do not know how many more I would read. It is nice way to know friends.

  2. baapre..u come acrosss as a strong adventurous and friendly person..good..reg. yr comment: ammadiyo, intha vazhasula iththane periya philosphyya!!!(everything has a reason.)..hey thanks ya...proud 2 be yr friend..

  3. Ha ha ha ha... Good post.
    @ Neha and Insignia - Tom boys are cool!

  4. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? u got a crew cut? Never seen a girl crew cut mein...sahi hain biddu sorry bindu :)

  5. with you on 4,5 and 6 :)

    YAY to you sinner :)

  6. oh my god. ur indeed a tomboy!!

    i'd never be able to take up this tag!! there are hardly few things ive done. except for career and stuff, lifestyle has always been feminine !1

  7. suuperaa irundhudu.. Kolam poda enakkum teriyaadu.I still manage to put the same one everyday.And eventually amma gives up on me..
    satins and laces..they are nice as long as they dont irritate me..:P

  8. chitra,

    Yeah, this tag is like the IN thing now.

  9. Ramesh,

    :-) Yeah? Thank you. Hmm..chinna vayasu dhan but niraya paathurukkaen. Thats why such philosophies :-)

    thank you.

  10. Gautam,

    :-D Yeah!! thanks sweets.

  11. G3,

    Errr..that was a crew cut, but for the ladies. Its not as short as the men's one. Anyway to clear the confusion, I have modified my post. I have removed the 'crew; word there :-D

  12. Chandana,

    Yes I am. Oh! You are the girl. Cheers!

  13. Madhu,

    Thanks ma. Kolama? Now I dont even venture anywhere near it!! My mom has lost it!!

    Satins and laces..I dont recall when was the last time I saw them :-|

  14. I knew about point 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 and 12..

    bike one was a big surprise..and fixing cable wires we have never discussed as you usually pasted those codes for me to decode them..sigh!!!! nor I knew about bob cut..I have seen them in a pic or two, but that i thought were kinda temporary..

    I remember your beauty wala post..but I do need salon..a must for me for eye brows threading and waxing..:)

    nice answers :)

  15. @ Gautam, you are our true friend :) sirf tu hi samajta hai hume :D

  16. Well.well...well. A lot more about you. Let's see - bikes, server and more guys as friends...interesting combination

  17. what an amazing Kolama!!! I am loving it!! It has such a deep meaning dot, One god!! If only they would have understand it :P

  18. Neha,

    Oh yes, the bike thing, I know I have never mentioned it prior to this. :-)

    Hehehehe, setting up servers and fixing cables were not discussed as its not the same as pasting lines of code :-)

    As its confidential, cant even share any snap. :-P

    Hair cut was not temporary. But now its no more there :-(

    I know your love with the salon :-P

  19. Holy Lama,

    Yeah!! Skeletons exposed off my closet :-D

    :-P bikes, servers and guys are interesting indeed!

  20. Pratik,

    Is it not? See, I like you. You understood the point I wanted to make there.
    No one else understood :-(

  21. This tag is very insightful!! :D
    LOL at your Kolam!! :D
    No. 2, 3 and 8 are impressive!!
    Wonderfully done tag!!
    Cheers :)

  22. Shilpa,

    Thank you. :-D
    The Kolam...never will I forget that incident :-P

    Thanks a lot, thats me!! Glad you liked reading about my boyish behaviors. :-)

  23. aargh i hate the kolam and girls concept. once a boy ridiculed my kolam, i told him to do it and he drew it really better than me..
    i just hate it more:D

  24. ooops I ma so late I knowww sorry sorry...

    I loved the Kolam you made , perfect circle with a dot right in the middle :)

    so which car is the best one .. wrong influence ah well her loss...

    beauty is in eyes of beholder ... jisko beautiful lagna chahiye I am sure aap unko beautiful lagte ho ....

    I also want long hair.. but they have stopped growing aaaahhhh

    I love bikes too I got a yamaha 600cc I ma sure you wud loveto ride it but hey hey uske liye yahan aana padega :) he hehhe

    excellent points and list .. loved each one of them :)

  25. Wooaah! looks like it was easy for you.. :P

  26. WD,

    :-) Welcome. Long time seeing you here.
    Haahahaha, I understand how you must have felt when the boy drew better kolam

    It happens!! :-)

  27. Bik,

    Thats alright. You are a busy man!!
    Thanks much Bik. You liked my Kolam, :-P

    But my mom went mad seeing it :-(

    Her loss whatever. It was a stupid thing.

    Hahahaha, long hair, its a pain to maintain. Short is nice!

    Whooa...if I visit London, I am sure taking off your bike for a ride :-D

    Thanks a lot, glad you liked it.

  28. Shesha,

    Bang on!! It was easy! :-D

  29. Too boyish, you! :)
    What I liked is the kolam u did!! How could u do that to ur mother! :D

    And, ouch! Why you did the tag on boys. Now we have to tell about the girlish things we did?! Aww Aww! I want to throw my princess unicorn pillow at you! =P

  30. LOL.. a girl who likes to ride mobikes, talks about car specs and fixes servers. Its like an oxymoron!! You'd get along famously amongst my geek circle of guys! :P

  31. et,

    :-) Yup!
    Isnt the kolam wonderful? It talks pages and pages of philosophy. :-P

    Yes, I am waiting for you to take up the tag. Very much interested :-D

    Ooohhh, the princess unicorn pillow?? Now, now..why do you want to throw your favorite pillow away? :-P

  32. Merlin,

    Oxymoron you say? :-P Hmm, seems so. Hahaha, I bet!! I guess I could easily fit into your circle of geek guys :-P

  33. Your Kolam is good. At least you have tried to fulfill your mother's wish by putting this.

    It is not so particular that only girls should do kolams. I used to put kolams (during my school/college days) now and then during pongal days at open area of our house!!!!!!! Of-course, not now.

    Your interest on riding bikes is nothing wrong. You can keep riding the bikes whenever time permits. I sincerely recommend your o husband to allow you to ride his bike. Allow him to sit at back. That pleasure is entirely different.

    Of-course dressing and make-up is individual interest. But if you like the person (he or she) they looks always beautiful. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

  34. Naidu sir,

    :-) Thank you sir. I am so happy you appreciated my kolam.

    Wow!! I would really love to see you draw kolams.

    Its been sometime since I rode bikes. Should start again :-) Glad you are encouraging me. I should start!

    Right said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :-)

  35. Are U sure you're female??? :D You are a total riot Bindu.. I bow before you. Cannot ever figure out cables and wires and connections for the life of me! Riding a motorcycle is sooo cool. Please give me a ride someday.. :)
    Loved your list. 3 cheers for the sinner!

  36. lostworld, dear, why such a question? :-P I am very much a lady :-D

    Riot me! yup yup! my mom lost hope. my husband also..

    Cables and wires and connections are fun! Oh yes, you can pillion ride with me some day :-)

    Thanks a lot lostworld, glad you liked it

  37. Lolz at 1 and 3. Super fun tag this is :)

  38. ajay,

    Thanks, yes it was fun doing this one


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