Thursday, July 22, 2010

What is REAL?

How far can we go to seek entertainment? Scoops, sensations, undercover operations, gossips, controversies, reality shows.....

All these and more to satisfy disloyal audience who could change their loyalty more quicker than our politicians changing their parties,  and to increase the TRPs of television channels.

There is absolutely no reality in the reality television, except for the name. The dialogues, the moves, the actions every bit is planned, designed and orchestrated as if they were impulsive and natural. Tapping the fact that human nature being curious to something illegal or unsocial or sinful like extra-marital issues, sex, love, treachery; these shows go on to create nationwide sensation.

They preach wrong ideals, are fiercely competitive, those who can survive the competition by hook or by crook are the winners; and what they claim is the act of survival; self help and sheer boldness. Does calling names, using cuss words, bitching, seemingly voyeuristic advances etc qualify for boldness? It is to such an extent that the participant tends to forget the real self.

These participants are mere commodities who just want 15 minutes of fame and little money. Its tragic that they lose their identity forever and later are in pangs trying to identify their original self. The extreme pressure to perform outstandingly good, competition with the best, the consciousness of being seen live by millions of people and the constant appraisals and criticisms by the judges in the name of advice and suggestions - all these take a toll.

But the most pathetic tragedy in these reality shows are employing kids. The kids have no idea of what is being asked from them. They are not aware what a pelvic thrust they do in the name of dance would suggest. Little girls as paired with adults and are expected to dance in a sensuous and provocative manner. The clothes and gestures are inappropriate, total mismatch to these kids age. They are made to use filthy languages and behave offensively. Boys as young as 3 years are made to mouth lengthy dialogues and made to mimicry film artistes. Parents want to show that their kids are smart. What would these kids know? Why are they subjected to such torture? Is anyone bothered about the impact in the long run? Does anyone realize that this trauma can leave a scar and make these kids doubt their ability forever and lower their self confidence?

They are trained to perform and they become just performing creatures with manufactured antics, they are trained to look provocatively at the camera, they are trained to talk sensuous, they are trained to walk, to laugh, to see......they go about their trained rituals as if it were natural. They have so much pressure to succeed, else they have to carry the guilt of letting down their parents, friends and mentor and losing their respect and prestige.

Its a disaster, the participants suffer from harsh realities of grueling routines, constant verdicts from judges, expectations and fear of losing. This is REAL and is tragic.


  1. First i think yayyyyyyy
    Totaly agree with you these reality shows i hate especially with the kids so much pressure on the m they are just kids for god sake. I blame the parents too they are so eager to nip the innocense the childhood of there very own kids.

  2. oh I hate these reality shows to the core..they are pathetic..children are made to slog for 14 hours..isn't that child labour too? they dance, do hard work and earn money..and parents - can't they see how much it affects the children? they do not pay attention to studies, they are not career oriented and they tend to become depressed if they do not reach on the top!sad affair and sad business!

  3. I agree to each word ! Sigh

    As it is I don't watch television...reality shows would be the last thing that I would switch the tele on for !

  4. This really is tragic.
    The reality shows have spoiled the whole generation to some extent. Kids are no longer kids and behave as if adults are younger to them.
    Something needs to be done for this cause.
    Kudos to u.



  5. when i see a three year old dancing to some shit songs with lyrics that make me say same blood, in shriya type dress, egged on by her parents , both mother and girl cry when they are put it mildly thats fucked up on all accounts and

  6. I agree that there is no reality in these reality shows as every channel first a business venture and everything after that.I have been involved with entertainment business and know that whatever we see is a written script which finds takers in the drawing rooms.As for children are concerned,I blame the parents as the cant resist the temptation of big money.I dont see this trend changing in coming days.

  7. Reality- the word has been misused by the channels. There is nothing real in those nonsense , all are faked, and contrived. It is only coyness.
    News are created and not reported.
    Parents are vying with one another to bring their wards into the shows , and the young mind is corrupted and haunted. It is outrageous and ridiculous when a little girl of eight years or so ask questions that can be deciphered by adults and as you mentioned provocatively glance and thrust her pelvis in dance shows etc.
    It is money and fame that come in these trappings.
    If you dont like it switch off , that is the only sane and wise thing to be done in the present prime times.

  8. It is oh-so-bad u know? I hate-reality shows...The ones like roadies are better but whats with desi girl, and all that jazz. Its high time TV gets productive..DUH!

  9. Agree completely!! I don't watch reality programs. I have watched some episodes here and then but my style of watching a RS is... watch the act (dancing, singing etc) and as soon its the time for the anchors, participants and the judges to talk, I mute the television. I can't stand the non-stop nonsense talks by all of them.
    As for kids, I guess, parents are to be blamed.

    And most of the time, the winners are just one time wonders who fade into oblivion soon and god knows, what mental state they would be into then.
    Truly pathetic state of affairs. :(

  10. Bik,

    Parents to be blamed for pushing their kids beyond edges for the sake of popularity and fame. Its sad.

  11. Neha,

    I have stopped watching TV for this reason. Yeah are these things not labor? Our country does not have strict laws as other countries.

    They want to eliminate ranking and competition from academics, how about these?

  12. Nu,

    Thanks. Oh same! I have stopped watching television due to all these drama and its not at all pleasing!

  13. Nipun,

    You are right. Nothing can be done. It shall too pass. We need to wait! Thank you.

  14. soin,

    Exactly!! Its so disgraceful to see all these drama. I dont watch any of them anymore. Cant take it!!

  15. Chowla sir,

    You might know the inside story better than all of us. True, the television caters to the audience who lap it up all!!

    Parents are of course to be blamed. They rob the children of their childhood!

  16. anil,

    thank you for your views. You are right. Nothing can be done and the only thing that could be done to escape this insanity is to not watch.

    As of now, its only reality shows that rule the roost and its been ages since I saw anything on TV!! My TV is always switched off. Period.

  17. Madhu,

    I do not even know the names of the reality shows. I have heard of Roadies. Havent seen even a single episode. So no insane shows for me.

  18. Shilpa,

    Yeah!! Think about their state of being after that 1 minute of fame and all that. Pathetic and they lost their confidence forever!!

  19. there are two kinds of reality shows.
    one that brings out talent and the other for pure entertainment.

    i am totally against any show with kids, because they lack maturity and would take rejection differently.

    look at the film industry, son follows father, how difficult it is for anyone to enter is obvious. and then further there is groupism and casting couch. when u have talent instead of taking these routes, isn't it better to take the tv route. it gives the ordinary person with no contacts a chance at fame.

    the other entertainment ones well if it involves tv stars as it usually does, they know whats in it for them..

    there should be some rule to prevent ones like swayamvar2 and axe your ex etc

  20. I agree completely.

    Now a days reality is equal to show that is scripted but claims otherwise.

  21. These shows and recent movie dialogues and dances are the only thing that has shattered the peace of home.I hate them and can foresee the effects on children & adults and switch off TV each time I feel the need while but the rest of family considers me as a kill joy. I hope they come to their senses soon.

  22. WD,

    There were few such shows which brought out real talent, like Sa Re Ga Ma and such.
    Even now such shows exist, but the people with real talent are soon forgotten.

    What remains is the hoopla and drama. Agreed common man gets his chance to be famous, but at what cost?

    We still remember Sunidhi Chauhan and Harshvardhan Navate...but what about so many winners that are churned out by television nowadays?

    Its sad.

  23. Holy Lama,

    Oh yeah!! Thats fine, you are a responsible woman, they would understand. :)

  24. Agree. Soaps, Reality Shows, and other such TRP-sake shows...each is layered with a generous dose of drama and emotions! And like everything else, we have these victims (2 types - People who perform, people who watch).

    If the parents can show some restrain, turn off the TV when it gets idiotic (no wonder they call tv the idiot box!) and not be pushy with their kids to be a part of all this naatak, then hopefully there will come a time when the TRP plunges down and the TV guys come up with something more REAListic.

    Until then, we just have 2 choices - switch on or switch off!

  25. Reality shows are crap! Never was a fan, never will be a fan. I watch tv to get entertainment not to get bored. Anyday I would choose watch a cartoon movie rather than a stupid so-called realuty show..

    This is an awesome post... So much fact!

  26. well i saw a show which said Wife swapping... athuku ena arthamnu theriyala enaku but i guess those kinda shows will come soon in India... personally i second Soin...makin kids dress in skimpy... oh watever!

  27. so the consensus is: reality shows r crap and r far from reality..well, am joining this gang..

  28. RGB,

    Totally liked your take. You said it right, unless we show some restraint as audience and as participants, it will go one. thank you very much.

  29. A.K,

    Oh yes, cartoons any day. T&J, Popeye, ......

    :-) Thank you, glad you liked it.

  30. Hary,

    Oh!! There are lot other such crazy shows; choosing a partner for a bisexual, wife swapping, mother swapping and what not!!

    You will go insane.

  31. Ramesh,

    :-) Yo!! Welcome to the gang of reality TV shunners!! Yeah!

  32. I hate the reality shows. Its just a drama for the channels and for mobile companies to make money. There are people who fall for this. Children lose their innocence and just act like programmed dolls.
    well written.

  33. when it comes to children people should show some maturity... but then what can we expect from attention crazy media.

  34. There is no reality over there..I feel really sad when I see young kids mouthing double etendre, or doing those gestures and pity their parents who are spoiling their children's future for money.

  35. chitra,

    You said it right. It affects the children and sadly no one even realizes, not even the parents!

  36. Rajlakshmi,

    Absolutely!! Not much!

  37. Samvedna,

    True. But the victims are these kids who lose themselves!!

  38. one should always remember reality show is nothing but a script and every actor is paid for doing that scene.
    i agree with you

  39. It reminded me of the movie where a guy continues playing female roles just because he used to play pretty girls when he was a kid. I don't remember the movie name.

    Anyway, it was a thoughtful post. :)

  40. sm,

    Yes, we tend to overlook that part. Thanks a lot

  41. Nethra,

    Oh!! I dont get the movie either. But I get that its pathetic. Thank you for your comments. Keep visiting. :-)

  42. Even I used to see earlier the children reality shows like singing, dancing. Few days, I also felt that how great/lucky the children are and later on when you keep on seeking these serials, the fightings between the mentors and their ugly comments, judges unwanted actions made me to stop seeing these.

    Recently, I have seen one Malayalam RS where 12 years boy singing is really great. Though, I am not conversant with the language, I liked the talent of the boy. But I don't know the fate of those participants. One out of all may get some chances somewhere and suddenly they may be ignored. All other boys/girls may be in their dream lands.

    I agree with Chowla Sir feelings.

  43. Naidu sir,

    Yes true. There are real talents as well. But what happens is they are victims of these so called reality drama.


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