Wednesday, April 8, 2009

80s Jingles revisited

WARNING : Read this only if you are absolutely free and have the strength for all the nonsensical blabbering.

I and Gautam talked as usual online yesterday. Suddenly, he recalled we were discussing about Lambretta a couple of days back. Thus began our recital of old Jingles....the 80s ones - complete with music and BGMs.

The Bajaj Scooter where the tune of the song is patriotic

me: :) so whats with the scooter
i still recall the
"nayi bharath ki nayi tasveer...hamaara bajaj"
gautam: hamaara bajaj... hamara bajaj...
me: :)
gautam: the two echos that follow

I recalled the Pepsi ad

me: yeah yeah
the other one.......pepsi
yehi hai right choice baby...aaahaaa

And then Gautam relieved the Nirma washing powder ad. This was really hilarious as I had to feel the music as he logically explained it

gautam: hmmm
washing powder nirma. washing powder nirma. doodh ki safedi... nirma se aai... rangeen kapde bhi khil khil jaaye... sabki pasand nirma... washing powder nirma... (and waiting for the finishing touch from you)
in caps please
if you may
me: NIRMA!
gautam: ha ha ha ha
gautam: thank you
me: sound later
gautam: i think it was a ting
without the R
me: oh yeah..
gautam: not sure
it might be a tring also
me: hmmmm
gautam: multiple keyboard keys na tring. single key na ting...

His logic of whether it was a TRING or a TING made me sigh!

me: ayyyyoooooooooooooooooo

To which, he tagged a song....

gautam: ye kya hua
tum aise hame satane lage

Which rang a bell to me. I have heard these lines somewhere

me: i am awe struck by your logical sense
which is this one?
gautam: what?
hay rama ye kya hua
me: this is the song
gautam: rangeela
me: rangeela
gautam: ha ha ha

Again back to our advertisements. I recalled Zandu balm ad where a mom hits the bed with back pain and the daughter rubs a pain balm

me: do you remember this one
gautam: hmm lets see
me: "zandu balm zandu balm peeda haari balm ....sardi sardard peeda ko kshan mein door kare..."
remaining lines from you
gautam: jhandu baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm. jhandu baam.
note the missing l
me: very good.....100/100
oh what missed?
gautam: intricacy for you
and if i may...
me: please
gautam: i think it is pal me door kare
me: oh is it?
gautam: not sure
me: hmmm maybe
gautam: ha ha ha ha
what a discussion!

Gautam suddenly recalled the Mile Sur Mera Tumhara that would be aired on DD. It still is aired and I tune on to Doordarshan only to watch this.

gautam: nimma dvaniye namma dhvaniya... seridanthe namma dhvaniya... :-)
me: wow..i love that song
do you have it with you?
gautam: nope...
me: ende swaramum ningalude swaramum otru sendhu nammude swaramaai
gautam: kare sur jo tari maro bane aapno soor niharo
maja tumja jhud ka taara, madhur swarnajda barasthi taara
me: :)
sur ki nadiya har disha se behke saagar mein mile
baadlo ko roop leke barse halke halke
gautam: badala kaa roo oo oo p leke
no no
you are missing it
ilukanum pa(You need to drag the words)
me: oh...sari sari...
gautam: and see
it ia baadal
me: hmmmm
gautam: but badala ka roo oo oo p leke
barasane hole hole

Gautam went on to "type" the music along with that song; while visualizing the scenes.

gautam: dil/man ka dariya behke sagar me mile...
badala ka roo oo p laake...
barsane hole hole
that lady with ghunghat
toiiiin toiiiin toiiin toiiiin toin
toiiiin toiiiin toiiin toiiiin toin
toiiiin toiiiin toiiin toiiiin
toiiiin toiiiin... toiiin toiiiin...
toiiiin toiiiin... toiiin toiiiin...
here it comes
nimma dhvaniye namma dhvaniya
ha ha ha
ne swaramu na swaramu sangamamai
mana swaranga avatarinchi

gautam: isaidaal nam
iruvarum suravum namakkahum

I had to ask him what the "toiiin...toiin...s were.

me: whts that toiin toiin?
oh music hmmm
gautam: ha ha
me: :)
gautam: note two iis and one i in specific places
and imagine the music
till you feel it
me: hmmmmm
gautam: and note the ....s also
in the right places and think accordingly
me: s?? where
gautam: ... dot dot dot
me: haan haan
gautam: when the music fades

I told him that I would blog this conversation

me: :)
wait i will blog this
two mad folks speaking music
gautam: no damage please... ha ha ha
people will think i am mad
i would not expect everyone to understand what i am saying
ha ha ha ha
me: people will think we are mad
thats ok...
gautam: but to be a co star in an episode of your series would be an honour.
me: ada ada ada.......
gautam: yenna yedo seigirai

Oh yeah, we went back to our 80s advertisements. This time it was Nirma Beauty soap

me: hey do you remember?
soundarya saabun nirma?
gautam: hmmm
me: woh khili khili
gautam: sir seher seher woh janejahan tum chali kahan?
i am absolutely not sure
i wonder why i put that seher'
ha ha ha ha ha ha
me: soundarya saabun nirma

Next it was Vicco Turmeric

gautam: vicco turmeric
me: ok here's one more...
gautam: nayi cosmetic
vicco turmeric ayurvedi cream
after this i am not sure

me: (chorus) Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream!
(female) Tvacha ki raksha karey, antiseptic cream
Roop ko sanvarey, nikharey har dam!
Haldi aur chandan ka anokha sangam!
(chorus) Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream,
Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic Cream!
gautam: ha ha ha ha
me: hehehehe
gautam: hmm

We moved to Lifebuoy :-)

zindagi ki raksha karta hai lifebuoy
lifebuoy he jahan
me: thandrust hain wahan
gautam: tandurusti hei wahan
me: LIFEBuoooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyy
gautam: ha ha ha ha

We recalled how in those days we used to wait for the sunday 5 PM movie, sit in front of the TV and watch all these advertisements.

gautam: is karyakram ke prayojak the
one huge list
that goes on for 5 minutes
10 mins movie
10 mins ads
how did we even survive that?
ha ha ha ha
me: i really waited each weekend for that
5 o clock movie
gautam: ha ha ha
ya ya
i know!
me: but im in front of TV at 4
watching all ads

Hmmm...We were recalling many more advertisements...But Gautam had to hit the bed and I had other works. But we promised to continue this madness later.


  1. heyyyyy

    nice post........these memories esp. ek chidiya is still fresh :)

  2. oh my god!! i thought you were joking about this!!!
    my family. total damage!
    had fun though!

  3. Yeah AS...Lots of them actually. Nostalgic!

  4. Hahahahaha...No damage Gautam. I have equal participation in this. So :-)

  5. Not knowing Hindi, the whole blog looks like a lesson in German grammar. Ha ha ha.

  6. Glad you liked it Mano.
    Its really two mad people chattering away, totally meaningless

  7. Gautam,

    I was reading this and laughing out.

    I am going to repost this :P

    Take care


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