Friday, April 17, 2009

A wonderful gesture

I am in a mood to write today. Sometime back, I had written about the harsh and corrupt behaviour of auto rickshaw drivers in Bangalore. You can find the post here.

Well, you know there are lots of good people around. I encountered one such person today morning. The rickshaw driver was polite in asking for an extra 10 Rs(unlike the usual harsh bashing "10 Rs extra kodi madam") as he had to go further 2 kms before finding someone who would hire the rickshaw. I told him that I would give only Rs 5 and as I alighted from the rickshaw and gave him the money, he was so happy.

He gushed with a broad grin "Thank you madam. Have a nice day!"

Wooohhooo, did I hear that right? There were so many days when my mood was down due to their behaviour. But today was different. Hmm....happy happy.


  1. Hmmm... cool yaar.
    When ever I have been in Bangalore, I have had only good experiences with these auto drivers. :-)
    Back in Chennai some of them are chums! One guy invited me to this illegal autorickshaw races that take place here, but it got cancelled due to some police raids and i did not get to see it. :-(

  2. Lucky you Gautam. Yeah I have heard about those races too. Sad you could not witness the races.

  3. Nice article. Remember my comment on your blog titled "Hiring an Auto rickshaw in Bangalore". I will repeat my comment. Bangalore auto rickshaw drivers would be considered gems when you compare them to Chennai drivers.

  4. Yeah I do remember Mano. I am starting to favor Bangalore's rickshaw drivers.


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