Thursday, April 23, 2009

India's Natural Wonders

If you thought that I am going to list India's natural monument or landscapes or a natural site then you are in for a surprise!

I am not denying the fact that there are no such wonders in India. India's vast and uniqueness has no dearth for such natural wonders. We actually have them abundant. But my list is a bit hatke.

1. Speed Breakers

You don't require to manufacture them and don't need man power to maintain them on our lovely Indian roads. They are available for free and are mobile!! Yes they are none other than stray dogs and cattle on our roads roaming aimlessly and thereby providing a natural speed breaker.

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2. Graffiti with organic paints

Graffiti are an artist's way of expression. They are abstract, yet beautiful, some times rebellious yet subtle. But one thing that we Indians differ is we are environment conscious. So no synthetic but paints that are organic and environment friendly. Just simple.
Chew the pan or the betel leaves and lime, just spit the red liquid all over the road and on the newly painted wall. Its trendy and low cost. See you created a mind-boggling graffiti.

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3. Rhythmic music

India is the land of Carnatic and Hindustani classical. Its the birth place of great musicians like Tansen and many others. Its the cradle of many musical instruments like the Veena, Tabla etc. But what can beat the incomprehensible utterances that is definitely music but we are not intelligent enough to grasp them. I am talking about the various phonetics that people utter when they are frustrated, annoyed and angry.

Cheeeeeeeeeeee........ - Annoyance
Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......Hooooooooiiiii............ - To call out loud in a crowd
Aaaaaaaahhh................Thoooooooooooo......... - To lower a person's esteem/scold

These are best understood when heard in those specific situation.

4. Pee-ntain

This one is an errr.....natural fountain. Awww, come on, the guys are helping clean our streets and walls. You see, someone needs to wash away the graffiti isn't it? For free......... Anytime and anywhere......Yes, attending nature's call in full public view. Reliving oneself without a care for the world. Yeah its fine! as I said, they are helping the environment by saving precious water which could be used for better life saving purposes than go wash a graffiti on the wall.

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5. Aroma therapy

Why spend thousands of rupees to go to a spa or an ayurvedic holistic center? Get onto the streets you lazy folks. Its therapeutic. Which aroma you may ask? The point that its a combination of all in equal proportions that makes it uber rare and expensive!!! Rotten organic waste, feces, sweat, synthetic wastes everything combined to give a rich odor that you cant forget the pleasant experience forever! therapeutic and free!!!

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  1. heyy sis

    we are like that only, this type of public behavior is a part of our DNA ...hahahaa
    thats why we feel uneasy at neat & clean!!. :D

    (PS : Please check out these 2 links ... hope u'll enjoy)

  2. Nice blog. You should give permission to reprint this in all the travel magazines in the world, so we can increase the tourist traffic to India. Who needs London and Venice!

  3. Yeah dear. I have read your blogs on the non-civic behavior in India. I loved the India Uncivic - Pure Irritation blog.. Superb!!!

    Rightly said that we feel uneasy when places are speck less and we feel sick if we breathe fresh air...hahahaha

  4. Yes Mano, with Slumdog Millionaire, people are more interested to witness such things.
    And it would be an honor to get my stuff published in a magazine!

  5. Excellent. I like your style of presenting serious subjects in a comical way. Your Item No. 4 - Painting. At least, there is some way for men. But what about women. There is not a single decent public toilets for them (except in some ulta fashion malls). Ditto when they travel long distance by car or by bus.

    We want to be a super power by 2020. We want a permanent seat at the UN Security Council. We want to send a person to the moon. We will never be a super power until women in our country have a decent public bathrooms in all the places.

  6. Thanks Vivek. Few things are best taken in a comical way when there would be nothing much done about it. Whats the use of getting frustrated? You lose your cool and then what happens?

    Rightly said. Public wash rooms - they are found in every nook and corner in the USA. Not all of them are clean. I have used rest rooms at a couple of places where it was dirtier than what would be a public rest rooms that are available in Bus stations in India. Yet they are there at regular intervals in the USA. What would the ladies do here?

    Secondly, garbage. Most of the places, there are no dustbins. I am ashamed to say that I myself have been forced to deposit my empty coffee cups at public places at wall corners, corner of footpaths, near a tree; that also after carrying it hopelessly for more than 30 minutes and not finding a thrash can. What would I do? The best I could do is to place it in such a place that it wont hinder others. No garbage bins, so people throw it on the streets, and when they are there, they generally overflow and stink!

  7. To add, people here don't approve to use the washrooms in a restaurant if you are not doing any business there. And you cant deposit an empty coffee cup if that coffee has not been bought from the shop.
    But as we all say - a literal translation from any local language - WE ARE LIKE THIS ONLY!!!!!

  8. You are rooting for the right cause through your blog. I am thankful and I appreciate.

  9. Sorry! Before I type my name,I pushed the "publish your comment" button.

  10. Hey glad. If a teeny-weeny fraction of improvement takes place, its a big leap.

  11. Super blog... Loved the way you presented it here in a comic way.

    I plight of the women of our country regarding this issue is so sad. cha... how sad. the infrastructure is bad at a fundamental level, isn't it?

    you know what? i think the main problem is the population yaar. here in usa, i have seen people who are more gross than most of our indians that i have seen. people spit here all the time. but the thing is there are hardly any people, so the whole place looks clean relatively. the paan spats are the main problem. god only knows how to solve that problem. in india the population is so dense that, before anything can be done, the whole place is so much mess. i once remember that i was out walking to get somewhere and i did not see a single soul for 45 minutes!

    If you see streets of NY there are not that clean. There are pools of spat everywhere but, hey no one eats paan there!!!

  12. usa is so huge and has only like 1/4th the population in india. i guess at one point, some of our indian friends just stoped caring...

  13. I would like to add one thing Gautam. NYC yes, its crowded, densely populated. I agree people thrash on the roads. But there are thrash cans at every interval..yeah they overflow most times. But they are presnt...

    The civic department should wake up here in India and at least attempt something.


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