Friday, April 24, 2009

Wickedly Yours...

Dear B Log,

I hope you are healthy and active and are generating decent traffic. I learnt that you have sensible readers who appreciate you and criticize you for the better. Things are fine by me. But there is one stuff that twitches my brain from time to time since few days and its driving me to guilt.

Kids, as you know are very innocent and naive. They are pure in their thoughts and actions, maybe they do commit mischief but those are not intentional. But as a kid, I was wicked. I was cunning and bad. Please let me share my actions with you. It would soothe my heart.

This one happened when I was in my Upper Kindergarten. A girl in my class had a tiny toy which made noise as it snapped. It was to be held in the thumb and to be snapped. I liked it a lot. It was not that I did not ask her to lend it to me. She showed it off but would never let my hands on it. So I devised a plan. When she was away, I stole it and behaved as if nothing happened. When she realized that she lost her toy, she searched in vain and cried. I took secret pride about my successful actions. As soon as I went home that day, I hid it in a closet. My mom noticed it and investigated. She punished me hard and later, I never stole a thing, I did not even take anything from my home without letting my mom know.........Well, at least for few years.

Some other time, I vented out my anger on a friend for denying me what? I don't remember. You want to know what I did? I cut the strap of her new bag! And I seemed happy when she was crying!

I told you I stopped stealing after my mom punished me on the first occasion. Well, that was only for a few years. When I was in grade 3, we started collecting these greeting cards for the fun of it. What started as a fun, went on to become an obsession. We used to exchange cards depending on mutual likings and preferences. It was during one such day that I eyed upon a beautiful card with a friend. She did not part with it. I patiently waited until the class hours ended. We commuted in the same bus. When we were in the bus, I stealthily unbuckled her bag and pulled out the card that I wanted partially; waited for us to alight. When we alighted, I just pulled that one card out, hid it with me. I would have been still a good child had I left it at that. I was fuming at her denial and I pulled out other cards too in such a way that they started falling off from her bag as she walked away. :-(

The most cunning stuff I have ever done is this. I and my class mate would go to the same private tuition where I was the teacher's favorite. To be noted was that I knew her since my lower grade and was quite a close friend. At school, I took advantage of both these facts and would hijack things from her by blackmailing the poor girl that if she denied, I would complain to the tuition teacher. The girl was always scared as the teacher had a reputation of being strict. She would get annoyed about my act but yet would relent. I got my free supply of pencils, erasers etc from her.

These things really make me feel sick about myself as a kid. More than anything, I feel sorry for my actions and want to apologize to these victims. I was very wicked and cunning. But I have grown up now and I am no more the wicked kid. These were the only times I were wicked, but otherwise I was a good child. I hope those girls would not mind now.

Hmmm....finally; I shared these thoughts with you and I can be peaceful henceforth.

Wickedly yours,


  1. Don't worry. As they say "children will be children". Those kids you bullied will now think of these incidents and smile nostalgically.

  2. Yeah Mano....This friend from whom I got things bullying her - whenever we meet we talk about it and laugh out :-)

  3. Ha ha ha... I once stole floor tiles as I they appeared to me as engineering marvels when i was some 3rd or 4th std... I was so obsessed with them. The glossy cement tiles with small pieces of shiny stones on them were too attractive to resist. I jumped across sunshades on the windows, which, when I recollect seems to have been very risky. And stole all the tiles. I used to construct a variety of things. The owners came to know about that and my mom returned all the tiles back. I did not dare show my face to those neighbours after that...

  4. Hehehehe....yours is not an issue at all. Look at me, I bullied the poor girls and stole their stuff. You were honest in admitting, I wasn't. But that was when I were a kid. Now I am a good girl :-)

  5. hehehe

    such kids are cute devils...they have a certain cuteness u can't resist :)


  6. LOL!! Hmm what to do...things happen

  7. Makk,

    I WAS nasty. not any anymore. I was nasty as a kid, now I am grown up...nice and sweet :-P

  8. Who says you are grown up??

    Ask your mom..or may be ur husband...

    they will tell ya better. :)


  9. Awww...Makk, thats sad. They wont agree that I have grown up. Or why they?
    I myself tell I am still a kid at heart :-D

  10. Oops ....does it not say.. you are still wicked at heart....hahahhaahaha

    lollzzzz....:D :D

  11. Wicked at heart? Me?? Oh no!!! I am a child!!

  12. child Insignia was wicked.

    Implies are wicked at heart. :)



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