Monday, April 27, 2009

You drive me Laazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


My organization has bestowed upon us 5 days of holiday.....Yiieeeppppeeeeeee!
Well, ......yaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnn......

Folks, I am very sleepy, so each time I yawn while I am writing this, I am gonna "yawn" here.
For the effect you see.

I slept whole night. Woke up at 9 AM. Read morning's paper. Went back to sleep again. Woke up just now. My cell phone shows the time as 16:28....Hmmm....No food yet... I have this abnormal ability to make myself hungry when I want to, else I can go into hibernation as long as I would like to be. That's unhealthy...yeah....

These are one of those times just don't wanna do a thing. Nothing at all..Zilch. Lazy to watch TV, lazy to eat, lazy to read. lazy to clean yourself...yeah that Super Laziness. I have DVDs to watch, lotta pending books to read, pending chores to take care of, yet I don't want to do anything.

Yaawwwwwwwwnnn....This was a small one just now.

Yeah, I was telling about the holidays my org has given us all....Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnn........The usual recession effect, 5 days of forced holiday, cost cuts, power....yaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnn....savings.

Its a feel lazy factor for me here. All day at home, bored of same ol' "Air Force One", "Gothika", "Bringing Down the House", "Shall we Dance", "Raising Helen", "Ocean's Eleven", "Epic Movie", "Con Air", "The Rock"..................again and again on TV.


Queen Latifah in a red chiffon and denim micro mini stands seductively on a stair case. Oh, That was the scene that just went by from "Bringing Down the House" as I blog.

I have been...yaawwwwnnnn......doing nothing since 3 days. The past 15 days were very hectic for me, I had to slog on weekends to finish off a critical stuff and I was really looking forward for these holidays. Now that they have come, I am bored.

Mind's blank...yaawwwwnnnn.....the gray and the white matter sleepy, few of them awake to process further signals of "Hit the bed, you *****.

Mind you, the asterisks there are to be replaced with a parliamentary slang huh. As I said, my brain ain't working, so I did not get a proper word to replace over there.

I visited a blog sometime back. There were references of how this particular blogger doesn't approve of poems with no rhyming, blogs with less than 3 paragraphs and other things. Good read. But each one has a different take.

Are there any definite rules for blogging? All I know is that this is a to share what you feel. Few people prefer to keep it short, throw in pictures, few prefer to drag and drag and make a simple one algebraically complex with some cos, theta and calculus thrown in.

I have always been in a dilemma while writing something. How long should this post be? Is this too short? Is it too long? Would this post deviate the reader? Would this be a drag? Oh what about the pictures? They are copy-rights. Can I use them here? And what about the choice of words? Is it gaudy or is it too very sophisticated to fly beyond one's teeny-weeny brain? Can I write this? Is it not offensive? And so on and on and on........

People, read it if you like it else; junk it. Give suggestions and opinions and criticize and praise.

What the heck! Recently, I read a statement by one of the two Google's founders. I don't remember if it were Larry Page or Eric Schmidt. It went something like this - There are about 30 million registered blogger out there. They are their own readers.

You like it, read it, laugh over, post a comment. Else just wander away. There are a group of people who don't respond to the comments they receive. That's very rude and mean. Whaddya expect?

And yes, there are few who are extremes. Who can only praise for every junkie out there; or only criticize for anything and everything.

There are others who remain passive through out, read in and take in everything, get a chance, blow a horn. Passive yet aggressive.

There are others, visitors who visit the blog, don't read a thing. Just come to advertise their stuff. Disgusting!

Oh by the way, I did not yawn for quite some time. But my mind is blank yet. Maybe a hot cuppa would do, the weather is hot, so what? Anytime a hot cuppa.....

PS : Composed this when my brain was sound asleep, so might not make much sense. But comments welcome as always.....


  1. heyaa sis

    congrats ... enjoyee holidayzz

    yaar this post of urs makes me feel sleepy :D

    gud night . lol!

  2. Hehehehehehe....Was this post so effective sista???? Honored. Yippiee...mission accomplished.

  3. Nice. Don't feel bad. Yawning is an excercise. You open your mouth and breathe in deeply. Your mouth opens. Your jaw drops. Your abdominal muscles flex and diaphragm is pushed down. The air you breathe expands your lungs. Your body gives out excess carbon dioxide and draws in more oxygen. Therefoe, it is a good thing.

    Have you notice yawning is contagious. In a meeting if one person yawns, then every one yawns.

    Since it is contagious, now I am yaaaaawwwwwwning.

  4. Hahahahaha...Nice Mano.
    This post really was effective huh

  5. haaa u had a excellent time to relax urself it seems.

    i always prefer to be in bed for the whole day when i got such a long weekends.

    about the blogs few wrote it for others and few wrote it for themselves. dont even bother about these two, just write what u wanted to write.

  6. Hey Dhans, long time no see.. Yeah I didn't even re-read what I wrote the other day. Was Yaawwwn yaawwwn...
    Right said, why bother? Do what you want...

  7. The bedroom of my house in Chennai has an attached bathroom. There were times when I had not gotten out of those four walls for at least 2 weeks. :-) Mom would bring food at the right intervals, and at one point I did not know what I was having; breakfast, lunch or dinner, as I always had my lights on. Lazing around, playing computer games, watching movies.
    I used to come out a couple of shades fairer. And at one point you know you miss the sky, the trees and the earth. That feeling is amazing I tell you! Amazing.

    And there are days when I have been at home only for a couple of hours a week, though was hanging out nearby... No one would recognise me when I was back home. :-D

  8. parliamentary slang huh

    that is why you ran out of words.
    You had chosen for a "Null Set".lollzzz

    apart from this.
    When I used to have good pile of books and movies with me....I get buried,,,,After few days....Looking to moon or Blue sky feels gr88888.
    and then there are days and nights bed, my room misses me...

    I like myself that way.

    good post...:)

    Keep Smiling

  9. Makk,

    :-D Yeah my mind was not working...:-P

    Hmm, thats a nice way to kill time Makk, books, travel...

    But sometime, you DONT WANT to do anything even though you have tons of things to do :-P


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