Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whats in a Lady's bag?

A Lady's Bag is a plethora of information. Its a book. When I say this, you might wonder or shudder with shock and displeasure. Why I am saying this is because you can learn a lot about the woman by knowing the contents in her bag. If there are loads of personal grooming accessories, she is a lady who wants to look attractive and presentable at most times. If you find a music player, she is sure a music buff and hearing to music relaxes her. If you find a knitting kit, she sure loves her hobby. The bag can also talk loads about her character, orderly or cluttered, confused or calm.

I did read somewhere sometime back that exploring a person's purse/bag can reveal the true identity and a prospective candidate for employment could be judged thus.

And that's why this book is secretive and off-limits for most people. A privileged few do get to glance a couple of pages. But I thought I would reveal the secret.

Sincere apologies to all the ladies who have maintained the secrecy all this while.

You see, I couldn't help it. Last week, a couple of women laughed at the contents of my bag. Yes you read that right. Ladies laughed at the contents and not once but on two occasions on the same day. After the swimming session, someone asked for a moisturiser and I offered it. Later, someone else asked for a pain balm and I offered it. Now tell me, is that a crime!!!

At lunch, a friend exclaimed that I had "You name it and she has it" stuff and wondered what else was in my bag. And to make matters funny, my friend blabbered out naively thus

"Yeah she has lots of necessary things in her bag. You know the other day; I was having loose motion and she readily had a tablet for that"

Uggghhhh! It was a wrong time - we were having lunch!. Anyways, I managed to cover the gaffe by saying that I carried general medicines along with me.

So coming to whats in a lady's bag. Let me bullet out what ALL I carry. By the way I have a small but nice collection of bags - totes, slings, large ones...

What have I got in my bag? Its a long saga...Don't fret or fume!

# Purse/Wallet - My purse is a mini clutch. It has very very little money(I am poor!), a couple of plastic cards - debit which is a waste as most of the time there's very less money in my account and credit - all swiped away to glory till I reach the limit. A couple of photos of mine - stamp size and passport size. Just in case you see. Also my ID, PAN card(the unique account number for tax purposes in India for the uninitiated folks), my business cards, a couple of old receipts which I clean and throw away regularly.

# Music player. Its an Apple iPod Nano 1 GB which I bought on my first trip to US. Its 3 years old now. Its my companion when I commute; loaded with my favourite songs. 1 GB is very small capacity though!

# A scarf - Cant manage my loose hair, so a scarf helps
# A couple of chargers - PDA charger, ipod charger
# A pen - sometimes 2 pens - a black and a blue

# A neatly folded carry bag - In case I might have to carry extra stuff unplanned; I don't want to roam around hunting for one.

# chewing gum or few candies
# A comb
# Sun block - New addition after I began swimming
# Moisturiser
# Face wash
# Face cream
# Lip gloss
# Bindi
# A hair band - just in case
# Tissues/Wet Tissues
# Sprain spray
# Pain balm
'# Paracetamol
# Antacid
# Eye Drops - Very much required for the nature of job most of us are in
# Loperamide - anti diarrhea
# House key, office key, security device for Internet banking
# An adhesive - I have had nasty experiences of my delicate footwear giving me hard times.
# Food coupons
# Loose coins
# Work ID
# A Sun glass
# Hair clips and Safety pins - For the worse
# A pen drive
# A Deo/Perfume
# A
# My Sony W55 Cyber-shot Digital Camera
# Bus tickets and old receipts which I trash regularly.

The following don't occupy permanent place in my bag

# Camera's USB connector
# Cheque book - usually in the beginning of the month to clear away financial commitments.
# Lip stick - very rare as I don't use it
# If my bag is a tote, then a book. I read a lot.
# Umbrella if its a rainy season

I have successfully avoided carrying food - stuffs like fruits, a couple of biscuits and such.

And no, don't expect me to share a photo of my bag and its contents. Its cluttered to the core and I despise to flaunt it.

Hmmm secrets unleashed. Most women carry these things. They are basic necessities. We women prepare ourselves! Oh I sense someone thinking it as a paranoia?

What say? Is it planning or is it paranoia?


  1. hi sis

    amazin observation firstly...yaar, but each and every item of the bag comes to use, I wonder how do guys manage with only a small wallet ??

    hahaah our handbags are good survival kits for sure ...lol!

  2. Thanks. Now I know the secret. Long time ago, in USA, there was a TV program called "Let's Make a Deal". The guy who is conducting will ask the audience if they have this (he will name an item) in their possession. All the ladies will immediately start searching their bags. Who ever has that item will win $1,000.00. You could have easily won.

  3. Altogether a different level of planning!!!!!!!!!!! Phew!!

  4. Thanks dear sista! Yeah I really wonder how guys manage with just a wallet!!!! I would go nuts if I don't have any of the things that I mentioned in my bag.

  5. Hehehehehe...Thanks Mano. Hope I have a chance to participate in such a show.

  6. ;-P Glad you called it planning Gautam. But I know you well. So you must be wondering how paranoid this woman is!

  7. you are well prepared for a war I guess.

    Super Bag of Super Woman.

  8. Makk,

    Hehehehehe yeah anything can happen!!
    Super woman did you say? Me? Wow!! thanks!! :-)

  9. Wow! That's a lot of stuff you carry! And I thought, I was the only one!! Glad to have company! :))
    Loperamide!!! Amazing!! Its not needed regularly and still you have it!! Impressive!! :)))))

  10. Shilpa,

    :-) Yeah but I dont carry all these nowadays :) Reduced a lot


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