Wednesday, April 15, 2009

White Blanket all around!!!

Few pictures from my trip to Lake Tahoe, California a year ago. I have no appropriate phrases to describe how I felt when I saw real snow for the first time in my life. Seen snow covered mountains and roads in movies, eyes wide awake gasping if such beauty ever existed!

The best phrase from my limited dictionary is HEAVENLY BLISS. I know I am not giving it due credit but I am really short of words.

These pictures I am sure would make your day too!

Very first sight of snow. Snow capped hills all around. I could not get enough of them and could not believe what I was witnessing.

A Pine tree with snow covered leaves. I got reminded of Christmas in India and the cotton spread over Christmas trees to create a false impression of snow

Miles and miles around, it was only a white blanket

I just loved this sparing spread of snow on the rocks

Got reminded of a picture on a Christmas Greeting card?

People skiing

Lake Tahoe. The water was pristine, clear blue. We sneaked into a private property to get the lake all to ourselves. Sshhhhh! But it was worth the risk! The place was calm, is this what they call the moment of ultimate joy and serenity

This picture is not mine. I took the liberty of posting this snapped by a friend of mine He snapped this while on his way to Grand Canyon. The first impression as I saw this picture was "Is this for real?" It was something out of a fantasy land. I got reminded of the movie Polar Express.


  1. wow ! seems like heaven yaar...I always wish to spend my soo close to nature yaar .. the second last pic is amazing.

  2. I mean I wish to spend my life so very close to nature

  3. Yeah it is heaven! And I was envying the people who had their homes there.

  4. the moment is precious when we see the snow for the first time.hope u enjoyed a lot.

  5. Oh yes Dhans. As I said, I cant express what I experienced. I would treasure that throughout

  6. Excellent pictures. Pictures do not do justice. Should be there in person to enjoy this beauty.

  7. :-) Yes Mano. The thing that crossed my mind when I saw this place was How privileged I must have been that God made it possible for me. The one thing that was running on my mind "God, thank you"

  8. The second last photo is simply superb!!! Love it!

  9. Yeah Gautam, it was a breath-taking view! That place as I mentioned was a private property and we sneaked in. But was worth the risk. Would have been ready for anything for that view

  10. By the way, whose is that last photo? :-p

  11. Hmm, that photo was shot by a very talented friend of mine


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