Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Few hours at the Zoo

Visited Mysore last weekend just for a day. Mysore is a stone's throwaway from Bangalore and is a nice weekend getaway. Mysore and the surrounding areas have lots to offer - river, waterfalls, nature, culture, heritage......and the Zoo.

Mysore Zoo is one of the oldest in India and the animals are well kept in a clean environment. I was happy to see the area neat and devoid of stenches and garbage as in Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore. Security officers keep a strict vigil on visitors' activities to make sure that the animals are not harmed.

Watching the animals move about freely in their space without being bothered was nice. Few pictures here.

That special attention a tiger gets; no one other animal commands; not even the King of the Jungle. There were 6-7 cats; most of them 2-3 year old but massive enough to handle a village. Agastya; adopted by Dhoni was the attraction. It seems they released only one tiger at a time to loiter outside while others remained inside.

It was standing on the opposite side; couldnt get a close up shot

The birds and the Rhino are friends for life 


Pack of Hyenas.

Mutual help.

 So tall and so gentle.

This one probably escaped from the zoo.


  1. Nice pictures..all the animals look awesome, especially the last one! Animals blog too these days! That's awesome!!

  2. That should've been a beautiful weekend to spend time with animals. Loved the captures. Keep them coming.

  3. been to it twice and though i haven't visited many zoos, mysore is my favourite.

  4. Good one.. will plan for a Mysore trip soon ;-)

  5. i also liked the bird sanct. near a lake, in mysore. forgot its name..and the giraffe near the entrance,at the zoo, is Awesome

  6. B , I liked the last picture of the mammal that escaped from the "zoo" and landed up in the "human zoo".

  7. he hehe yeah the escaped one looks in good condition .. been nicely fed and looked after :)


  8. Good one! And especially the last one!! :D

  9. I have seen most of these animals only on tv. Will surly visit the zoo

  10. hey,

    The Banglore one isn't that impressive.?
    If the big cities cannot maintain their Parks, then what would someone expect from the smaller cities.? Needless to say they are more degraded.
    Never been to a big zoo.

    A live croc is on my list, those sharp teeth and big jaws.!

    And congrats on your nomination for Best Indian Blog.

  11. Dhoni adopted an animal ,i never knew that.The Zoo looks well kept .No caged feel .The last one is quite cute and hence is drawing a lot of attention :):)

  12. I heard somewhere that only tigress has charm to steal attention away from tiger.

    Seems Right!

  13. You reminded me all my Mysore days. I was there for nearly 6 years and I don't know how many times I have visited this zoo with my family. Gautam and Shravan were very small at that time. Of-course, those days only 36mm film camers were used and I have lots of these pictures. You missed the elephants (both African and Asian) which are very healthy in this Zoo.

    I love all the pictures very much. As every one said, the last picture escaped from the zoo is very nice. I missed this one when I was at Mysore (joking).

  14. thanks for making us feel like v had the trip

  15. Next time, when you visit Mysore, don't miss bird sanctury "Ranganthettu Bird Sanctury" which is on the way to Brindan Gardens (middle of the way from city to Gardens). You will be busy with your camera lens very much busy once you see the place.

  16. It's good to know that there is something that is being taken care of properly. ;)

  17. Like everyone else said, the last is the best!!! :-D

  18. Nice nice :))

    Wondering how did you manage to take them from such a close distance ...Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Great..! Even I visited this two years back.. Good snaps too!

  20. Oh, I haven't visited the Mysore zoo, but keep going to the Bannerghatta National Park quite oftern. Cool pics!

  21. I visited this Zoo few years back. I was scared then I am scared now. I will always be scared, even of the pictures

  22. Nice pictures !

    Only faintly remembered that Dhoni adopted a tiger !

    interesting ! I hope there were no astrological compulsions involved

  23. I loved the last one who escaped from the zoo:)

  24. Neha,

    LOL at your comment.

    Thanks, yeah animals were handsome and awesome :)

    I had few more pics, but shared just these. Hahaha yeah animals have taken to blogging in a big way. I am one such :)


    Yes it was. Thank you :)


    Mysore zoo is really well maintained. Its a pleasure to visit


    Yup :)


    The bird sanctuary is Ranganathittu. I have a post on it as well. Thats an awesome place. Giraffe at the entrance is an attraction for sure


    Haaa thanks anil. Now the mammal is trying hard to adapt amongst the human zoo :-P


    Yup! Looked after and fed? Self feeds and self cares Bikram!


    :-D thanks


    You must, its a nice experience.


    No the Bangalore one isnt impressive.

    Nothing like that, Mysore zoo is one of the oldest in biggest in India. Visit if you have a chance.

    Thanks, congrats to you too


    Yeah, he has. Haa thanks :) The last one really was confused that day!


    Haha :) Liked this comment

    Naidu sir,

    Gautam was mentioning the same. The elephants were real good. One of them picked a fight with 2 others. I saw them but didnt take pics.

    In fact this zoo has the largest herd of elephants in India.

    The last one was late entry to the zoo :-P


    My pleasure :)

    Naidu sir,

    Visited Ranganthittu last season. It was great, I even put up pictures here.




    Thanks :-D and glad :-D


    Thanks. My camera lens helped me take pictures as if they were all near :)




    You should visit there sometimes :)

    Chowla sir,



    Yes, he did it recently after winning WC. The tiger's name is Agastya.

    Ah no astrological reasons, only that Kumble talked about adopting animals in the Zoo and Dhoni obliged. Even Kumble and Zaheer Khan have adopted 1 tiger each.


    thanks ma'am :)

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