Wednesday, July 27, 2011


As a teenager, whenever I disagreed with my mom; which interestingly happened more often that not; she would sternly command "Dont ask why"

Few questions dont have an answer to this obvious WHY. Certain things in life defy any rational explanation. Why; for instance, does your boss come early the day you are late and vice versa. And why does he have to barge into your cube when you are on Facebook but not when you are slogging at your job? Or much to your dismay, why would that guy you secretly admire at work walk right in front of you when you are yawning away to glory?

Not only at work! Think about this. Why do you get an important phone call only when you are watching your favorite show on TV? Or why are you struck in a traffic jam only when you are desperate to rush to a restroom? Why are you caught by a traffic cop only on the day you forget to carry your papers but never when you have it handy? Why does your car blow a tire only when you are rushing for an important meeting?

Or why is that your otherwise regular maid fail to turn up on the day you have houseful of guests? Or why is that the wine cork opener fails to be located when you have the guests? Why does your internet snap up in the middle of an online transaction; that also only after you have keyed in your credit card details?

Think, why is it sunny the whole day and pours only when you just venture out to enjoy the day? Or why do all the holidays fall on a Saturday or a Sunday cheating you of your much needed break from soul-numbing work routine? Why do you have a bad hair day when you have a presentation to make at work? Or why do they lower deposit rates in bank when you think of opening a RD?

Endless lists - why does this happen only with me? The frustration builds up and spoils the entire day as if you are the lone victim. Reactions vary depending on the discomfort these situations can cause. Some accept it as unfortunate coincidence, while others view it as everything gone haywire from the start; a devil's felony.

Whatever it is - coincidence or felony - such jinxes are part and parcel of our everyday life; strikes each one sparing none. Curse the Murphy for his laws at boisterous trick . There is little one can do about it - Plans made are unmade - by the omnipotent. What one can do is to wish the discomfort goes away sooner.

So, instead of tearing your hair (or whats left of it); its better to take the hindrances in your stride and shoo it away. 

If anything can go wrong, it will :)


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  2. Yes B, often with some and sometimes with others , it seems that the whole universe is conspiring against.
    Why, is indeed a question why must we ask? You have an answer too, the plausible and sane, take things in ones stride. But easier said than done!

    As I mentioned in a recent Post of mine, when we introspect,we may see that we are lecturing much on the 'ideal' and practising less of it.

    Why do we that if we do that. Why?

  3. Very true ! Indeed I'm always with a question of "Why" on my hand... hmmm lets leave it aside and just pass on with whats happening..

  4. and let it go wrong.. the fun part is sometimes making it right :)

    I have a why.. Why is it that the boss can work from home as he has to do a deplyement at 8pm at night.. and you have to come ot work then go home and log on t ocheck if he has done the right thing.. Why cant you work from home especially when the boss lives in the same locality :)

    Yepp tonights that night .. he he he

    Why is it there is always a traffic jam when you are late for work..


  5. As always super Insignia. I have a "why" for you. Why it suddenly rains immediately after I pay $80 and have detailing done (superior car wash performed by hand and not by machine).

  6. Everytime such things happen with me, I suppose that someone or something is plotting against me and just curse that something or someone. :( Such unwanted co-incidences happen with me more frequently than one would like.

  7. Why "why" troubles people so much? I have been told this so many times too. People keep saying it - do it and don't ask me why. sigh!

  8. Why, why, why, why, WHY? Why are you making me chuckle so much? :-D

  9. The only Why which haunted me for long was..why all the phones of our house stopped working for no reason the day my dad expired .Missed the first flight home because of delayed news.Never got the last hug .One day i realized that because of what happened that day he is still alive in my thoughts as i never saw him leaving us .
    (B ,i had not read the post completely earlier this morning , just wanted to say hi )

  10. Murphy's law ! But isn't that interesting too ? If everything goes well and fine,what's the drama in life ? Everyday might be pre-scripted,in a way the 'supernatural' wants it to be !

  11. puriyadha pudhir !

    The one question for which no answer can be given is WHY.

  12. Certain things, questions, situations are beyound answers a nd explaination.
    In any case, while reading this lovely post, why bother. Enjoy

  13. Murphy's Law, that's why! :-)

    What has to happen will happen ,and it will happen wrong.

  14. In general I agree with you that we should live with the issues. But it is hard. As normal human being, we cannot avoid feeling low or angry when a completely planned event turns sour. Of course we need to make an effort to solve the issue.

    Usually I don't plan much ahead but if I do something goes wrong. So I have given up planning on several aspects. But when I plan, I feel very upset when things don't turn out right- I accept nature but when it is human error, I don't feel good.

    Well written post :)))

    By the way, I let rain wash my car :)))

  15. If anything can go wrong, it will :)- u said it buddy:)

  16. anil,

    Because we are the "know-all" species :-P


    :-) Happens. We are human beings, its natural


    Murphy's Law :)


    I dont know SG


    Yup! we think we are the only one being affected and the whole world is plotting against us


    Yup! and WHY didnt you rant this time? :P


    :-D Why? :-o


    Lol at your first comment. Murphy's Law again at work.

    That was touching, it was a way for him to live in your memories forever

    Take care


    Bang on! yeah then whats the fun?



    Chowla sir,

    Haa thanks sir, right said


    One more Anil :)

    haha yeah thats why. Wrong is the new right :)


    Yes, we cant help it Amrit. As you said. Its our nature.

    Haa you are a clever man, not to spend so much money and letting rains wash cars :)



  17. Such fabulous writing. All this from someone who describes herself as a 'simpleton' ?!?

    Why ?

  18. Coincidence. When Murphy was thinking of jotting down all his laws, he ran out of ink.

  19. Oh!I agree with this...why is that when they know that we might ask a Why to what they are saying, and they are not going to answer that why, do they say it in the first place! Well, that was quite twisted...
    When I face such why situations,yep, I curse whoever it is who puts me in it...:-/

  20. Of course, I take it in my stride and curse like hell :).

  21. Had fun reading this post. All the way I was recollecting my bad days as I was reading the lines put up here.

    Some questions have possibly no answers. Lets live life as it comes! :)

  22. Hey Insignia you have been showered with a set of awards.Please check my recent post.:) Congratulations!

  23. Kavi,

    :-) Thanks a lot, coming from a fantastic writer who can charm the readers with words!
    Made my day :)

    But to your question - why? I dont know :-P


    Did he? Thank God!

    Erratic Thoughts,

    Hahaha yeah why????


    Good you curse like hell :) That way venting out once for all


    :-) Yup!!


    Hey thank you. I will visit your space. Thanks again :)

  24. hahah hey..u do have a sharp did u find sai's ear stud??cheers


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