Thursday, July 7, 2011


Its been some time since I have been clicking pictures. I am finding it difficult to carry my bulky DSLR in my bag the way I carried my point and shoot.

Not been going on short trips as well. So its been a while since I took few good pictures. One thing I have always shied away from clicking are people. Either that I am conscious they are watching me or that I think I might invade their privacy.. However, I always seek their permission; reluctantly.

Capturing people gives you an insight to their perspective - on life, on this world, on surroundings. You can get an idea of their current mood - few deep in thought, others relaxed, few amused and so on. I did try to click few pictures with people. Here they are.

This young balloon vendor is trying to manage his bunch of balloons. Observe his concentration :) He was not even aware that I was taking his picture.

Micky Mouse, Spider-man all wait to soar up in the sky free. But this woman and that man seem to have tied them up. Even Superman and Spiderman can be under the clutches of simple people with no special powers :)

The Dog - Dont mistake for the title "People". This dog was perturbed as I kept following it to take its picture. Can you see an old man farther? He is possibly homeless, the only property he has is that sack beside him.

I am leaving a trail.....dont follow me for I may not lead you. Buy my flute, play along and make your own trail :)

I can be a lion and scare you, I can be a joker and make you laugh, I can be a Minnie Mouse and entertain you, I can be a Santa and give you gifts, I can be a Spiderman and save you.......But I am a tired man - all I need is a cup of tea and few rupees to have my meal

A devil....tired and old devil....


  1. Agree, carrying DSLR is a pain, but then the results are great! No gain without pain! :D
    Have the same thoughts when capturing people!
    Lovely shots. Liked specially the flute man with his trail and the old and tired devil!

  2. Insignia - The trails and sights in life we keep missing because of the rush we all portray to the world, I loved your pics. Are we really that busy not to have waited an extra minute to witness a particular incident, are we so much committed to the causes we are breathing that we have no energy to carry a DSLR camera, which is a little more bulky. We claim, we don't have the time, we don't have the energy, the strength. The truth, stares right at my face and I feel a weakling for having lied and pretended, I don't have the time nor the strength.

  3. I gave up using DSLR for the same reason .I used to be shy in clicking people but things have changed since blogging .Lovely clicks .Click enlarged the dog picture to spot the old man - my favorite picture today.And i also loved the devil :)

  4. I liked dog's picture more and even I used to do some photography. Should start it again.

  5. These are some really awesome pics. Love the last pic..

  6. nice pics of course. but nicer was ur perspective on them.
    d line "even spiderman & superman -under the clutches of ppl with no special powers" :)) brought a smile to my face
    wht i also liked was ur subjects - everyday scenes/regular ppl but seeing them thru ur lens/eyes made them all v special

  7. beautiful pictures I liked the one with the trail .. the foot marks reminds me oh all my past when i look behind .. the foot makrs are still visibile over the path that i have taken .. :)

    and the last one made me smile the devil one .. thank you for sharing

  8. your Carribean trip pictures.

  9. I wrote a comment and only the last sentence came!
    I had bought an SLR following your foot steps.And since then stopped taking pics.The zoom lens was heavier than the camera !
    You used to take excellent pics before your SLR.I remember your Carribean pics.

  10. All the pictures and narrations are too good. Love the black & white pictures with some colour photoshop. The Dog picture and the Woman and Man selling balloon type are very nice.

    Keep posting such pictures.

  11. The pictures are nice, specially in the dog's and man n woman one, the object which is being talked is coloured...!!
    It seems the dog has some extra powers and radiating colour through his body ;)

  12. super and looks so natural..enjoyed this post:)

  13. Nice clicks .The same invasion of privacy thing makes me too keep away often.These are the real life 'stories'..Worth an effort !

  14. Loved the shots..and the shades..such simple things and simple people make such amazing portays!

    Let's make trip plans soon!! Your cam needs to be used :P

  15. Mysterious people....
    Liked it...

  16. I loved all the captions you gave for your photos. Actually I love how you caption any of your photos :)

    And why is it that people increasingly tend to capture dos when they're out to capture people. I wonder! :D

  17. Very intersting.
    Each picture is a story initself

  18. People filled with all emotions and capturing them at the right moment is an art by itself. Doing it with a DSLR requires the extra effort. I love the captures.

  19. I lived the last one , you know i wanted to have those Devil's horn from a very long time and is always stopped by friends :( .

  20. B, why did you buy the bulky DSLR? You could have settled for a Cyber shot, and could have carried it around in your jeans pocket!

    So not that excuse. It must be the priorities.I guess that if we want to, we can find time it is all within us . dont you think so?

    So why not carry around the DSLR and leave a trial?

  21. Shilpa,

    Yup agree :) Thanks, glad you liked them. The flute one is my favorite too :)


    Thank you. Yes, we do appear to be too busy to notice these beautiful things in life.

    DSLR is really not conformable ousu. I dont claim I am busy; I have all the time in this world. With point and shoot, I used to carry that everyday wherever I went. But with DSLR, its not feasible - safety is also a concern. I am forgetful, I might just leave it somewhere.

    Honestly, I am not happy. Unfortunately, my point and shoot doesnt work anymore. I need to buy a new one. DSLRs are surely not suitable for everyday use. Doesnt mean I miss out on simple things in life. I witness them, relish them, capture them but I cant share with the world what I captured :)


    We all seem to have the same issue. Being a lady, I do tend t invite unwanted attention as well. Thanks. Yeah the dog picture has an intention as to why I clicked it that way. Hope you got that.


    Thanks, yeah get started :)


    Thanks a lot, glad you liked them.




    Thank you :)
    Haa well thats my perspective :)
    Yeah look beyond that mundane scene, you are sure to be amused at what you see :)


    Thanks :)


    Haha DSLR is not a waste at all Doc. Good you bought one. But dont expect to shoot pics everyday with it. Your point and shoot still holds good for that.

    Yeah, interestingly I didnt go on any trips after I got my DSLR. Apart from the Bijapur-Badami-Aihole-Pattadakkal-Hampi ones. I hope you saw those pictures.

    Naidu sir,

    Thank you. Glad you liked them. It was all in Chennai Marina beach :)


    Thank you :) The dog is selectively in color because of a strong reason. Most of us would forget that man in the background. I am sure no one would have noticed him if I had not mentioned :) such is life




    :-) Thanks, glad you liked them.


    Yeah they do :) Yup!! yup!! Me waiting :)


    Thank you :)


    Haha thanks. My perspective :)

    Well, even an idle state is a 'do' state. I dont know if people really capture only the dos..Even the donts are a dos right?

    Chowla sir,

    Yes, each is a story


    thank you. :) yeah they form good pictures.


    Haha :) I wanted them as well.


    The villain is not the DSLR but the loss of my cybershot. It doesnt work anymore. I need to buy one point and shoot. DSLR definitely is not mobile enough.

    Oh! I never said I dont have time. I have all the time. I am just not able to carry my DSLR as I carried my point and shoot to every other place.

    I am scared of losing it - I am careless; I can easily misplace it.

  22. Thats awesome ! I share your sentiments on clicking other people ! Somehow I am shy about ! :)

    But your perspectives on micky and co, flying off were really funny and well take too !

    May the photographer in you continue to bloom

  23. Long time,...Long time....Bindhu. As usual a tight work schedule+ travel kept me away from all of you.

    Love your photography.loved all pic especially the first one. Did you shoot them in Chennai?

  24. Kavi,

    :-) Thank you. I am glad you liked them.


    Yes chitra, where have you been? Missing your posts and presence here. I am glad you are traveling.

    Yes chitra, all in chennai. Glad to have you back.

  25. cools captures :D I loved the trail one the most :)
    Are they captured in Besant Nagar beach?

  26. Thanks dear :) I think so..yes! It was Besant Nagar :)

  27. Good pics, B, but when you take portraits, close in, like you have done with the mask seller; that one would've been better in a 'portrait' frame rather than a 'landscape'. Try out different angles, light. Avoid clutter in the background; the lesser the elements in a photo, the better.

    You could do a lot with a DSLR. But remember that it is just a tool.

  28. Balan,

    Thank you very much for your suggestions. As I said, I am shy to ask a stranger to pose for me; especially men; especially in our country. They most times take it as a welcome signal.

    I agree with your points, I do have some excellent portrait captures. Let me put them up sometime.


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