Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Picks

Some of my random clicks without any subject. :-)

In all its glory..Smiling :-)

Mute spectator

Waiting for someone?

Teenage - will grow to be a beautiful bride :-)

Life or Game?

Soothing RED

I just liked the pattern!!

Where were they going?

Gorgeous even after death. What a privilege!!

One followed the other constantly till the other gave up...Happy Ending :-P


  1. for last pic

    kuchhh is tarah humse aap mile
    ki jaise jhkam se marham mile
    Ba khuda is qaynat ka jawab nahi
    kab koun kisi se, ban hum dum mile..

    Gr888 pics..!

  2. excellent pics.. loved the one with the fishes.. I need to buy some for my pond now.. a couple died in the winterssss...

    THe sunflower ...

    life or game:- well LIFE is a GAME is it not..

    loved all the pics...

  3. Nice pics. Captions are very interesting. Where did you take the picture of 'Pattern'? I have similar picture so very curious to know if it is the same place or different. You disclose the place first.

  4. lovely, indeed a pic is more than a few million words...

  5. nice pics:)
    You sure do have an eye for patterns, 'cause you went through the pain of writing about fractals a while back:)

  6. Good pictures but last one my fav.

  7. do I need to say nice pictures? :)

    I loved that pattern one..hope you go to US soon and get that camera so that we will be treated with many more pics like these :)

  8. Makk,

    Those are beautiful lines which are apt for the last picture. Thank you. :-)

  9. Bik,

    Thanks. Glad you liked them. Awww did they? Sad.

    Yeah, but its a tough line...Life or Game :-)

  10. Chandana,

    Thanks a lot. Welcome to B Log and keep visiting :-)

  11. A,

    Thank you. The picture of 'Pattern' was clicked at Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore. Its the roof. I guess your picture might not be the same :-)

  12. ZB,

    Thanks much. :-) Yes, pictures speak millions.

  13. Kish,

    Thanks a lot. :-)
    Oh my!! I am honored. You remember my Fractals. Yes, I always see patterns in nature and otherwise. Nothing is random :-)

  14. chitra,

    Thank you. The last one is my personal favorite too. I really struggled a lot to capture them in my point and shoot camera. I really cursed myself for not having a DSLR. :-(

  15. Neha,

    Thank you :-)
    Oh yes, I very badly need a DSLR!!! And then click..click...click :-D

  16. I will post a picture that I took in Milan Italy. It appears very similar to your picture of 'Patterns'.

  17. good shots
    like the sunflower

  18. ore pleasant it was :) ...

  19. @Insignia

    Well, I remember all your good posts:)

  20. For once, I'm not sure whether the photos or the captions were better!!!! Beautiful. I should take some classes from you. Why don't you write a post on photography for beginners? Please:)

  21. A.

    Hmm yes please. Let me see that one

  22. lostworld,

    Thank you. Thats a compliment. Hehehehe Photography for beginners? Hmm I may not be the right person, I am still a beginner :-)

    Just one tip - have an eye for things around you, thats all. Everything around us is beautiful, we just miss them

  23. Nice pics to cheer Pawns in hands of fate

  24. Pics are good but captions are better..specially the teenage one:)

  25. Samvedna,

    Thank you. I am glad you liked the captions too. :-)

  26. I'm inspired by your blog's template! And then, by your shots too(more to the randomness of idea than the shots itself) :)
    I'l be back :D

  27. Ahaa...lovely pictures!!
    Camera is one ov d best inventions, nahi!!

  28. the first one is so bright and beautiful
    and are those really fishes... those colored fishes... cool :D
    lovely captures :)

  29. How can I post picture in the comments? Shall I just email it to you?

  30. et,

    Nice name!! I have a very close friend whom we call ET :-)

    Welcome to B Log. Thanks much, Glad you liked the template. Oh yes, each picture were clicked at different occasions; and they were the odd-man out then. Thats why the randomness.

    Would love to see your presence here more. :-)

  31. Jaunty,

    thank you. You bet!!! My prized possession is my camera and I agree, its one of the greatest invention

  32. Rajlakshmi,

    Thank you. The sunflower is gorgeous. Those are all real fishes, wriggling and swimming away happily. Their colors reflected due to sun's rays was awesome. Thanks much :-)

  33. A,

    Oh yeah!! :-) Sure. My email ID is tg.bindu@gmail.com

    Waiting to have a glimpse of the photo. Thanks in advance for sharing:-)

  34. Yo! Loved the last four pics, esp. the butterfly one. :)

    By the way, your blog looks great. Fantastic template. :))

  35. Chowla sir,

    Thank you very much. Its a great compliment and encouraging too. I want to do much better.

  36. Pratik,

    Thank you. If you like photography, there are more to these under "Photograph" category :-)

  37. Karthik,

    Welcome back. Long time no see! Hope things are good with you.

    Thanks a lot, glad you loved them. My template, aah..thanks again, liked it eh?

  38. WOW!!!
    Lovely pics..

    Lovely tags also..

    That kidney like figure is just amazing..:)



  39. Nipun,

    Thanks much. Glad you liked them. The kidney like things are Cashew nuts :)

  40. excellent photos yarr..gr8 2 b here..cheers:)

  41. Dear Insignia,

    Each photograph dominates other. Excellent shots. Especially, (i) Teenage-Cashews, (ii) Where were they going - fish and (iii) one folloed the other - butterflies. Your captions are superb.

    Similar, butterflies photo, I am also having but I was not that good in selecting captions. Nice watching these butterflies at that moment.

    Keep posting nice pictures like this.

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  43. lovely:)
    i liked the pattern, teenage and the fish..

  44. Ramesh,

    Thank you. I am glad you liked them

  45. Naidu sir,

    I am so glad to receive this appreciation from you.

    Gautam has shared your butterfly photo with me :-) Your click was just awesome and he also mentioned that it was just point and shoot camera.

    I will try posting more pictures. :-) Thank you.

  46. WD,

    Thanks much, I am glad you liked them

  47. Good collection. Do share with us more if you can.
    Keep it up!

  48. Thank you Shas. I will share them as and when I click. You can see my collections under "Photograph" category if interested.

    Keep visiting :-)

  49. Lovely pictures. You are a great photographer. Love those fishes.

  50. SG,

    Thank you. Glad you liked the pictures


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