Monday, May 17, 2010

Tring Tring

When was the last time you heard a TRING TRING.....

Tring...Tring....old fashioned bulky telephone's ring tone. No...just like your unique hair style, attire, your style, ring tones are unique and defines your personality. Now its as unique as your signature and expresses your personality.

Well, why not? Isn't your cell phone indispensable and intricate part of our life, which actually shows who you are. Are you a geek? A choooo-chweet girlie girlie kind? A moron? Whatever, it freaks you out, brings a smile on your your face, makes you hide your face under your pillow....however they are inseparable...the notes of high and Ring tones and the caller tones. 

My observations again, heard a wide range of ring tones, few feeble and soft, few jarring and loud, few sing-a-song manner, few animal cries and few abuses. :-)

Few species that stand out. First things first. I cant wait myself.

The GIRLE tones

Awwww.....chooooooo chweeet....chhhhoooooo cute, sweetie pie kinda tones. Babies laughing, or a 'I am a little tea pot....short and stout' rhyme. Girls find it awesome, excuse me but its AWW-SOME. Would anyone ask them to PLEASE GROW UP!!!

The all-time BHAKTI/Spiritual tones 

Few folks would always be surrounded by GOD, hymns, singing in his praise. You call one such phone and it goes

Om Jaye Jagdish Hare, Swami Jaye Jagdish Hare
Bhagt Jano Ke Sankat, Khshan Mein Dur Kare ... 

 Boy!! And what happens? You forgot the purpose of your call and dive into spirituality and start singing HIS praise along.

The PETA tones

These are the tones an avid animal lover has as his ring tone. Dog barking, donkey braying, cock crowing are the most famous ones. Either you like animals or that you consider you as one among the species your ring tone has :-P But the low side is that you might actually mistake your ring tone that really the animal is crying and end up missing the calls. If it were your spouse who had been constatnly calling you..........GOD save you.

The WACKY tones

These are the metal heads' choices. Loud jarring pop, rap, metal. Imagine sitting in a meeting and one such person gets a phone call. You would want to stop the discussions right there, let your hair down and start banging your head to the tone of heavy guitars and drums :-)

The FREAKY tones

A Mogambo type 'Huuuuaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa" wicked laugh, Windows banging sort 'dapa tab...dapa tab.....dapadapa tab.....". A women shrieking "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", or a door opening "crrreeeeaaaaaaakk......crrreeeeaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk" followed by a "wwwhhhhhhhhhhooooossshhhh"

If not for anyone else, you are gonna wet your pants one day for sure with these tones.

The FILMY song tones

"Volume kam kar....Papa jag jaayega"......or

"Tan ta daaaaaann....aaja aaja dil nichode, raat ki matki tode..........."

or the melodious "Khuda Jaane ke....Mein fida hoon.....khuda jaane ke....mein mit gaya......"

can instantly tell you that the person is a movie maniac and is an updated movie database.

The Drama tones

"Kitne Aadmi The....." Gabbar Singh questioning.......and it continues.

"mere pas aaj bangla hai....gaadi balance hai....tumhare pas kya hai"............kinda ones.

Are you in mood for some drama and tamasha, well go ahead!!

The BOOSTER tones

These kind are not particularly of any rap, pop or metal. But it somehow boosts up the ego of the person whenever he/she receives a call. With ring tones set as the Mission Impossible theme music or the James Bond theme music, energy level peps up sooner than imagined.

The REGULAR tones

Last but not the least, the ever green regular and old fashioned TRING-TRING or the TURAAAN-TURAAAN ones.
Folks having these as tones don't want to join the bandwagon or happy with the TRING-TRING so much so that their latest iPhone would have TRING-TRING as the ring tone. 

Do you folks have any more types to add? Welcome :-)


  1. Nice observation..
    My last ring tone was Dhan te nan..
    It really gets over u..:)
    Try it once.
    I have set this as my tone not because I watch a lot of movies but due to the song's energy..
    Its awesome.
    Have chngd my ringtone today after reading this post.
    Its TRING TRING now..:)



  2. :) my ring tone is Dhan te nan.. :)

    I also had a ringtone earlier where my niece when she came to uk, i recorded her saying

    "Mama ji pick up the phone ... MAMMUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU phone "

  3. true that :) But once in a while I set that 'tring tring' tone for incoming calls...

    Though I dont have and dont like caller tunes..don't know why !

  4. this post...

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  5. That was a nice observation and a good post.
    I have a phone at my home the primitive type. The heavy one as my land line . It has no display no caller id etc. that is what is available at our BSNL at Dindigul. and it goes old model tring... tring and cannot change the ring tone also. :). Technological advancement they say....we are yet to grow.

  6. Speaking of which, bsnl preserves the ancient technologies to the maximum extend :P
    I have one of these light-cow-dung colored old landline at my Grandma's. No digital lights, just the finger-poke dialer. And then there's an old operator at bsnl exchange who flips connections with the wires and screw driver when they have a full fledged internet-click-click system there. Embrace the nostalgia!

  7. Nice and funny. I have seen people with horrible and annoying ring tones. Why do they bother so much with ring tones, I wonder. Probably they are attention-starved. It's just a simple wireless machine.Why create so much fuss. Keep a simple tring-tring :)

  8. awesome added everything re..nothing else to add..just wanna share couple of tones with you

    I always have Harry Potter tone - no surprises's soft, melodious and I am used to it :D

    my friend had once kept a tone for his girlfriend - that Naagin music :P

  9. Awejum awejum!! :D
    Don't you think you left something/someone out? The silent types, who always keep their phones in silent mode - like me. It's the symbol of decency, you see. :D

    Except the first three, I kinda like all. ;)
    Masssttt post! Massstt observation. By the way, what ringtone have you kept? :D

    Rofl on Naagin music for girlfriend. :D

  10. Nipun,

    Thank you. Hmm my phone is always in vibrate mode. So no use of ring tones for me :D

    Wow..TRING TRING...glad my post made you change your ring tone :-D

    Take care

  11. Bik,

    Oh hmmm I thought Bik was a silent person. :-D
    Hahahaha customized ring tone of your niece. Nice Bik!!

  12. Nu,

    Hehehehe...Its nice to hear that old TRING TRING once in a while.
    I dont like caller tunes too.:-)

  13. chitra,

    Thank you. Those ones are antiques one, preserve it, will go for millions after few years :-D

  14. et,

    Lol!!! They are indeed preserving ancient ways. Kudos to them!!
    I can visualize the phone you are talking about. Even we had the same color heavy finger dial ones...Index finger would sore by the time the numbers are dialed. :-)

  15. ajay,

    Thank you. They want to make a statement with such ring tones. :-) Simple!!

  16. Neha,

    Thanks much. Yeah its understandable; you being HP maniac :-D
    Naagin tune for his girlfriend..Hahahahaha..Your friend sure had loads of humor :-)

  17. Karthik,

    Thanku thanku :-D
    Oh yes, The NO RING TONE at all. I did leave the group out...surprising when I myself belong to that group.

    My phone is always silent or vibrate mode. Me too along with you.

    Yeah we are deeeggent :-D

  18. Very nice post.

    In USA, most universities have their fight songs available as ring tones. So, when you are waiting at the airport you hear a fight song ring tone from a cell phone of a stranger, you will immediately recognize that guy is your fellow Stanford alumni.

    There are still some people want to show off. Some people who never went to college use something like a Harvard University fight song in their cell phones.

  19. lolz.. amazing observation. my friend had a ringtone which sais "mummy, call aaya, call aaya!!".. 3 years from then, n she isn't even married yet!! lolz

    i have nickelback's far away as my ring tone

  20. aaya call aaya...lemme run

  21. Bindu.. yu know my ring tone? Its mearkat.... if yu hav time check in yutube... its a popular ad in uk. :)

  22. good observation
    i like simple tune

  23. Lol.. nice observation.. My ringtone falls into that booster types.. I have the don ringtone.. "Mujko pehchan lo, mai hun kaun?"

  24. The worst ring tones I have heard are: Theme to THE EXORCIST. Baby crying very loud.

    My own ring tone is a very old Tamil movie song: Yaaradee Nee Mohinee. This is just to throw off guard my American friends. In fact, they actually love this tune. Movie: Uththama Puththiran. Music Director: G. Ramanathan Iyer.

    I don’t know if this has come to India or not. A California company has created a product that will allow people to override their friends' ringtones with ones of their own. So even if you have your ringtone set to a tasteful piece of classical music, your idiot college roommate could call you and make your phone blast "Hot for Teacher.”

    I hate cell phones. I think you know why.

  25. Cool post...loved it!!
    I belong to the 'silent group' for my phone is always on the vibrator mode :D :D

    Keep up the good work :)


  26. SG,

    Thats some information. Hmm..interesting.

  27. Chandana,

    Lol!! your friend is very optimistic I guess. :-)

  28. sm

    Thank you. simple tune? You seem to be a very simple person then :-)

  29. sushobhan,

    Thank you very much. The Don tone? Hmm.....quite a booster that is :-)

  30. SG,

    Yaaradi Nee mohini is a nice song. Its peppy. But who is that Mohini? :-P

    That facility is not yet available in India. Forcefully changing someone else's tune...Hmm

  31. Chatter box,

    Welcome to B Log. :-) Thanks a lot.
    I belong to your group as well. No ring tones for me :-)

    Keep visiting.

  32. Once my nepehew had a ring tone.where a child was crying was so horrifying to ring tones for me.

  33. what an awesome post :):) I dont have any ringtone/callertone. My uncle has a msgtone that sounds like a coin dropped. So every now & then, there'll be one gullible person who would start scanning the floor ;)

  34. True..and you have a wonderful sense of observation.

    nice post

  35. Samvedna,

    Awww...I would not like such a ring tone. No ring tones for me too :-)

  36. lostworld,

    thanks a lot. Glad you liked it. Wow!! Thats wicked. Pleasure whenever people look areound for a free coin :-P

  37. Nice compilation. No ring tones for me:)

  38. further.....
    but morethan other ring tones tring tring embrace more than other ones .
    when it is caller tune ,it is definately irriatating as you mentioned.
    if that is the case you can always buy docomo "WHY LISTEN TO OTHERS "
    TATTO at back and" VERY NICE "from mom,would be more helpfull.

  39. Holy Lama,

    Thank you :-) No ring tones for me either

  40. Velu,

    Thank you. Caller tunes are more irritating right. You seem to remember and implement the ad at the right place :-)

    Thanks for this solution :-)

  41. Nice observation! You have done quite a research!

    PS: I do have a rock song as my ringtone, and I haven't changed it for over two years now! Actually, I did change it a couple of times, but I am so used to hearing the earlier one, that I never could figure that it was my phone ringing! So, I'm left with no choice!

  42. awesome once again...main senti ho gayi coz i tend to change my ringtones almost evry week.

    My ringtone for my boss is: Volume kam kar....Papa jag jaayega :)

    coz my boss has a habit of shouting...

  43. Ashwin,

    Thank you. No research and all...Just observation :-)

    You have become habitual with that ring tone :-) Keep that for ever :-)

  44. Gayathri,

    Thank you thank you :-)
    Every week!! Whhhoooaaa!!

    Volume kam kar...for your boss? You've got taste girl!!! Keep up :-)

    Does your boss know this by the way? :-P

  45. lolzzz mine is hip hop type... the kind that literally rocks the place... so i usually keep it in low volmne :P
    nice observation :D

  46. Rajlakshmi,

    Wooaa....Thats nice. At least your ring volume is low :-P

  47. Loved the way you described or rather categorized the different ring tones. Some of them are so loud and annoying, especially if you are in a conference room in the middle of a discussion, that you want to bash up the owner!

  48. RGB,

    Welcome to B Log :-)
    Thanks much, glad you liked the post.

    True, the annoying ones ringing at wrong time gets on to your nerves :-)

    Thank you for your views. Please keep dropping by.

  49. i sitll have tring tring..and the old clock,that bell striking clock

  50. I missed to be here...

    to be in lov..i mean page

    Keep smiling....

    Hush hush hush... :)

  51. soin,

    Best nostalgic ones they are all. I have an old time piece alarm...I have saved it :-)

  52. Very nice observation on tring tring tring!!! That's why I say Insignia is great in bringing all these in light. Though we know these many variations in ring tones, we never attempted to put them in blog. You are great.
    Keep inventing.

  53. Makk,

    Visit anytime...Haan...Hush..hush..hush..:-P

  54. Naidu sir,

    Long time. guess you are busy. Oh my!! thank you very much sir. All my observations :-)

    And yeah, these are known to all, trivial things, but we dont really take note and appreciate it. And I try to do that and post it on blog so that people do enjoy them.

    Your encouragement is needed sir. I will do better. Thank you

  55. Why I always want to add something to your posts...

    Then there is a possibility add tone for every caller. Here is a possiblity

    For Wife:- Police siren

    For nice friends:- Ahsan mere dil me tumhara hai dosto

    For pretty girls:- Oh Mahbooba...

    For annoying friends:- I don't have any

    For boss:- Most annoying tone you can get

    For patiorotic friends:- Jan gan man...

  56. A,

    Thats because you find the topic interesting and relate to it :-)

    I am glad that you have something to add to my post. Its encouraging

    What would the wife choose as ring tone for her husband? :-D

    Thanks much. The list is complete :-)

  57. Hey my first time here... interesting read :)

  58. Hi Scarlet,

    Awesome, the evergreen tring tring is a pleasure :-)

  59. Sid,

    Welcome to B Log. I am glad you liked the post.
    Keep visiting :-)

  60. lollzzzzzzzz :)

    **** sleeping...!

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