Friday, May 21, 2010

A Tag and 3 Cakes

I have 3 tags pending for quite some time. Thought let me take a break from my sarcasms and observations and take these tags now. So here is the first one. A tag by Nipun, and voila!! a bonus too. An award - Cherry on Top. Thank you very much Nuts for this wonderful gesture. :-)

Hmmmm yummy eh? I can have the cakes and eat it too...not just 1 but 3...3....3 :-D

It been sometime since the tag bug and award bug caught me. They have caught me again. Few months ago, we bloggers did only tags and passed on awards :-D Initially it seemed weird to me, then I started enjoying it.

Now what this tag is all about? I have to write 3 GOOD THINGS about me. Just 3???? Oh dear!! Miserly...I have so many good things in me...just 3? :-| Makes sense as there are only 3 cakes. Hmm....

For the first cake....

I am very very kind. Stupidly kind I would say. Kind to anyone and everyone. Phew!! it has its disadvantages. 

First cake was heavenly, now the second one.

I am extremes. How can that be good. Well, I can do an extreme thing or take drastic decisions in a split second. Helps me and others involved as well.

Now the third. By the way, the cherry was sweet :-P

I am a very simple person. My needs are minimal, well; except for the BMW :-P

Done :-)

Now I am going to tag few folks who are too good that only 3 good points would not be justified :-P
Presenting the Cherry on Top award as well :-)

Here they are. Please accept the award and take up the tag guys.

Lost world

My next tag on Monday :-D


  1. Congratulations on the award. Now we know 3 good things about you. Drastic decisions in a split second. I like that.

    Thanks for tagging me. I will write a post soon.

  2. Also, it is an honor to accept this award from you.

  3. I already know these things about you :-|

    nevertheless, I let you go this time as you have given me the cake too :D

  4. Congrats!! I love this post.. was almost drooling imagining how good the cherry must taste and viola.. I can have a piece too ;-) Thanks for passing it on. Btw I take drastic decisions too - act in haste & repent in leisure .. sigh!

  5. Chakk te fatte... MAjaaaaaaaaaaaa Me getting the honour of beign tagged on your blog ... now thats defintely a WOW factor for me

    ANd i am sue you cud not have eaten that whole cake in three bites so thoda bacha hoga.. :)

    I can vouch for the fact that you are a very very kind person.. And disadvantages yeah but More of advantages for sure ...

    Extremes... havenot seen that yet .. but then hey I beleive you :)

    YEah ture a simple person and Oye BMW is fine it comes in the minimal list .. panga tab hota if you had wanted a Gold plated Rolls Roce or something .. Now that wud have been extreme .. My kids of NEED ha ha ha :)

    Thanks a lot for the award , i never thought that i would be getting one ...But thanks to you GOT IT :)

  6. BMW ... hmm ok ll give yu one from my fleet

  7. 3 Nice things.. LOL..

    Btw eating those cakes would have been on the top of ur mind rather than spilling the beans about yourself..:)

  8. Ms Kind, Exterme and Simple:-

    We are proud of you.

    To me, your work reflects multi dimensional, creative and complex personality.

  9. congratulations on the award !..I always love the cherry on the cake , even more than the cake:)

    Thanks for tagging me !..will do it soon.

  10. Congratulations to you on this beautiful / sweet award. I love cakes. Your minimal needs are very simple like BMW. We wish you will get that soon and will have a chance to have a ride in your BMW.

    Thanks for sharing the award to loved ones.

    Wish you many more sweet award.

  11. SG,

    Thank you very much. Yeah, drastic decisions in a split second and the wonderful part is I dont regret later.

    You deserve the award. :-)

  12. Neha,

    Errrr...I dont want to blow my own trumpet :-P
    Thats why simple good points. Hmm and you know lot more than these :-)

    Cake's all yours :-)

  13. lostworld,

    thank you very much. Stop drooling and start eating the cake!!
    Yummy ones!!

    Oh you take drastic decisions too? But you know, I dont regret later. Thats the awesome thing :-)

    Congrats on the award :-)

  14. Bik,

    Congrats Bik!! You deserve it!!
    Bacha nahi ...:-) lekin aapke liye hain thoda kuch :-P

    Yeah Bik, being kind has more of disadvantages ...really..

    I hope you dont want to see that extreme thing :-)

    Is BMW is minimal?? Well, then me being simple still holds good :-)

    You deserve the award. :-) Have the cake :-)

  15. Hary,

    Thank you. Let it be brand new :-)

  16. Sushobhan,

    :-) Thank you. So right!! I was concentrating on eating those cakes than talking about me :-)

  17. A,

    Thank you very much. :-)

    Oh thats a compliment. Blogging is my passion, it busts my stress and I try to entertain people whoever reads my post...And readers like you encourage me further. I need it :-)

  18. Samvedna,

    Thank you. Congrats to you too. Hehehehe the cherry is what we all fight for.

  19. Naidu sir,

    Thanks much. I love cakes too... are so nice. You are encouraging me further by saying BMW is a simple need?

    I will try to get one very soon :-) When I get my own, will put the picture on my blog. :-)

  20. congrats for award
    yes to be a blogger , passion is required.
    thanks for sharing

  21. Oh I see similarities. Kindness, simplicity, extremist everything! :D

    And lotsof-lotsof thanksus for the award my friend!

  22. sm,

    Thank you. Yes right said. If you have passion, you can do justice.


  23. et,

    Oh really? Thats a pleasant surprise. Good we share lots of similarities. :-)

    You deserve those cakes boy :-) Congrats.

  24. hai dhaiyya ONE MORE AWARD...chalo thank u jee...will do it right away. And since u said u r kind, can i ask u 4 something...erm cn u gve me ur camera :)

  25. u have been tagged...check out my blog :)

  26. Gayathri,

    Congrats.You deserve it :-)
    My camera? Oh sure!! You can take it anytime :-)

  27. Congrats and thank you! :)
    Will put this up on my blog page for sure!

  28. They have not known you well it seems.
    Whatever little I know of you from your posts--I can write about many more than three good things about you.
    Take care.

  29. WOW!!
    U finally did it..
    Thank u so much for this.:)

    Nicely newly written..
    Let needs increase to Ferraris..:)



  30. Shaunak,

    congrats to you too. :-)

  31. Chowla sir,

    Thanks much. I dont know what to say. I am honored by your words.
    I am blessed to have people as you who read my post
    Thanks again :-)

  32. Nipun,

    :-) Yes!!! I did it. Thanks much for the tag.
    Ferrari?? Nah!! BMW is enough for me :-D


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