Saturday, May 29, 2010

To my Dear Readers

I am going to do just the thing I have suppressed myself from doing all these days. But cannot stop myself from doing so.

I have been blogging for more than 2 years now. I blog to de-stress, to share interesting information that I think people would appreciate, to share the beauty of this world through my pictures, to bring smile on people who read me.

I don't rant on my blog, I don't want to crib here, neither would I use this space to thrash people around.  Its my space and very special to me. I am passionate about this space. I don't intend to feed any of my views here, nor do I intend to influence or get influenced.

I have guarded this space for close to one and half years, by not letting anyone know about this blog. I have had just 3 readers for that one and half years.. But you folks have discovered me constantly and encouraged me throughout and it really feels wonderful, every time someone new reads me and I feel I have tread one new step, touched one more person in this world. 

I give utmost respect to people who read me and I acknowledge their views and comments even if there are differences of opinion. You folks are not just an entity in this virtual world but real beings. I have always believed strongly that I don't have any right to moderate readers' comments and its evident of the fact that I don't have comment moderation. I welcome all sorts of views. That's the best thing I could give back to you folks who read me taking your precious time off and value my writings and offer your views.

At the same time, I don't want few readers to take advantage of this and muck around this space. Its beautiful and I want it to remain beautiful. I have a couple of suggestions to few readers. I have never ever flaunted myself as a writer. I am not a qualified writer neither am I getting trained. I am just an amateur who writes. If you do not understand the post or its intent, please ask for an explanation, I would be very glad to provide one. If you don't like the post, frankly speak out and I shall appreciate. If you don't want to understand, fine, don't comment.

Don't expect me to have the same view point as yours always. Opinions differ. And don't brand me as a 'faulty writer' if you did not understand my intent; as the same way I don't brand you as a 'faulty reader'. This very same 'faulty writer' seems to have inspired few folks to start writing!!! Ironical!! isn't it?

The comment space is all yours, but please treat the space with respect and don't indulge in brick-bats. Remember you do have your own blog space for that.

I did not want to express my unhappiness over certain things that happen here. It was way too personal to even express. But it has been repeated more than twice. And I had to speak. Apologies for the same. I just pray that this would be the first and last post of this kind. And yes, sadly I have enabled comment moderation for reasons best known to me. Its painful, but I had to do this to protect the interest of the blog and more than that, my precious readers.

I again thank all my readers profusely for taking your time off to read me, offer your opinions and encourage me. Please continue to do so. Thank you very much.


  1. I have been reading you for quite some time now. And if I pretend to be oblivious to what you have mentioned here would be an insult to myself as your avid reader.

    I know what you mean when you say that you respect point of views. But it is impossible to please all.

    Those who love you as a writer will continue reading you no matter what. Those who have difference of opinion will also continue to read and comment, because they already think that you are a writer. Nobody likes to read a bad writer until that person is desperate only for comments.

    You moderating comments does not disrespect the point of views of readers. There are so many bloggers around including me who moderate comments. It does not mean I do not value the opinions of my readers. I respect them and I expect them to treat me well - they may may not agree with me.

    Again, we love B Log and we love you. We want you to write as we can feel connected to your posts.

    Take Care.

  2. I am with B Log, it's one of a kind blog that we love... But at the end of the day, it is your own personal space and it will always be just that! :))

    Keep writing! :)

  3. Insignia dont let some IDIOT change the way you work...
    If some stupid reader cant understand what you have written or what you mean then its not your fault its Their's. They should know what they are reading and if they cant understand then they should SHUT UP and mind their own business...

    I love your blog and even if i dont understand sometimes what you have written its FINe ,, cause I have my own interpretation of the article..

    but for record I dont like that you have to change your way because of IDIOTS...

    And whats this you write "Dont expect me to have the same view point as yours always.".. EXCUSE me Madam but i thought you write for yourself and what you want to.. WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE THE SAME VIEWS AS YOUR READERS...

    It should be they who should be understanding your Point of VIEW or at least trying to understand.

    All I will say is dont change your way ..

    ANd rahi baat about who say you are a faulty writer then those who think that way they should not come to your blog or better still I would suggest come to my blog and we can have a proper discussion on the fault etc ...

    You write good, very good , well put it this way better then majority of writers and I have learnt a lot of things from yours I have met a few people off your blog tooo.. SO thanks for that and Keep up the good work..

    Thank you so much

  4. your blog is good and beautiful
    you got full right to delete the comments

  5. Kuch to log kahenge
    Logon ka kaam hai kehana
    Chodo Bekar ki baaton ko
    Humko hai B Log sang rehana

    You blog away dear, we are with you:)

  6. well dont yu worry abt that.... this is more like our best buddy :) so dont worry mate.. and as for in every field there ll be morons trotting, all we hav to do is neglect them... still remember lst time yu gav me suggestions to write based on my natural humor and i think it helped my style of writing....happy bloging... dont mind my speeling... am doin 1 handed :)

  7. I am a bit surprised and disappointed having read this post.
    You are amongst few bloggers whom I hold in high esteem. Must you care as to what people feel aboutyou or the comments they post.
    Just keep writing and as they say blogging as like poetry--those who understand and can appreciate,will certainly read and comment.

  8. Agree with the Holy Lama...
    And yes comment moderation will add up to my download limit..:(
    I think I am reading ur blog for more than 2-3 months and the best thing is that I enjoy reading what u write..:)
    Keep writing and remember that I respect ur writing and all ur comment replies and ur comments on my space/

    U rok



  9. hey I have been reading ur blog for sometime and believe i have always enjoyed it ... no matter what mood I am in.. Keep blogging and B log rocks ..:)

  10. bhool jaa jo huva use...keep writing...forget about who says what...if a certain comment makes u angry then simply delete it.

    Dont worry dost...bas u keep blogging...dont let anyone bog u down :)

  11. Insignia,

    You will agree that I am loyal reader of your blog. I hate to advice or suggest and I am not going to do that. Instead as usual I will post my honest opinion.

    I love reading your posts even though I don't agree with some posts including this one. But to be honest, that is the one of the reason I read your blog - if I always find something that conforms to my thinking then I don't learn anything new.

    I come here to read something new. Something different. Something that I can relate but I don't do. Something new. Something unique. Something common but yet stands out.

    I think most of your readers are like me.

    So you know what to do....

    I give you a hint:- On computers, it is possible to erase data from memory (RAM) and there is a method to permanently delete data from hard drive too. Our brain is like computer memory....hitting delete button will help

  12. Have moderation of comments. And if you do not publish comments of a particular person, hopefully the person will take the hint. And why should it prevent you from writing? If someone does not like your style, they should stop dropping by, instead of rudely commenting.
    ( I have come by, sometimes, I do post a comment - sometimes I do not, especially if I have nothing to contribute)

  13. oh come on girl. it's ur space. u can do what u want. n ur not doin anythin wrong!!! keep writin. we love readin ur blog :)

  14. I come here because I want to read YOU..Otherwise I could read books forget about those few who say all the wrong things..

  15. Neha,

    I learnt it the hard way that its tough to please all and its not required either.
    I am going to just do that. Thank you very much for your encouragement.

  16. Guria,

    Thank you very much for these words.

  17. Bik,

    I feel its not appropriate to call anyone by names. I did not target anyone while writing this post. Certain unpleasant things have happened more than once on this space. I have always kept quiet, but I had to do this.

    Thanks again.

  18. Faulty writer?????
    Who? Where? :D
    You are funny sometimes. :P

    Chillax, yaar!
    But didn't really know you were facing this for a while.
    Why do you bother anyway? Just give one word answers for those so called "intelligent" comments like, "ok", "all right", "thank you". It will certainly piss 'em off. :P hehehe

    Either ways, I loooove B log, like many others. :))

    Just keep writing, and we'll keep reading. :))

  19. Holy Lama,

    :-) Your 4 lines brought a smile :-)
    Thank you.

  20. Hary,

    You said right. And I m glad you remember my suggestion. :-)
    Thanks buddy!

  21. Chowla sir,

    Its natural for you to be surprised. You might think I am immature to have done this. But trust me, each statement has a reason behind it.

    I care two hoots for what people feel about me or the comments they post. The reason to write this is that they can stop their BRICK-BATS against each other. You have been visitng my blog for quite a while, few things have happened earlier to that.

    They use this space to bash up other readers, I dont approve of that. Thats why this post. Thank you for your kind words.

  22. Nipun,

    :-) Thanks a lot. Thank you for your encouragement. :-)

  23. sushobhan,

    thank you. I am glad you enjoy reading my posts. :-)

  24. A,

    Thank you. I am not worried whether people like my posts or what they comment. You are relatively new to my blog, so you might not really get the magnanimity. It may seem that I am over reacting. Certain readers misuse this comment space to throw brick-bats and I am in a difficult situation then. Thats why this post after much thought. As I mentioned in the post, this is the last thing I would want to do, yet I had to.

  25. radha,

    Thanks a lot. I never knew you were regular to my blog. You said it right.

  26. Samvedna,

    Thank you. I m honored. :-) thanks for your words.

  27. Karthik,

    :-) am I funny only sometimes? :-P

    I bother because this space gets mucked up. :-) Thanks for encouraging.

  28. Chandana,

    Thanks very much :-) Its reassuring.

  29. Insignia, the internet is filled with crazies and sadists who argue for the sake of arguing and often for the weirdest reasons. I had to face many rough patches, due to this.

    Just ignore whoever is violating this space. If a person cannot respect you, just ignore and move on.

    just don't let it get to you or change you, please.

    Be strong. wish you the best:)
    have a wonderful day:)

  30. Well Well well. I have been in this alley for many years !

    The muck that gets thrown is intense as the love that gets my way !

    I have learnt to move on ! Its an effort to give time to a blog and keep it going. You are doing a commendable job here ! keep it going !


  31. Faulty Writer!!!!! blogs are not just abt writing.. its also abt how we connect with people... and i think i can really connect with yours... don't change your style just because someone said so... you are awesome :)

  32. WD,

    Thats what I understood. Thanks a ton for this assurance :-)

  33. Kavi,

    :-) Yeah, true. Very true. It does take a part of you to have the blog and keep it going, requires passion :-)

    thank you for your words

  34. Rajlakshmi,

    Thanks a ton. Its reassuring :-)

  35. If you've got so many bloggers / readers following you, you've obviously got something! Don't let anything deter you from using your space as you please :)

  36. RGB,

    Thanks a ton :-) Its encouraging :-)

  37. I have never seen such activity.
    Nevertheless, write away!:P. It must've felt good to get it out.

  38. Hmm you dont observe much then :-P

    It feels sad to write this, but had to!!

  39. I noticed you'd enabled comment moderation when I posted my comment in your new post. Then I read this. It isn't like you to get upset and I can understand to what extent you must've felt bad to take some action. All the same - one can't always expect a rosy world here, just like in the real one there are bound to be a few specimens. Keep your head high and ignore. Do remember-fact remains that if you get discouraging comments, it also means you have some "jealous" admirers and you are famous!

  40. lostworld,

    :-) I have always been too sweet I guess. I need to show some restraint, else it doesnt work out here. Your words are encouraging and thanks very much for that :-)

  41. I sincerely hope, my frank opinions on your plot devices were not what hurt you! :O If they did, I apologize profusely. :(

    Just a small clarification: each time I discussed any given plot device it was implicit that it was my opinion, and not 'absolute truth', but more important, my commentary used to be restricted to merit of the device in question, and not you as a writer.

    True, there were occasions when I goaded you into trying to do different things, but that was because I saw potential in you as a writer. If that too disturbed you, sorry again. I don't comment on blogs and blog posts that I can't relate with.

    Personally I feel, there should be no comments' moderation simply for abusive language. I think all readers need to gain sufficient maturity to understand what's posted by others are not your views, and moreover, they're reflective of one posting them. The last thing, as you must be aware, I'm saying from my personal experiences on your blog.

    Lastly, you might find my latest post interesting. :)

    Take care.

  42. When I took time to read to go through your blog, I just wanted to stick to it. Even with other workloads, I don't feel like skipping through your words or missing a post of yours.
    May be because you are sincere to your blog, to keep it mature, to keep it balanced. And to keep it beautiful :)
    We have more than enough good reasons to put comment moderation in the internet. Nobody will take it personal, dont worry :D

  43. Ketan,

    I thought you would get me, but you too missed my point :-)

    No!! Its definitely not your comments that hurt me. Never, do not apologize, its not due to you.

    And why this justification? I very well understand your intentions

  44. et,

    Thanks a lot. It really means a lot. Thanks for these sweet words as well :-)


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