Friday, November 21, 2008

Dark Green Toyota Corolla and Indians

Whats a specific brand of Car model with a particular color got to do with Indians?
Well, this was just a random observation, but it was too very anything but random to ignore.
There was this particular model of car with that very color seen frequently on the roads of Bay area/Silicon Valley.
And yes, you guessed it right! These cars were always owned by Indians living there, either on a short term or for few years.
Why this model and this color? Well, got to do with budget, one could get a second hand Corolla for comparatively nominal price. And the color? Hmm....just for the reason of low maintainence. And with that dark shade, the car looks somehow OK, even if it were too old.
Once, I and my friend went to El Camino, we wanted to go to Albertsons to buy our groceries. We stopped to have coffee at Starbucks. While we came out, we observed a dark green Toyota Corolla.
My friend told me that it ought to be an Indian's. I just dismissed it. And lo! yes. it did belong to an Indian. I and my friend got into his Royal Blue BMW and started to go, while enjoying the envy of our neighbour. So next time you spot any dark green Corolla......:-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I hate.....

  • To hear my alarm buzz each morning.
  • The constant honks of vehicles at a signal.
  • The roller-coaster commute each day to work on our bumpy roads.
  • To see little children begging on the streets.
  • Every other food outlet offering "gobi manchurian" without really knowing what it is.
  • The phrases "Synergy, Leverage, Raising the bar....Literally".. Oh yeah! literally...
  • The auto rick drivers charging ransoms when it rains heavily..and otherwise too.
  • To be deprived of my daily dose of newspaper
  • Crowd jostling each other every morning to get to their work, to meet their deadlines.
  • To admit the lost innocence in the children while their parents strive to make them competitive in today's tough world.
  • To hear cliches uttered by those famous page 3s and celebs
  • To see every other trivial news being Flash/Breaking News
And few more.....
Am I sounding pessimistic? Not at all..There are endless list of things which I like and which I cant list as it may become a booklet by itself. What I would like at this moment is a hot cuppa coffee!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why do Women love shoes so much?

Why do women love shoes so much? Why is there a sense of euphoria when we pass by a shoe store? Are there any women out there who have not envied Sarah Jessica Parker's royal blue stilettos in the movie The Sex and the City? Or hoping if one could ever have as many pairs of footwear as our very own Ms Jayalalithaa? To most women, shoes mean much more than covering your feet.
Shoes are ornaments which accentuates the beauty of a lady's feet. Shoes talk a lot about you, your personality. I read somewhere that the first thing a women notices about you are your feet. Your footwear can tell tales of you, if you are the adventurous type, moody, bubbly....well...A close friend of mine who quite interestingly is also my mentor once complained, "I need to be very particular about my footwear whenever I meet you".
Women feel a sense of belonging when they enter a shoe store. Its the "Wow, I am home!" feeling. How many ever pairs they own, their closets have room for just another pair...or is it just another?
It isn't a crazy fetish, Its their basic need. Would it look nice if a women wore a pair of sneakers with a cocktail dress? Yuck!! See, she needs a strappy stilettos or a high pumps which would complement her dress. Do women buy shoes to match their dress or buy dress to match their shoes? If you ask me...its both!!!.
We don't need a reason to buy those . Ask any women what is that envies her about her best friend? Is that her job? her boyfriend? her new pair of skinny jeans? Nooooo...its gotta be shoes.
Women just cant get enough of shoes, even if their closets are full, even if their backs ache, even if it means paying hundreds of bucks for that 6 inch pointed stiletto which could bruise your feet.
Come on, they are worn to enhance style and confidence.
Its a way of making your own personal statement...

If you see a woman with flats, she wants to go easy and relax
If you see a lady with a pointed high heeled shoe, she flaunts her confidence
If you see a woman wearing a flip-flop, she is in a great mood to chill.

Well, well...when there are varieties to choose from, wedges, flip-flops, flats, stilettos, pumps, heels, peep-toes........why not?

Few reasons why women cant resist them
- There are varieties and are cheap.
- Make a personal style statement.
- Cant wear the same old boring black sandals everywhere.
- Fundamental right to choose!!. Do I wear these flats with this pair of jeans or would pumps go better?
- Phew!! cant wear heels every time. So I need another pair..So one more pair!!
- Those peep-toes are in fashion!, I need to get 'em.

So happy Shoe shopping ladies...and you know why do women love shoes?