Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lots to Write

Lots to Write.....


Lost to Write....

I dont know why logging into my blog and writing does not attract me anymore. Is it because I have become lazy or finding it tired with all the work around or simply started to be indifferent towards my blog. 

When I was at peak in posting on my blog; I used to wonder at few of my fellow bloggers who went from infrequent to not writing mode. How could they do that? Now, here I am. 

Whenever I want to write something; a thought strikes. Hundreds are writing about this and thousand others already know; so why should I be writing about the same stuff again? Want to share anecdotes but not getting that motivation. Then again; from whom or from where should I be getting motivation from? Why cant I find it within myself the way I used to couple of years ago. 

I need to change man! for sure. Change in my way of thinking and my behavior towards this blog. Writing has always de-stressed me; so I dont fathom why I am not making use of this anymore. Hereon; I will make sure I will write something once in a week at the least; even if it means just scribbling. 

These days; I have done lot of traveling. October I spent a week in the country of Brunei. Brunei! I know! of all the places. But my close friend lives there and so I just grabbed the opportunity of visiting a country I wouldnt visit otherwise. The experience was different. 

Then in 2nd week of November spent 6 days visiting Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur and around. Wow! I want more! The places, the people..phew! Now; in December; I am going to spent 3 weeks traveling around mainland Malaysia and Indonesia :-D 

J? Hmm.. 

Travel is one thing that keeps me sane; with all the pressure at work. And yeah; someone please give me a job in travel sector! I can compromise on the money I make as long as I get to travel. 

 Any which ways; in few years I am gonna quit the corporate job and take up travel as my full time task or do vacation volunteering or something of the kind. 

These are best case scenarios. In my real world, Gypsy turned 1. He has been getting lot of complements like Handsome and all that. He keeps me busy; naughty and always needs attention. Would not leave my side until I stroke his ears and caress him. Here are his birthday pics.