Monday, January 25, 2016

An Oblivion

Were you
all there? Beneath the streetlights, 
as I stroked and smudged,
my beautiful visions,
like a violinist playing his violin; caressing, 
as if;
it were the supple hip of his lady love.

I was intensely, yet leisurely, 
giving a form to my imagination - 
golden locks, curly and bouncing;
in that dark of the night.
The luscious red robe, atoned by
pale of her skin....

The river lull; inviting the
dark clouds billowing up the skies,
She gently paddled her oar,
not a hint of despair.

Were you,
all there? Seeing me create an angel...then
I heard a sob, in the black of night.
A feeble cry of a woman in pain...
I drop my palette; in shock!
Symphony of colors dancing with the twilight. 

I turn around, saw you all there;
The darkest of the souls; 
snatching away my creation.
She was not an angel in red robe..
It was a
dark shadow drenched with my blood.
And as I closed my eyes; I saw her - 
Sneering at me. 

PS : Sometimes; what you see or perceive is not what is real.