Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I am an observant lady. I tend to notice the trivial things that happen around me; that makes me feel connected to surroundings than just being aloof. I am a reserved person; but I won't let a chance go by if I were pulled in an interesting conversation. Here are few recent happenings.

Yesterday; while buying cilantro/coriander bunch from the old woman with her vegetable cart; I noticed for a split second a tiny worm 🐛 crawling in the bunch I picked. It made me so happy to see a living creature in that bunch. Vegetables are grown with synthetic manure, growth hormones and pesticides these days that finding a worm among them is like a diamond in the rough. I used to be annoyed as a kid when I would come across worms while cleaning/chopping vegetables without realizing they could thrive only because the veggies were grown organic. Now I yearn for a worm. 

I commute to office by Uber or OLA. The cabbies are an interesting lot. Some tend to mind their business with the radio on playing assorted songs; the ride is pretty quiet and dull. Others tend to start a conversation with you. Why not? I have quite few posts on my conversations with cabbies wherever I've traveled. The conversations are mostly about Bangalore's traffic, their struggle being a cab driver and such. Last week; while getting home from work, the cab I rode on had a talkative driver. He started with how he has been hearing about IT going down and not a lucrative career opportunity anymore. I responded with a "Nothing is easier these days". He agreed to it and continued to say how he has already decided for his daughter to prepare for Indian Administrative Service and get a "government" job. You see, working in a government/public sector is always deemed safe in India. The job security and the pension after retirement is a privilege not the private sector employees get. I lauded his decision while imagining in my mind his daughter should be finishing school and in the process of graduating college. The conversation steered away to other topics for few minutes and later got back to his daughter. He mentioned how his daughter can speak many languages when she was only in 3rd year of primary school. Whoa! and her career already decided!!

I recently learnt that there are different types of beer glasses. This one is called Tulip glass. These are designed to trap and maintain the foam head. This type helps enhance the flavor and aromatics of hoppy and malty brews and are generally used for stronger brews like double IPA or Belgian brews. The bulb like bowl allows to swirl the beer allowing it to release the full aromas. Some general knowledge here huh!

Do you remember the fruits of rain trees? You'll find rain trees in abundance in Bangalore. As a kid; I did not know that it was a rain tree of the fruit that I used to collect were from the rain trees. These fruits would be crushed, mashed and mixed with castor oil and made a ball to play cricket. It was left to dry for few days before used. It was called cork ball and was hard, painful when hit with it. This was an easy alternative to buying the expensive tennis ball. Only recently did I realize these were fruits of rain tree, falling off during spring. 

And finally - I love animals and have soft corner for dogs. Dogs - anywhere, any type and any time have my time and attention. It started raining when I was out at a pub over weekend. It was a sudden pour, the sight of rain made me walk out the door. As I was standing enjoying the aroma of the wet earth; a stray came by and stood beside. He wanted to protect himself from getting wet. He kind of nudged me and as I pet him; he gradually lied down and put his paw this took me enough pain in my heart to ease away from him without him noticing. Dogs dont let anyone near their paws and this was an ultimate gesture of trust.