Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Visual treat

Summer in Bangalore is a visual treat. Though it brings heat, the array of colors from the city's blooming trees brings a refreshing coolness. During the British period; trees from various parts of the world were brought to the city and this was how Bangalore got lucky with having these trees. Come summer; you can witness the aura of colors and you'd just ignore the rising temperatures. Flaming reds of Gulmohars from Madagascar, the lavender flowers of Jacaranda from South America, Trumpet rose from Central America, African Tulip from Africa to name a few.

I wait for summer just for this visual treat. Amidst chaotic traffic are plumes of flaming oranges and yellows and the lush canopy of rain trees lined along the roads. Here are few snaps I managed to click this year.

A bee busy collecting nectar from the flowers of the Indian Beech Tree

Copper pods also called as Yellow flame tree. 

Crepe Myrtle

Flowers of Yellow Tabebuia fallen on the walkway. Isnt it magical?

Canopy of Rain Tree

Trumpet Rose tree with not a single leaf.