Monday, October 21, 2013


But what, about? my dear
Crib about the state of affairs...
Critics abound doin 'em 
Suggest a word or two to 'em?
What would be left for the experts?

You may say...
There are other things.
Travel? I do 'em much..
Guilty of trumpeting about
Photos and captions?
Isn't that what I've been doin'?

But 'bout what?
No! not good at 'em
No! not with half baked knowledge

Yet what to write
Now? Here?
Do I write about my day to day stuff?
Nah! pretty mundane to garner any interest
Poems? Ah! Yes!
So here is one

In response to Makk's Write Here Now comment

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Straight Thoughts

I was in deep sleep last night. I couldn't call it deep sleep since my mind keeps thinking something or the other. I don't know what time it was but then a sudden thought.

Why is a straight line straight?

Don't ask me what got my mind thinking. I didn't have any discussions related to Geometry with anybody recently. I quit them all after college. Nor was I working on anything related but this question popped up. And then thats it. Went back to sleep. But I did make a mental note to research and write about this. I didn't do any research yet. Thinking about it; I have just one question that I probably didn't realize it at school. Even if I did; wouldn't have dared asked my teachers.

Who concluded the definition of straight. Ah! I do remember the equation of straight line and how its of zero curvature and shortest distance between two points and line traveling in constant direction and all that. Yet! who said straight means this. Why not something else?

These are not straight thoughts after all, aren't they? My mind just went bonkers.

Anyway, these crazy things or rather off the track stuff keeps happening. A friend of mine messaged with few lines of poem. He writes good verses. And I responded with few more lines continuing at where he left. I mean, it just fell into place. I thought I will give it a name. Fusion poetry maybe? The thoughts here again are not straight; mind you. But they nice; here they are.

Tales, dreams or just passing thoughts,
with every passing touch of time
I feel assured more & more ..
somebody will feel sad when I get buried...

Sad of all the moments lost....
Waiting and contemplating, 
Was it meant to be? 
Maybe, maybe not, 
Live the moment, live the thought.

I went off to an event this Sunday; kind of a hippie themed flea market. Cutting out the shopping; the ambiance and the music was good with a live band and crazy folks. And yeah I am not saying what crazy stuff I did ;-)

Oh! and these days I've been clicking snaps with my phone camera and it doesn't cease to amaze me at the clarity, speed and zoom capability. Here are few ones.

A different kind of ant.

Not so common butterfly came into the living room the other night

A common house fly - I mean check the details the phone camera has captured

Say Hi to Gypsy. All grown up, naughty and hyper. Here he is making up a sad face to gain sympathy.

Travels lined up here after. Next weekend off to Brunei to meet my bestest friend. I wanted to go to Kota Kinabalu from there for few days to hike Mount Kinabalu and get lost in the rain forest. But with my friend not accompanying; the thought of going out there alone kinda didn't appeal.

Later in November; off to Rajasthan with Neha and Akhil. They are awesome company and we had good time when we went to Aurangabad. Come December; it could be Malaysia and Indonesia or Philippines and Indonesia. Yieppie!!!