Monday, October 31, 2011

Always right

Dancing at the first beat of music; carefree of the people around .

 Making a plaything even out of a broken twig.

Talking to a toy as if it were with life; oblivious to the smiles around.

Identifying animals out of clouds.

Excited seeing the arch across the sky - rainbow.

Not worried a wee bit to talk sense - with all the goo-goo-gaa-gaas.

Just scribbling on the wall makes it a beautiful picture.

When do we lose this innocence? Is it a gradual process or do we lose it over a night's sleep? Measuring words when we talk; worried about what others will think about us.

Chasing false praises and fake success. Trying hard to live for others and make others happy. Putting up a fake smile for others' jealousy.

Dance amidst a group but lonely in reality.....

How long -

To measure what one speaks?

To wear a fake smile?

To try to be right always?

I dont know :) OK! this post is a witness to how worked up I am due to work! Yeah its naiceeee..........:P

Friday, October 28, 2011


Gautam's questions and Anil's analysis in my previous post is definitely worth a fresh post. I thought; why not bring it on the stage so that all of us can have a healthy discussion.

Why is money measured as wealth?
Why do we need money?
Why is there an unequal distribution of wealth?

I might not touch upon all, I might deviate or just cut short; but these ones are worth a discussion. In earlier times; in our land; temples served as secure area to store people's assets. Their role in those times were one of the roles of present day banks - safe haven to store assets; which were not in cash but in kind. Cut to present day banks; they operate in an interesting concept. They charge interest on money borrowed which feeds as interest credited to the money saved + other investments. Was this a practice in then banks/temples in our land? I do not know.

I cant help but think about the banks bailout in USA. The President passed bills to accommodate bank bailouts which funded the Congress for the campaign and other activities; only to downgrade their credit ratings. What an irony!

Anyway, why we need money and why are people selfish to accumulate wealth is obvious. I dont want to discuss these. But why is GDP the chief economic indicator? Is owning money/wealth a sign of happiness? Is our happiness linked to possession of material wealth? Progress is defined as a mere increase in commercial transaction in our conventional model which stresses on economic growth; which is limited as the measures are quantitative.

Gross Happiness Index is been around for a while - countries like Bhutan and Denmark had realized quite early that the ultimate aim of most people is not be rich, but be happy and healthy. So we find, India more happy and healthy than the USA, Bangladesh more happier than India and Costa Ricans lead a very peaceful and healthy life than most of us only next to Vanuatu and Columbia. Gross national happiness has more insights.

Coming back to do we need money? The answer would depend on if we want to go back to barter system? The devastation in Greek's economy has enabled her citizens to make use of time bank. Its a reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time in currency. In simple terms, services are bartered in cashless transactions. The "time" one spends in providing some service earns "time" that one can spend to receive services. For e.g. a teacher can spend her time teaching piano in exchange for a legal assistance.

This has emerged has a creative solution to a crisis called Greece. This exchange network has not only eased people's crisis but also is bringing people together and building solidarity when any economic upheaval can divide people. What about tax, deficits, credits and all such factors in a given economy? Are these relevant? Can such a priceless commodity be adopted; how will this be accepted among world economy?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My tryst with Amma

Its not only the feeling of love or pain; even helplessness and frustration can bring out the poet in you. 
A damsel; with security galore
made a trip to Bangalore.
Make shift court was our central prison
Security concern was the reason

Silvers and sarees, diamonds and footwear
Among all her other wealth
Austerity; and so she no longer wears.
But she arrived; surrounded by human sheath

But why do I care? I wouldnt have I swear
Only if I left my work; bit early but hard luck
Stuck with neck deep task; and a conversation to bask
I missed my time; so here I chime

Cops blocked the stretch, all did wretch
They seemed to ignore; did they just maneuver
Civilians cursed; cops cussed
Hectic long day my dear; damsel's security is all clear
Common man at pity; politician's apathy.

Her convoy of 25 did zoom,
I think I saw the vehicle that was her room
You may ask; how was I sure?
See did I; police hanging outside; with a support mere
Scary at the lack of their safety
Their job of protecting the 'Mother' was lofty.

Waste of taxpayer's money
To attend court for alleged crimes honey!
Thousands of police personnel,
Charter plane for arrival,
Can India afford such luxury?
When millions are living in penury

Well, what happened to me?
Lost so much time; let it be!
Did not get a rick or a bus
Walked kilometers to find one

Frustrated and desperate; found a crowded bus
Pushed and jostled and stamped; I prefer to tell less
Hopped off to find no rick; I began to feel sick
3 kms to go; laden with bags; I did walk
Found a rick; hundred bucks? Was it a mock?
No it wasnt; I was tired;
Hopped on to it; all fried.

And thus ended my tryst with Amma :-/

Monday, October 17, 2011

Crunchy Carrots

The color of the carrot is enough to entice us. In Ooty fresh luscious bunch of carrots are sold everywhere.

Clicked a couple of pics. Inspired me to write few verses. Just random words with rhymes. Dont try to find a meaning :)

I was walking along,
Found a carrot on the ground,
Look around to see to whom it belonged,
But no one was around.

Fresh green stalks,
Gave way to flowery leaf,
Is there around; a rabbit?
Instead saw perched; a parrot.

I took the carrot
thats when it started
They are a wonder
The best is down under

Loveliest of orange,
No! not a mirage,
My love is like the carrot
I heard from the parrot

What you see at the top,
Is just a tiny drop
My love; like a thunder,
Emerges from down under.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the Wild

Two days of Dusshera holidays saw us pack our bags to foothills of Nilgiris - Masinagudi. Driving through Bandipur and then the Mudumalai forest area makes me happy. One has to go through Bandipur if you have to go to Wayanad or Ooty. The drive is peaceful amidst bamboos and other wild trees; passing along numerous sign boards mentioning to maintain silence; no use of plastic; no stopping and such. Occasional sights of bashful deers, curious langurs and if you can get lucky herds of elephants to keep one happy.

Went on a night safari and also day safari this time. At night; spotted herds and herds of elephants seeking refuge beside road. They escape the harsh mosquitoes and come to the edge of the forest.  Saw 10-20 together a couple of times. No photos. Sorry! I didnt want to introduce harsh lights on them. I felt guilty about going for the night safari; it was a private one; courtesy the resorts. The jeep drivers are not sensitive to the elephants. The driver of our jeep went very near to those herds and was heckling at them to grab their attention. He took the jeep too close for comfort and used harsh headlights on them. It was however; cute to see mother and calves; mother protective of their calf; the calf being naughty and running away while the mother pulled the calf's tail.

It always brings me immense happiness to get close with nature. Few pics


Bandipur-Mudumalai forest reserve. Spotted deers all along.

A curious langur. Another was hanging from the tree; few others curiously looking at us and maybe wondering "Who are these monkeys?"

Clicked just one picture of an elephant though herds of them were spotted at night. This was the closest we got; and enough light so didnt need to use flash. There was another gentle giant walking in the opposite direction on the road and it was scary; what if it just comes and topples the car? But he didnt bother; and we went our way.

They dont simply compare a beautiful pair of eyes to a deer's isnt it?

An ostentation of peacocks; unaware of the intruders.

A lovely sunset.  Oh yeah spotted few bison and pheasants as well.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Regarding my previous post...

I got few emails and few concerns from well wishers about an incident I mentioned in my post "Children" which I decided to remove. I am putting it back; thanks to Anil for bringing back my senses.

Child abuse - yes that was it. We have given a name to it now. I am not justifying nor supporting the cruel act. But I just want to say that it was kind of 'acceptable' and normal for parents to use the stick to discipline their kids; 20+ years ago. Why? Didnt teachers in school use them as well? Is there anyone who has not been beaten in school or at home for wrong doing? If it was NEVER; I am seriously happy for them to have been in a matured environment.

Now; thanks to our education and exposure; we have realized that is not the right thing to do. But people; my whole idea in that post was to bring out the differences between kids then and now. I wanted to say how we would fear to speak a lie or utter an expletive or even lacking an idea of what a condom was!

Please take it easy :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


plural of child (Noun)

  1. A young human being below the age of full physical development or below the legal age of majority
I want to make sure I got the right definition of 'children' so that I could justify my frequent "mouth wide open in shock" reaction during my recent picnic.

Well, yeah its only the physical development that decides if a human being is a child or an adult. So if thats not taken into account; is it alright for them to curse, smirk, give that sensuous look like adults? :-/

People, this is an honest question. I get intimidated with kids around - for the way and the topic they discuss. 5 kids aged between 12-17 accompanied by their respective dads. Bandipur tiger reserve on a jungle safari - the kids were talking non stop. Guess what it was about? Brands - Nike, Puma, Reebok....each one had high end cameras with them. Another girl was incessantly yapping off about her trip to Singapore and how the safari here is so mediocre.

Their disappointed verbal expression of not spotting a tiger was the final nail in the coffin. I and Velu exchanged looks. What got us uncomfortable was this "Daddy, this is not done. I did not expect this. Lets go somewhere else. WTF!" Another one joined "Yeah! WTF!!" Others joined in chorus. All these among others also in the bus. The dads were indifferent; surprisingly. One of them gave a stern look; one kid was smart enough to catch that and exclaimed "WTF - World Taekwondo Federation". Our wide gaped mouths just shut!!

Now why am I mentioning all these is because I got reminded of my childhood. I was in 1st grade. I stole a pencil from school and got it home. My mom was so furious with me that she heated a knife and placed the red hot stuff on my hand. The mark still exists and each time I see it; I recall that day. Yeah that was harsh but that was the last day I stole.

Few years later; I should be 11 years old or so; a neighbor kid had a fight with me and she uttered an expletive. I didnt even utter it but just said "You too". My mom was a strict disciplinarian. She overheard it and on that occasion I was punished so hard that I never used expletive there after.

Again around that time; we had to attend a cousin's wedding. The groom's friends presented them with a packet. The bride and groom spent 1 hour unpacking it; as the gift was wrapped in layers of newspapers. Around a kg of gift packet reduced to a small carton box and a Lacto King chocolate. As soon as they discovered what it was; the newly weds threw it on the ground. I picked it up. I was playing with it; even about to attempt to blow the balloon ;-) My mom noticed it and knocked it off my hand. I was protesting when she gave me a stern look and that was all that I needed to keep shut.

We were so innocent then; where has the innocence gone? Its nice to see kids know the world and they are sharp and smart; but really sad to see what all they have lost.

Do we celebrate the gain or feel sorry about the loss? I dont know but I get intimidated with kids around

Friday, October 7, 2011

Piling up memories

What in your opinion is the ultimate infestation in most homes? Pests? Fungus? No; these can be handled by calling in pest control. Once it invades; you have no escape. What is it? Junk - books, magazines, clothes, utensils, appliances, empty containers etc - which you intend to clear and think its under your control - but before you realize; they pile up.

You would think that its not junk and that some day; you will definitely use them - that utopian day would never arrive. Maybe one day that 28" slim fit low hip jeans would fit again or you would wear to office that dangling multi layered neon green chandelier earrings you wore to college. Yeah? Usually, you attach emotional value to these which were once a part of your life - that barely there soccer ball, an old journal, a faded shirt.

You never know what all is in store? I uncluttered 6 months ago before shifting to my apartment; yet when I brought those carton boxes down the loft to search for something I misplaced; I fainted at what all I had stored. A crumpled yellow background paper napkin with  Jack-o'-lantern on it; which I picked up from the very first Halloween celebration I attend few years ago in US; fees receipt of my engineering semesters, CET entrance fee receipt, my first flight journey tickets, letters from my school friend, slam on. Oh yeah, I definitely found the preserved love letters; greeting cards, photo of an old flame; it is obvious!

Gaze at each one fondly; memories rushing back; reminiscing those wonderful times; sifting through them; undecided what must be let go and what must be held back. You fail to notice; but junk have a life of their own; their life span is as long as ours. Every time you sit to clear them off; you sift and shuffle and create more junk - you get your dose of resurrecting your 'those' days - "Was I really that slim?" "Did he wear his shirt with cuffs folded?" - creating feelings of priceless joy.

My progress/marks report from Lower Kindergarten till 10th grade, photos through the years.......They cant be called junk and I will continue to preserve them while others are mercilessly thrown into trash.

This is the pyjama of my salwar suit. I remember the kurta had lace works. I was no more than 3.5 years. I cant even push my hands till my elbow now. Its a nice feeling - was I that tiny? I have diligently preserved this one for so many years now :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I think I figured out why I am wary of posting on my blog - choosing my words and typing in to be precise. Communication explosion at work. I have never earlier talked to 30 different people and respond to 40+ mails each day - choosing the words and framing statements so that the message reaches the way you intend to - firm, crisp and diplomatic. 

I can segregate write-ups (emails, technical documents) as one of the below; with my experience :)
  • A long writeup which can help relieve ennui or might cause headaches; you scan for relevant and useful data but you find none.
  • One that is scattered with too many morphemes the way Anil writes(for most of us thats giving our dictionary extra work); which can lead to a confabulation later. Anil, this is a compliment :) 
  • Firm and point blank, assertive ones which can be mistaken for aggression. 
  • Write ups which are not mindful of the language flow, continuation and grammar. It still could pass the intended message or cause chaos.
Shhessh!! I have even started to bullet out my blog post!! I have been learning a lot on written communication. Its difficult to gather the tone of the other party when all that you get are words to read. You dont want to read more to it; neither would you want to miss the message. I have been weighing the statements I make, the choice of words. If you have been reading me for sometime; you might have noticed my obsession with "never". I am taking extra caution about not using 'NOT' and other negative words.

Another trick I have learnt is to not give the other party a choice of YES/NO but to be assertive and ask for next set of information. Its not "Can I please use the infrastructure?" but "I plan to start using the infrastructure; please share the relevant details."

So yeah, lot of things in BIG GOOD(pun intended) corporate world :) I am learning! I am learning :)

PS : I just noticed that its quite a short post for communication.