Thursday, February 25, 2010

Indian Movies, Masti and Emotions

I assume most of you know Hindi. So far, there has been no 'videshi' reader yet!! :-P

Before you jump into any conclusion, NO I am not writing a post in Hindi.

My ever-lasting source of fun and a good laughter is watching old Indian movies. You know, those kind of movie where the hero and the heroine were bulky and shapeless and with paunch. I am not saying its a crime, they represented common man. Not everyone has a 6 pack or a size zero or flat abs!!

Those movies where the actor wore green pant, yellow shirt and red shoes...Govinda types. Those type of movies where dances were like exercises taught at schools.

1 - raise your right hand, 2 - raise your left hand, 3 - right foot forward, 4 - left foot forward...types.

Those type of movies where hero is poor, has a sick mom, a sister yet to be married, who is financially weak and falls in love with a rich chick kinds....

More than any of these, those movies where dialogues just give you a high!! yeah a high or is it low??? Certainly it makes me laugh.....

Ajee sunte ho, munna ke pitaji............

This is a wife seeking husband's attention. Do we find this in movies nowadays? Now its " son is no more"

Pithaji, maaf kardijiye.....

Those formal mouthing of dialogues!! Did everyone speak so formally in those days? It seems very made up and rehearsed. They are full of emotions, overdose of emotions. Were people over-emotional then?

Swaami, main dhanya hun

Vats, is baaliko ko andhar le chalo

Taj unke kareeb nahin hota jinke kareeb khauf hota hain - one of the dialogue from Mugal-e-azam

Yeh aap kya keh rahe hain bhai saab?

Unki aatma batak rahi hai.....The ghost!!

Yeh kya anyaay hai bhagwan!!

Bhagwan, maine aaj tak tumse kuch nahin manga, aaj pahli baar kuch maang raha hun

Once again, I know its redundant to mention it, but I nudged Gautam to utter few dialogues he could recall. I was sure he will come up with never thought about dialogues. Thats why I encourage him to participate in discussions with me!!

Here are his lines......

hamari iccha yeh hai ki, ye duniya itna zaalim na ho...

kitna sundar upaay balika

He even recalled a Britannia 50-50 advertisement that went on the lines of old movies

premalatha, ye duniya kitna zaalim hain...
kyun na hum kahi jaakar atma hatya kar le
kyun na hum britannia 50 50 khaakar zindagi ka aanand lein

There are few classic dialogues; I bet these are universal to India and that they are available in all languages. The names never change, the tones never change, the style never change....

Mein tumhari bachche ki ma banne wali hoon......(the helpless pregnant lover)

Bhaiyyyaaaaaaaaaa!!!.................(the all protecting elder brother)

Ramu kaka...(omni present bawarchi)

Ek baar mujhe ma kehkar pukaaro beta....(with an earnest look)

Doodh pi lijiye....(On the first night, a shy wife telling her newly wed husband)

Bhabhi, tumhare haath ki chai peene ko man kar raha hai ...........(Love oozing out...a loving brother-in-law yearning for bhabhi's haath ki banayi hi chai!!!)


Maa, mein first class pass hogaya maa!!

Driver!! gaadi roko...

Yeh behcaari begunah hai...Thats all your honor.

This can go on and on....

Just fast forward and think about the dialogues in movies now. Its all "Yo!" , "Dude", "Saala", "Kaminaey"......

The world is a global village, so our communication is also inspired...mix of this and that!!

Sample this....

thok dega tere ko saale
kya samjha apun ko
mamu nahi
boley toh apun ko bhi kuh kuch
holey raha ha biddu

oye..milli...milli....sun na...kya hai munna? hum sochraela ke apun ko settle hone ka

All said and done, its our staple diet in entertainment!

And yes, please mention your favorite dialogue from old movies while commenting :-)

Main ja rahi hoon.....main ja rahi hoon.............Alvida.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An ITSY-BITSY information

I could not follow a word of his speech, it was all mumbo-jumbo

The shelves were filled with purse, needles, pins and other such knick-knacks.

These are simple sentences we use in our day to day life. Whats special about them you may ask. Nothing much, except for these playful phrases - kinck-knacks, mumbo-jumbo.....

The pleasure we get by playing around with words, in turn coining new phrases as words. That's how a language is enriched. Same with English. It has evolved so much, its never the same as it was.

Idioms, phrases, words are poetic when rhymed. In order to enhance the poem, one tends to use meaningless or irrelevant words as long as it fits in. But its not restricted to poems alone, we use it everyday.....from dilly-dallying at running helter-skelter trying to cross the crowded street.

Repeating parts of words to make new words is called REDUPLICATION. They are coined for nothing more than the enjoyment of wordplay. The words making up these idioms have no meaning in themselves. They have an effect only when combined. Also, only one word from that word pair does have some meaning and pre-exists. The other pair is added to just enhance the effect.

E.g chit-chat.
Chat itself is diminutive form of chatter. 'Chit' in itself is meaningless.

There are different types of Reduplication.

Exact - These are used as baby talk to make young kids understand and learn the language. Idioms like

Rhyming - They are just like Cockney rhyming slang, where normal words are replaced by rhyming words. Few idioms here.

Ablaut - Suggest motion, like it is 'this' now and 'that' later. Words like

The above phrases ; if observed has 'i' in the first word and an 'a' or an 'o' in the second word. Does anybody have any idea why? If so, please enlighten me.

Second observation is that ABLAUT REDUPLICATION are sometimes ONOMATOPOEIC
onomatopoeia are words that sound like the objects they name or the sounds those objects make).

The room was so silent that I could hear the TICK-TOCK of the clock - Perfect example of a phrase which is both ablaut reduplicated and also onomatopoeic.

Another one, a famous rhyme!! Now stand up and sing along people!!......with actions............

I hear thunder, I hear thunder,
Oh. don't you?
Oh. don't you ?
Pitter Patter raindrops,
Pitter Patter raindrops
I'm wet through, I/m wet through.

To enjoy a onomatopoeic story - please click here -A CRACKLING story. Don't ever miss this piece; I am telling this for your own benefits :-D

And as usual, I was discussing reduplication with Gautam. We brought in few more phrases in Hindi.

table-vable saaf karo
chai-vaai pilao

But these phrases don't seem to be reduplication. Why because the complete word is just paired with totally incomprehensible word just for the flow of sentence; and they don't actually form a new meaning in itself; unlike the reduplicated words.

I hope you all enjoyed this itsy-bitsy information. Now enough of my mumbo-jumbo, I am off to play see-saw!!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Going overboard!!

Its basic human tendency to go overboard, or rather its our birthright to go overboard!! Why not? We get bliss out of it!! I would not want to analyze why one tends to overboard. Go figure out yourself!!! Yet, I will throw in an idea about what 'overboard' I am not talking about!!!

I am NOT talking about Over or as if over the side of a boat or ship.

Instead, I am talking about going to extreme levels; due to enthusiasm!! curiosity!! hyper-energetic!!!

See!! See!! Just like me !! I am so hyper-energetic at the moment that I want to use !!!!!! as much as possible!!!!

:-D !!!!

How many times in a day do you go overboard and do things out of your way?? Is a day too much? Well, I bet it isn't!!

Errr...did I just analyze? See!! I told ya I am hyper-energetic at the moment!!!

NO!! I have not consumed any alcohol yet!!

Well, coming to the point, I go overboard whenever I hear a new song. I keep listening to it back to back with the 'repeat' mode on; until I really start hating the song that I loved!!

I go overboard trying to help my colleagues, friends, playing agony aunt. They don't thank me!! forget thanking, they don't even realize the importance!!

No cribbing! I am happy happy!!

I go overboard most times when I safely hide my credit card in a purse and hide the purse beneath heap of clothes in the cupboard. When I want them, I search and search in vain!! After much futile attempt, I call up customer care and block the cards, and Lo!! I remember where I hid them!!!

I go overboard ordering a sizzler, beans spud, mushroom caps grilled; at my favorite restaurant. Only that, when my order arrives, I feel I can eat them for 3 days!!!

A guy goes overboard wooing the lady, in vain; because he has got everything wrong right from her choice of perfume to her hatred for onions!!

Women go overboard trying to look slim and end up being anorexic!!

A computer goes overboard, trying to multi-task and multi-process and multi-thread....(Computer jargon...mind you..All 3 are different); in vain and then hangs itself!!!

A daughter-in-law goes overboard trying to keep mom-in-law happy, only to face her wrath!!

A son-in-law goes overboard trying to keep both his newly wed wife and his mom happy!! Is it ever possible????

Hmm, Neha goes overboard trying to prove that she is CONCEITED while I go overboard trying to prove that I am HUMBLE!!!


And here is the final straw!! Whoever has the guts to GO OVERBOARD, can pick this award!!
Yeah?? ..........Yeah!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Poor? How lucky!!!

Sometime last week, there was one more report about Indians being targeted in Australia. That's no news!! I know!! I am up to date Ladies and Gentlemen!!. What caused an uproar was because of one Mr Overland, the Chief of Police, Victoria. His advice to the great Indian diaspora caused quite an uproar among Indians in Australia. He asked the Indian students to 'look poor'. No display of gadgets, no jewelery, try looking as poor as one can. To deter attacks, transform yourself to tramps and beggars!!

Whats the big deal? Common!! why take the man's statements wrong? Don't you all know being poor is the new hip thing around town nowadays? Just look around you. It is cool to be poor!! Everyone is endorsing it. Wealth and poverty are not the same as you think, anymore.

A friend of mine invested around 10000 INR in a bicycle; to commute to work. The humble bicycle once used by postmen and milkmen is being used by CEOs and elite rich to commute. My milkmen has got a cool 120 cc motorcycle now!!

With our politicians chanting 'austerity' as their new mantra, trains and buses have become their favorite mode of transport. And if they fly, its the 'cattle class'...ooops!!! I mean the economy class.

And yes, does anyone remember cotton or khadi being a symbol of working class? Just go try buying a pure cotton dress. I bet you can't measure how big it makes a hole in your pocket. And yeah, not to forget the extra money you need to splurge to maintain the cloth. It costs Rs 25 to wash, starch and iron a cotton Saree!! Its better to leave cotton alone for the rich!

And how does a millionaire want his house to be? House made of bamboo, thatched roof....Nah!! not such houses where the ceiling would look if it pours!! With cooking utensils being earthen wares, made of clay! Don't believe me? Walk into a posh high-end restaurant and see what they serve the food in. The earthy earthen utensils, which are cheap to afford; have been transformed as a substance of sophistication and projected as an affectation.

My grandma had large collection of brass and copper vessels which she used to cook. Off late, I don't see them being used by any poor folks, but is a display which decorates designer homes and bathrooms! They are sold at exorbitant prices as antiques.

And the food? Gruel; the humble food made with coarse grains only; staple food of the poorer folks are the staple health food of the rich and the swanky. Unpolished rice, grains, cereals.....are all packed in glamorous packets and sold in super markets as health food.

Image from all typical characteristics of poverty has become a symbol of status and suave for the elite. So are you not lucky if you are poor? Think!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Birthday Wish, few pictures with stories

Few more pictures to share. However, the ones I would be sharing here are NOT MINE. I have taken the liberty to use them in my blog as it belongs to a very good friend of mine. I genuinely feel that it must be shared; more people see them and feel some unexplainable joy, because that's what I feel each time I see these snaps.

They will absolutely! as they make me happy each time I see these amazing pictures again and again; they never cease to amaze me. The collection is not exhaustive; so I am going to share the ones I love the most.

Each picture has a story; a story of a passionate lover of nature, a story of an ardent admirer of even the most frivolous object, a person who can get crazier and freakier and do anything to capture the beauty of nature. I am not exaggerating here, I am only playing down. I say this because some of the pictures have changed me forever. It has taught me to appreciate small things, to pause amidst the fast life and take in the beauty that's in abundance all around us but we are blind to see them. It has taught me to believe that everything has a reason behind and whatever happens; its for good.

I have learnt all this because of my friend who celebrates his birthday today. Before sharing some of his marvelous snaps, I would like to wish him on his birthday.

MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY GAUTAM. And congrats on reaching your Quarter Century or Silver Jubilee :-D

And yeah, I started developing a keen interest in photography after seeing his works. So He is my Guru. I try my best to be half as good as him. Now to some of his pictures and the story behind few of them.

On the way from Leh to Manali. This picture was taken during a short lunch break. Instead of eating something to revive his strength, he has roamed around and captured these tiny mounds.

On the way from Leh to Manali

Keep waiting for these creatures to fly and then snap!!!

Night sky.....

Freaky guy that he is....had this penchant to capture The Taj Mahal at 6 AM. I would say its all worth the effort.

How perfect would this be if not for that concrete piece!!

Heights of craziness here. He wanted to see the golden temple at sunrise. Seems he missed it as the train was delayed. Still he managed to capture the golden temple at sunrise. Wonder how? He simply slept by this pool in freezing weather and woke up at sunrise!!! Wont believe me? Please see the next snap.

Golden Temple at night. In the foreground is his bed!

A beautiful silhouette of a man seeking solitude. That man in the picture is his friend who was just walking ahead of him. If it were me, I wouldn't have had this idea of a beautiful picture, instead I would be running to keep up pace with the friend.

In Gautam's words - "Majestic view of the almost unclimbablee peak, Indrasan (6220 m). The flatter Deo Tibba (6001 m) by the right side behind Indrasan. And yes, we did not even think about going to that avalanche, rockfall, landslide prone area. It would also have a number of hidden crevasses. Climbing it is tougher than Everest."

The famous musical fountain in front of Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas.

What can I say? Instead of seeking blessing, photographing a sadhu

Can you guess what it is??

Hazy and obscure smoke from agarbathis(scented stick). He captured this while sleeping inside a truck's cabin. Can you spot the lady walking?

Snowy railway track while on the way to Grand Canyon, Arizona

Road side mutton tikka in Leh

Leh - desert?

On the way to GC, Arizona

A young Lama and an older lama at a Buddhist monastery in Leh. Observe the old man, calm and serene and now the kid. :-)

Khardung La - 37 kms from Leh. It is the highest motor able road

I don't know what word to use to describe the craziness here. Its raining. On the terrace is the water tank. Collect some leaves and twigs and place the camera on it. Set timer. And sprint to the other end of the water tank to capture a self portrait!!

Do you remember Polar Express? This was captured on the way to Grand Canyon, Arizona

An old ship in San Deigo

12:30 AM. Everyone is asleep. Neighborhood is calm. Our man decides to write a poem to his friend as a birthday gift. Starts writing a couple of lines, spots a book on India nearby. Some creative thing flashes. Runs outside, collects some dry leaves, places them on a table, keeps the book and a rose beside along with the calligraphic pen and the paper on which the poem is being written. Lights a candle and captures this abstract picture very quickly to light out the flame to avoid fire alarm set off

Don't believe me? See the next picture.

Background of the abstract

While walking on the streets of NYC, found a couple with their young kid. The father is lighting mom's cigarette while the kid is looking at them....

A busy Promenade street in LA, people rushing. How beautiful it is to slow down, look around and take in the mood. Gautam just did that!

Hmm, interesting photo. I forgot the story behind it.

San Deigo skyline

I would keep sharing more photos on and on. Let me just stop. And this is Gautam finally :-) Contended and happy.

PS : Gautam, I hope you didn't mind me sharing your snaps here without your permission. Just took the liberty. Many Many more happy returns of the day again :-)

PPS : I was awarded Most Courteous Blogger Award by Gautam few days back. I thought today was an appropriate day to put it up. This is what he said - "This award is only for Insignia, for being so courteous to all those who visit her blog, and for respecting the point of view, and critics of every visitor."

Thanks a ton Gautam for finding me courteous. I do know I am way too courteous than required most times, but thats the way I am, and I find it tough to change!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Few pictures that turned up really vibrant and colorful. These are potpourri; I clicked them at various times. They are ordinary pictures, very amateurish, however I like them. It brings a smile on my face whenever I see these.

Farmer's Market-LA. Dazzling fountains; in the background is a movie hall showing Sweeny Todd and The Cheesecake Factory beside.

The color....The soft petals...Magical

Is this earth or heaven?

A colorful huge guitar in Universal Studios, LA

What say? Luscious red!! Don't you want to bite into it?

This mug has colorful dragons and other Chinese good luck motifs. I picked it up from Tibetan village near Coorg

Don't know if this berry is edible? But it was drenched in rain. I still recall watching these beautiful things while having a hot cup of coffee in my office campus

No post picture work. This was how the sky was.

A field with sunflower plants I saw on the way somewhere.

The only picture we could get from different cameras at this dark hour was the board. We could not picture ourselves :-|

I found these colorful but my friends found it an awesome food. :-) Different individuals have different views.

480 pounds Pumpkin. Won some award. Found this displayed in a winery in Napa Valley

NYSE, Wall Street. The American flag in all its glory

The ever popular Times Square.

Flamingo Casino... I was familiar with this logo as a kid, having seen in so many movies!

Fans like projections from the ceiling. Does anyone know where this is? :-P

I was loitering the streets of Palo Alto, when I came across a street market. The picture is simple but somehow beautiful

I have shared this snap earlier too. I know!! But cant stop myself!! Aren't they gorgeous?