Monday, October 5, 2015


You are given choices all the time; every turn in your life. To

Ignore or Attend to - When you see a wounded stray dog on the road. I saw one the day before with his tail badly damaged while commuting by auto. The dog seemed calm; but my heart skipped a beat when I saw the raw flesh. I thought about all the dust, infection and the struggle. I wanted to stop the auto; run after him and take to a vet and at least dress his wounds. My thought stopped there; I took no action. Why? Everyday; I see at least one stray wounded, bruised and battered. I so want to take them all in. I choose to ignore. 

Love or be Indifferent - You are given a choice to either love or hate? I wont call the opposite of love is hate. Hate is still fine; its the indifference that hurts more. The person whom you love, care and wish good chooses to be indifferent. What do you do? Either choose to continue to love or ignore. Continue to do what you'd do. How can you stop just because the other didn't reciprocate your feelings? Is it give or take? Its not a transaction right? 

Thank or Crib - Well, to each his own. We think our struggles are the greatest and worse injustice has been done. While you are fighting to hold on to the person you love; give a moment and think about the thousands of refugees who are forced to abandon everything for no fault of theirs. Now do you thank for whatever you are provided with - meals, a decent job, clothes, shelter, a smart phone to express your criticism or crib about traffic, your job, your partner?

Be Calm or be angry - When you are being tested, being questioned, taken for granted...You can either talk rubbish and use foul language, express anger or just stay calm. Is being calm and being at receiving end a sign of weakness? No! its just that you are mature and stronger than the other person who is expressing the anger. 

Let Go or Hold on to - Sometimes its better to let go than hold on to something that would not empower you and nourish you. Letting go; in other words giving up. You can only try for a while and then let go for the best of everyone. 

So see, there is a choice in life all the time. Good person or bad person. No one knows what happens to us after our death. What happens to our soul? While we are alive; we have a choice all the time; until death. Its us who can take control of how we want to be. Sometimes the decision taken can be termed stupid, foolish and even hopeless. But if you feel you did the right thing and feel satisfied about it; make that choice.