Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 in review

A lot happened this year; a mix of positive and negative things. It was nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Few things worse which I hope wont repeat. Anyway, I am going to leave out the unpleasant ones; instead remember only the nice ones. This year has been a blessing. Started few new things, came across few amazing people and kept myself busy overall. 
  • It was an year of crazy travel; diverse, adventurous and fun - Kerala, Kashmir, the USA, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico and Laos. Mayan ruins of Tikal, subterranean caving in Laos were the highlights. Many have this wrong notion that travel needs lot of money. Its not true; tickets and daily expenses cant be avoided but no! they are not expensive unless you want to travel luxuriously. 
  • Spent time with close friends after years during my California visit and also got to meet friends from the US here in Bangalore after couple of years; so good to reminisce over a beer or two! 
  • Finally read the Harry Potter series after years of dismissing them; thanks to a friend who kept nagging me to read them
  • Started watching TV series. I didnt understand why people were mad about them; but must admit few ones are awesome; sensible and actually challenge the intelligence of audience as compared to the Indian serials that is a mockery of everything.
  • Got introduced to another form of art - painting. It was surprising to know the various forms, media, techniques; appreciate the talent and creativity. I learnt about more artists and their works; now regular visitor to art galleries in Bangalore and places I travel. 
  • Started sketching; for someone who couldn't even scribble a line; to start sketching and zentangling is a great start!
  • Started writing Haikus. Combining it with pictures to convey my thoughts better worked; because not many understand Haiku. 
  • Wrote more poems this year; as compared to articles. 
  • Started a FB page for my Haiku, Photography and Sketches. Not many followers but the act of starting something new is so refreshing!
  • Started a Youtube channel Bindu's Wanderlust to log my travel stories; because apparently visuals attract better than words  
  • Got myself a new job; learning and settling down apart; made new friends. 
Here wishing you all a great year 2017. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I've been often told by my partner that I am idealistic. No, not in the way of "I know the best" or "Holier than thou" creepy kind but in a way that masks the reality and practicality of life.

Being idealistic is not "real world" is the argument. And I always disagree. Of course; one needs to be aware of the situation, of the limitations of real world and act accordingly. But I would also argue that dismissing idealistic thoughts is looking for an excuse to not try the best. Of course; trying to do one's best is not an easy task. Not to be mistaken; its not that people are intentionally giving in. Its only natural that the path we tend to follow is of least resistance; of accepting limits easily and thus deciding to be "realistic" could result in mediocre results.

Coming to my thought process; I often envisage a world as it should be than the world it is now. BUT; I think I am doing just fine as long as I am not in a dreamy world having lost all reality. I would like to use my emotive state to make things better, to make people around me feel better. My state I believe would turn into actions that would encourage people. However; if any of my beliefs are an hindrance; than I have a problem that should be fixed.

I don't think there is a single one of us that looks at our own life, our situations and society at large and not think "I wish this was not what it is" or "I wish this was better". Idealism can co-exist with realism and cynicism. As an attitude; idealism could instigate to pursue the best path rather than the most accessible easier path. But if its substituted with realism; basing policy on what is "appropriate" or "accurate" or what people "should" do instead of what it is or what people do; it can have bad consequences - the "holier than thou" phenomenon I mentioned earlier.

On the flip side; there are these rich emotional and passionate convictions that I share with very few people. My core values and my principles are things that I wouldn't stop believing in how much ever I am tested, beaten and battered. I would just be grateful for all the good things.

Amidst mounds of negativity and horror around you; when life knocks you down as soon as you are up with no respite; hopefulness gets you through your worst and helps moves forward to the best. You can either be bitter about it or try your best to see if there are alternatives. Seeing the world the way it is and still hoping for the best is nothing short of a gift. To see that silver lining in the cloud, to see a helping hand in that chaos, to see a pathway of compassion and understanding is a blessing. Seeing imperfection in perfection and accepting flaws and limitations while striving to be better allows one to find that inner self control, a conviction that defines the strength. Seeing humanity in everyone and seeking the best for others, believing that others' dreams and hopes can be enriched with your presence and to be able to love unconditionally, to be more accepting and forgiving is hope. And to be hopeful is a great strength that can take you a long way. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gypsy's Friend

He was brought to my area by a family who were hired for a building construction as a 2-3 month old pup; about 3 years ago. He is an Indie; used to be tied up outside their shanty temporary home in the construction site; watching me and Gypsy everyday whenever we would go walking. His thin tail would wag vigorously every time he saw Gypsy. Once the building construction was complete; the family abandoned him and he made this area his home.

He would never come near us; now that he was free. He would stand at a distance and continue to wag his tail and run away. He didn't become part of any pack; though he is amicable with every other dogs in the area - be it stray or breed. He is fed by many people; his territory stretches long and wide on all four sides.

One can see a guy feeding biscuits every morning or a lady feeding him rice or a shopkeeper spreading out gunny sack for him to sleep on. He has many names, now has a collar around his neck. Very well behaved; this pup has earned trust, love and respect of everyone. As days passed by; he got a bit more confident to come near Gypsy. Gypsy considers him as best friend too; he gets restless if he does not meet this guy at least once in a day. He would sit on the road and wait until his fellow turns up. The same with him; wherever he is; he would for sure come running as soon as he recognises gypsy's scent; like the way you see in movies how two long lost friends run to hug each other. They play for a while. He does not let any other dog intimidate Gypsy and if any stray barks at Gypsy; he is always there to protect.

On one of our walk evenings; Gypsy waiting for his friend to turn up.

If it's just me walking on the road; he would come up to me and push his snout into my hand or rub his head against my leg. A pat and a rub and he would walk with me for a while and let me go. Today he came till the gate and was waiting; wouldn't go in spite of me nudging him. Strays are fed at times or they scavenge but finding water to drink is hard for them. Fed him and gave him water to drink; looks like it was thirst. He drank until his thirst quenched and off he went. I've thought many times to bring him home. But he may not like it; he is a free spirit; loves his freedom. May not like being cooped up.

I haven't named him; just address him "DA" - a self made alpha 😊