Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Love Your Comments :-P

I am writing this piece after much thought, fighting against myself if it would be politically correct and appropriate to be writing on such a topic. I just talked about this idea with Neha, and she encouraged me to go ahead; in fact following up to check when I would post it. If not for her, I might still be in the process of thinking. Well, well, there are few good people who always appreciate a good write up, I am sure; so here I go.

This comes after observing for quite sometime; you don't really know; but everyone leaves behind relative patterns in their actions, in the blogs we write, the words we choose, the comments we make on the posts. It would seem oblivious to us, but we do leave trails. You think I am going to talk about Chaotic Theory and Randomness? Finding order in chaos? Fractals? These needs helluva of a brain; which I don't possess. If I don't possess such an overwhelming brain, I assume you all don't have it too :-P and so I shall spare you all from them. What I am hinting at wont need an astute brain but just some observation and analysis.

OK OK, here is what its going to be. I am a very thoughtful commentator; at blog posts. At least that's what I think about myself. I do read the posts before commenting, I do go back and check if the author has any questions for me based on my comments, or if there is anything else that I need to pass on; like Thanks. I don't end up posting unrelated comments. So I feel I am thoughtful to some extent. Those who don't agree can keep quiet!!! :-P :-P :-P

Yeah, I do read comments passed on by readers in my blog and also in others' blog. And I have drawn a picture of some of these comments. What they write, what they mean and what I think...

Please note that What they mean is just my figment of imagination; which in most cases is true :-P
Hahaha, I am wicked.

So let me shoot.

"Awesome post"
(Oh!! I did skim through your post. I just know one proper adjective in the English vocabulary. That's the best one I know of. So here it is; my best comment)
Whoever discovered this word "awesome"!!!! But my response would be "Thank you for the comments :-)"
With a smiley....huh.....

"Nice read"
(You wasted my precious time baby!!)
Huh...did you say "nice"? Nice means foolish you fella; of course in medieval English. But I still attach nice to stupid.

"Very detailed description....."
(Were you planning for a movie screenplay? How much should I strain my brain to visualize all that you typed? Better make it simple the next time buddy!!)
Geee..I guess I really narrated it well. I will try to do better next time

Oh NO!!!

"Its a sensitive topic. So I would rather not comment"
(I really don't know about the topic. But am I going to accept it? Yet, I want to comment on this post; else you wont comment on my next post isn't it?)
If so, what was the need to mention it on comment section? Just ignore!!

(I am tired to read this post. But let me make my presence felt)
What are you laughing at? Me??

"I got reminded of the incident that happened..........................................................................................................."
(Oh, your post made me recall this sweet incident!!)
Buddy, you hijack my blog, and publish a new post on my blog muft mein.....Ok maaf kiya. But where is the comment for my post? You liked it? Suggestions? improvements?

"What you mentioned is wrong. I don't agree..........."
(I had a bad day at work, my spouse never stops nagging me, and I am all conked up. I want to throw my frustration somewhere and Lo! your blog seems to be a nice loo)
OK, Boss, you don't agree. We can always agree to disagree. Not everyone thinks alike. Cool down.
Alter-ego: Huh!! Who is asking you to agree? I didn't write for you to agree. Its MY blog, I shall write whatever I want

(I don't know what to say)
What? Are you mocking at me? Are you agreeing with what I wrote? What? I don't understand a thing from your :-)

"Very touching post"
(Urgh!! You made me recall past events. Now I feel terrible)
Touched what? :-P

"I liked your statement in P.S"
(Your P.S was much better than your main script. Grow up!!)
Oh! Did you read the whole post at all?

"Great. Happy Diwali"
(Your post sucks!!!)
Thanks. What else are you expecting?

"This is all too much"
(It seems funny to me)
What is too much? It may seem absurd to you. But these are my views. As I respect you, learn to respect others' views

"I don't seem to understand your statement. Are you saying its right? Can you please explain?"
(I am stupid. I don't understand things easily. Please explain it to me in simple terms)
Did I use Latin or Aramaic? Was it not simple. Phew!!!

"I am speechless"
(I am confused! I don't know if I understood what you wrote)
Would you just puke out on your monitor if you opened your mouth to speak? Was my post that bad?

"What the %^$# are you saying?"
(I liked it so much. My idea of appreciation is to use 'f' words)
Excuse me!! Are you abusing me? Watch your words; else I will pull out your tongue

"Enakku roamba pidichirunthathu"/Kya baat hai, acha laga"
(Wow, I just loved the post so much that I can only express it my native tongue now)
Hey!! Why don't you mention the same in a language where everyone understands. Others might take it offensive buddy!! As if you are sharing a secret of a treasure only with me

"Hi, New here. Nice blog you have. I will blog roll you right away"
(I am blog hopping; hoping that you will visit my blog)
Hey, thanks. But so many people find my blog good and promise to blog roll. They do blog roll but vanish later?!! boy!! Is there a special punishment like lifetime imprisonment for people who blog roll me?

Phew!!! Phew!! Phew!!!

P.S - This post is so awesome. It is such a nice read. Great post!, very nicely described. But some of them that I mentioned was so wrong!! It was a sensitive topic and bit too much!!!! But I am $%^&ing speechless and I am going to be blog rolled by many folks right away!!
Waah, kya baat hai

P.S : My post script is much better ain't it?

Alright alright final P.S. Please tell me how you feel about the comments I post on your blogs. I would really love to get bashed up. :-D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food for Thought

Here is what made me write this piece. A good friend of mine has come down from the USA. We planned to catch up for lunch. He was asking me to suggest a nice eatery, hinting that I might know better about recently opened places. This is what I said "No ET. I don't food-hunt nowadays that way we used to, when we were all together. I finish my lunch in just under 15 minutes".

ET was like "Enna ippdi sollitae...namma work pannumpothu eppdilaam plan senju saaptoam"
(What are you saying? How we used to plan for our everyday lunch when we worked)

Food; the quintessential factor to drive our life on earth. As they say, few live to eat, few others eat to live. This factor brings different personalities of people together, however different each one may be, food unties everyone.

Now what made ET say that? I will talk about it few lines down. But this conversation spiraled me to some thoughts. The lunch; especially; is what I feel is the most special meal. Why? Mornings; breakfast is always hasty; rushing to office, rushing to school; we don't really sit together and relish our breakfast. Dinner; is a family affair; which stays the same since we start as a child till we die. But lunch? Its not the same.

We share our lunch time with different people at different stages in life. At school, the lunch was confined to the food packed at home in the tiffin box or the lunch box. Its a different story today with schools having cafeterias and eateries. But not so long ago, lunch break at school was the time to sit around, share the goodies each one brought, gossip and make fun of teachers. You didn't like the food you brought, its fine; you can always dig your friend's box without even being bothered about eating etiquette. Those gleaming steel tiffin boxes would traverse from one row to another, each one taking a bite of the humble luxury that was inside.

These incidents are still fresh. Well, that was a bit of nostalgia. So, as we grew, finished school. Next was college, the green pastures for all school going kids - where there were no need to wear uniforms, classes could be bunked, and yeah!! above all, freedom from carrying lunch boxes, it was so kiddish now. Lunch was at college canteen, with limited money; got as pocket money, a simple masala dosa was a 3 course elaborate meal, half plate pongal and half tea were heaven. Bunking classes, pooling in money and having a quick lunch at the college cafe, or going out to a restaurant once in a while and feasting was fun.

College done, got into a job. We were group of about 8-10 people who were all freshers, just out of college who had joined work. Got to know each other when we met for the first time during our New Employee Orientation. Even though we worked for different teams, we gelled up very well; it was all fun at work. Having got into the largest technology company in the world soon after engineering was a blessing, once we got in, the environment was so cool, it was all like a dream, with such group of friends, job place was like college extended.

Lunch was an elaborate affair, why not? Just a couple of months ago, we counted and accumulated coins to buy a plate of masala dosa, and now each of us were drawing a 5 figure salary. It was all quick, the transition. As such, our everyday lunch was a planned event, we would call each other and assemble at one of our cubes at about 12 PM. We used to finish off lunch that was packed by a friend's grandma; authentic Iyengar food mixed with ghee; as we discussed which restaurant to go that noon. Each one would fight like dogs, literally; to get our hands on the lunch box. It was always first come first serve. Whoever came late to his cube, had to make do with just aroma from the empty lunch box. I sat 2 floors above them, yet I made sure I reached first to gorge on the food, my friend would call me first notifying me that he has his lunch box with him that day :-P.

Our work place was located at the prime location in Bangalore; near MG road, which had restaurants in abundance, right from an andhra mess to coffee shop to dhaba to afghani restaurant to 5 star fine dining continental food. We were young blood, enthusiastic; these qualities showed up during lunch time too. After lot of rejections and analysis; we would choose 4-5 restaurants. Those would be further drilled down, one would say Chinese, other would say McDonald's, when one wanted to eat authentic Andhra food. By the time, we zeroed in on an eatery, it would be around 12:30. If the place was far away, mode of transport would be bikes, distance was not an issue. When the food we ordered arrived, everyone else present in the restaurant would stop eating and stare at us with a gaping mouth. You see, the amount of food kept was not proportionate to our looks. But we hogged like pigs, each noon, all 5 days, each billing about 300-600 Rs. Our lunch time wont be short of 3 hours. Even though we all worked for MNC, decently dressed, we ate in our way, the way it made us happy. Digging into each others plate, setting aside forks and knives; gorging on pizza; using our hands. Guys in my group were lean and slim, but they had such an appetite, which eventually influenced me. For me eating one slice of pizza was an ordeal before lunching with them. Later, I could finish off a medium pizza single handed. A lazy walk back to office, it would be 3 PM by then.

One such day, couple of senior managers happen to be at the same restaurant we went, they saw the empty plates around us, and exclaimed "Whats wrong with you guys!!!" Since then we were named "Hungry at" group. Never missed any restaurants in and around MG road and its by lanes. Few of our seniors used to say "The first 2 years at work would be the best phase in a professional life. Have all the fun"

How true that was. 2 years later, few left to do higher studies, few quit the company and joined elsewhere. Now after spending more than 4.5 years in corporate environment, lunch at noon is never the same. No enthusiasm, no interest to gorge on food. I no more wait to go outside to try different food, its always my office cafe, where the food is inedible most days, yet I am too preoccupied with work and deliverable and stress that I don't even realize how bad the food is. My lunch time nowadays is just short of 15 minutes.

Those were the times...............

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Macro Madness - 1

I am not going to bug you folks this time with any write ups. Its some exercise to your eyes. I was bored yesterday evening, just didn't want to think or do anything, with hectic brooding and analyzing at work......Engineer's job!! Can you expect any better?

So I just ended up shooting some pics of things lying in my home. They are all simple things but beautiful, which misses our attention. All are macro shots; with low lights and no natural lighting; as it was evening. I apologize in advance if they are not pleasing or if they lacked justice. Just my best shot; it also explains my mood.

One of the few lamps lit outside my home, the only one with wax

Autumn leaves

How can nature design beautiful patterns; so symmetrical?

Fiery red

Isn't fire lovely?

God's eye

Autumn leaf again

Bangles - how they adorn a lady's hand

A Japanese Fan

A real maple leaf covered with 18K gold. I bought this as a souvenir from Muir Woods State Park, CA

And finally, a task for you all. Can you take a guess, what this could be?

There are few more shots that I captured. Will share sometime later.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh No!!!

He was picking up his medicines from a pharmacy store and was at the counter about to pay the cashier; when suddenly, he noticed someone staring at him. He grew conscious. A man, a rugged looking stern guy; a policeman standing at a close proximity; intently gazing at him. He just walked in to quickly buy some medicines; leaving his motor bike unattended at the no-parking zone. He knew his vehicle parked there might soon invite traffic jam. It was peak time and the roads go choc-a-block very quickly.

But he was in a hurry, and had no time to park his 2 wheeler at the designated parking area; at the basement of this complex. He had a hard day at work, his supervisor on his tail forcing him to finish on some task that came unannounced. He was tired, his head getting pounded hard; as if being hammered on both side of his temples....he had a nasty headache. He just wanted to rush home; get away from these hustle and bustle; the traffic.... and take some much needed rest. He was praying hard not to get into an ordeal with the policeman; he has had already enough for today.

There seemed to be no escape. The policeman was sure waiting for him. He paid at the counter and turned; took a couple of steps; all the while the cop waiting for this guy to pass by and he trying his best to avoid any sort of eye contact with the cop. As he got close, the police walked towards him. He fretted and was thinking of rushing to his bike, kick start and wroom; thereby avoiding a penalty. There seemed to no way, the policeman directly obstructing his way, and now he was quickly thinking oodles of reasons to excuse and save himself from a probable fine. Something told him not everything he thought was right.

Then as the man approached him; he realized he was just a watchman; not a police as he mistook. His stress has numbed his senses. He was relieved that it wasn't a cop when the man said "I wanted to warn you earlier; but you ran towards the store. That's why I have been waiting by your bike."

Just when he thought it was all fine; he was left red-faced when the watchman said

"Sir, Your fly is open"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My perfect companion

Today, yet again, I spent some considerable time admiring him. He is my current favorite; for about 1.5 years or so. I could say I am obsessed with him. He is always there for me, when everyone else have abandoned me. He never lets me down. When all hell breaks loose, he is there lending his support, with patience; confident that I will go to him ultimately. And then, he caresses me, making me so comfortable, my most perfect companion.

Prior to that, my favorite was a different hunk. I let go of him when I found my latest one. You know, this guy was dashing, the old one lost his charm. Obviously, I am no saint!!! So I ditched the old one and went along with this new dude. He was cool, fresh and interesting.

Image from

He is my ever perfect, ever fitting pair of denim trousers. :-P :-D

I have mentioned about it a couple of times earlier in my posts. Mostly in tags with question - what are you wearing. Whats special about this chap? To begin with, I have about 2 dozens of denim pants or Jeans as we call it. But each time, my heart and my soul goes to this one particular piece that I bought for a steal.

A pair of well fitted jeans is the most comfortable, ever ready, piece of clothing. You team it up with a sober shirt and you are ready to go to work, compliment it with a flashy top, you are all set to rock at the party!!

Somehow, it seems to be the most worn apparel anywhere in the world; now with work place accepting them without any hoopla. Why not? Its so convenient, fit for all climatic conditions, goes boom if accessorized well at work or at party. And what more? It comes in all shapes and sizes, to fit people of all shapes and sizes. Its a "in" thing even if its faded, worn out, unwashed for ages!! Aaah..its so versatile.

Ask anyone - "what are you comfortable in?" Most would say "My pair of jeans".

I have worn them since I was a child. Then it was just a pair of them, with elastics at the hip; ill fitting. It didn't matter then. But as I grew, I got to know what sort must be worn and what not. If not chosen a proper one, they can make you look funnier than a clown. What with the companies now designing them for all types and all kinds. So if you are broad at the hip and want to camouflage it, you have the fit for that. If you are tall and skinny, you have the carrot stick leg type, the list is endless. So one need not fret and fume that you cant get a fitting pair to suit your looks, its all there. So each one can find a pair for ourselves as if they were designed with us having in mind.

Yeah! coming back to my favorite pair currently. Its a stone cold wash skinny ultra low hip pair of jeans. Its soft, and sticks to the skin, giving a feeling as if it doesn't exist. Even though its skinny, its so comfortable, well fitted at the waist. Pair it up with a nice top, its as elegant as it gets. No skin, no vulgarity, just sheer elegance, pure comfort and audacity. That's why I just adore it.

I picked it up one day in a mall, at about 9:30 PM, when the store was about to be closed, and all lights already switched off. I just ran to the shelf which I knew had my size, groped one of them and pulled it out; hurriedly went to the fitting room, tried it on and it felt comfortable, and I bought it without much thought. This was very different of me; because I do spend considerable time in picking up a denim trouser as I am hell bent on fitting and perfection. But somehow, I didn't give much thought to this particular piece and I was confident about it. Well boy!! he never let me down, did he?

Its been about 1.5 years now, each passing day, I feel more comfortable with this pair. And more often, I find myself snugging in into this pair of favorites. So much so that, the other 2 dozen pairs that I have feel unwanted, considering each one's far more expensive than this. I wear them extensively, to office, to movies, to see off a friend, at home......

Oh yeah! at least one of you who have been reading the post attentively might ask "If you cant live without this pair, why did you ditch the older one?" I am entitled to answer. I was as obsessed with that as I am obsessed with this. But somehow as days go by, the perfect fit becomes the perfect misfit. You don't find it snazzy anymore, you start looking sloppy; that's the time to ditch your sweetheart and find a new one!!!


Oh yeah!! Happy and a Prosperous Diwali to you all :-)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank you post and A Tag

I forgot to mention two things.

1. My post on Kaapi - gave me immense satisfaction that I have done justice to Coffee after reading all your comments. Most of the readers felt the aroma of the coffee or lingered to have coffee after reading the post. A writer cannot get any better award than these. Thank you all for those wonderful comments and reminiscing with me.

2. My previous post on my kitten, evoked some emotions among the readers. I generally write sarcastic humor, but that post was heavy. I hope none of you were affected too very deeply by it.

Previous 2 weeks were adventurous and fun and awards galore. I started blogging beginning March 2008. For more than a year, my blog was read by just a couple of folks. I wrote it for myself, to unwind; these people were interested to read whatever I wrote. I am very bad at networking, so I didn't advertise my blog or even never asked any of my friends to read it; even though I silently blog hopped and lapped up all what others wrote.

But of late, I have been followed, people read what I write, it feels nice. But I also feel sad, because my best posts have all been lying underneath. I wrote them when not many read me; they are really really good ones. So folks, if you are bored and don't have anything to do, I would suggest you to dig my archives and read older posts. Trust me, you will enjoy to the core and you wont belt me!! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Errr...I am not bragging but genuinely want wonderful readers like you not to miss few of the beautiful stuffs that I wrote.

Yeah, why did I say this? Because, I got few awards from folks who think my posts are entertaining and they like it. Here are those

The Circle of Friends Award - by SG. Thanks a ton SG for considering me a true blog friend. It means a lot to me.
Beautiful Blogger Award- By SG again. This was what he said and I quote ""She has no idea that I consider her as my blog guru. I got my inspiration to write my own blog only after reading her posts. To this Ekalavya, she is like Dronacharya. I hope this Insigniacharya does not ask my typing fingers to be cut and given to her as guru dakshina"

Well, SG's explanation really astounded me, I had not even a faintest idea that he considers me as his blog guru. And well, yes I just loved the new name -
Insigniacharya. Thanks a lot SG.

I Love Your Blog Award and One Lovely Blog Award - by Rammy. Thank you Rammy for liking my posts, its really encouraging.

A Fabulous Blog Award by Neha. Thanks a ton Neha, this was so very unexpected. I read your post, commented on it. After sometime, I saw your comment on my blog that I have an award to collect from your blog. I was surprised because when I read your post, I was sure I didn't miss anything.

Thanks for feeling that I really deserved it.

A bow and a thanks to you all once again.

And now the TAG. I got tagged by Rammy. Thanks pal.

Here they are

1.What is your current obsession ?
Blogging and blog hopping.

2. What are you wearing today?
A blue jean and a lime green shirt with peep toe sandals.

3. What’s for dinner?
Oh! I don't know yet!

4. What’s the last thing you bought?
Groceries. Dear me!! pulses and others cost a bomb!! Is there any way to survive by drinking air??

5. What are you listening to right now?
I am munching on some chips. So hearing my own munches...Cruch..munch..crunch..munch

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you?
A very sweet person. Would love to read his posts more often, but guess he is a busy guy!

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
Bangalore!! where else?

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer?
Cotton pants and tops, flat sandals

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Nah, I want to be at home, lazy to even go to the kitchen to fetch a cup of tea, which I really want now

10. Which language do you want to learn?
Telugu. I have been surrounded by Telugu speaking folks since my college. My friends are mostly Telugu, yet I haven't mastered it X-( ...I do understand the language though, but I want to speak fluently.
Also German..I will enroll soon

11. What’s your favourite quote?
"Everything happens for good" - The Gita

12. Who do you want to meet right now?

13. What is your favourite colour?

14. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own closet?
A well fitted denim trousers.

15. What is your dream job?
Travel host who travels around the world, experiences everything, sees exotic places, indulges in all and gets paid for it!!! like Samantha Brown.
I envy that woman a lot!! I always wonder what should you do to land in that job? Then concluded, first, you have to be an American, which I am not :-(

16. What’s your favourite magazine?
None at all. No magazines in particular. But I can lap it up whatever I am given

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?
Uh-huh...nothing!..Oh no..Yeah footwear!!!

18. What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
Ladies wear sneakers with Salwar suits. Maybe its comfortable but it looks so yucky. Ladies!! please, don't do that.

19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon?

20. What kind of haircut do you prefer?
Pixie cut

21. What are you going to do after this?
Drag myself to kitchen and make myself a cup of tea or coffee. Don't know, it depends on what first I lay my hands on- tea powder or coffee powder

22. What are your favourite movies?
Notting Hill, Cast Away, Mozhi(Tamil), The Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, Sleepy Hollow, Rangeela...few more.
I can watch them on and on and on

23. What are three cosmetic/makeup/perfume products that you can't live without?
Lip gloss, Davidoff Cool water perfume and that's all. I don't use anything else!!...

24. What inspires you?
Everything, everyone around. Each one teaches something or the other.

25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you:
Wear what you are comfortable in.
Don't follow fashion trends blindly, make sure it suits you.
Have right attitude and the world is yours baby!!!

26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)?
Juggling and shuffling around, finally choose something to wear but make sure that I would be shopping the coming weekend.

27. Coffee or tea?
Coffee mostly, tea rarely...

28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?
Live with it, let it out, and it goes away after sometime

29. What is the meaning of your name?
Oops, my name has long list of meaning. A simple one - "Seed or source of creation; a drop"

30. Which other blogs do you love visiting?
Other than those listed on my "I Chase", I blog hop a lot.

31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet?
Black forest pastry, chocolate cake

32. Favorite Season?
Winter, wow I love snugging myself inside a blanket.

33. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me?
A simple but delicious south indian vegetarian dinner.

34. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you?
Let them know how you feel and then end it. No one's worth your tear!!

35. What are you afraid of the most?
Thought of staying away from my loved one

36. What do feel of the Tag and how do you feel about the award?
The tag sort of helps to reinvent oneself. The awards are encouraging.

Most of them have already been tagged and I am probably the last person to be taking it up, I am not tagging anyone this time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I miss her!!

For two evenings, I could hear feeble whimpers as if it were from a distance. I just ignored it away thinking it was nothing. You see, I am a very private person. I don't venture out of my house unless absolutely required. So on an average, I would step out of the main door, only once!! To go to office. Being me, I never really knew who my next door neighbors were, whats happening around, absolutely a big NO-NO to loose talks and gossips. I have avoided people who have approached with noble intentions too, for the fear of getting dragged into loose talks and such.

So, when I constantly heard these feeble cry, after 2 days, I went out to inspect what that noise was. It was dark and I almost missed, when I noticed in the tiny area under the staircase, snugged in a thin cloth, 2 tiny kittens. They were, maybe 2-3 weeks old, still struggling to walk. It was around this time of the year, last year. The weather was chilly and there were occasional rains. My heart goes out to helpless creatures as these, being a very sensitive person, I cant walk away if I see a street puppy lying injured on the road.

Thus, I felt pity for these 2 kids, I wanted to let them into my house so that they can be warm and be fed. But at the same time, I was scared that I might end up being attached to them and it would end up in pain. With this dilemma, I still gave them company by sitting outside on the floor beside them and fetched milk from my house for them to drink. This went on for 2 days or so. They got accustomed to me and would run inside as soon as the door was opened, even though fewer times, I have picked them up and put them back to their place. Soon I gave up. I started letting them in, they were still kids, needed warmth, coziness. They got their share of food on time. Enough milk was stored in a cup for the two during daytime even while I was away on work.

One kitten was white, the other one dark. One evening, the white one reluctantly and cautiously walked inside my house. It was getting along well with me, all this while, the other kitten was observing its sibling and checking if it were indeed safe to get acquainted with a stranger. Once it was satisfied, it followed. As I studied their behavior later, the white one was gutsy, willing to take chances; while the other was always on the safer side. After a while, the white one snugged into my lap and wanted to sleep, the dark one followed again. They both wouldn't let me go.

I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, while they slept. And I had to sit in the same position for more than 4 hours, as I didn't want to disturb them. Even though cats take short naps, short naps are more frequent with wake-up time as less as 2 minutes. With kittens, its still further frequent.

The 2 kittens getting cozy on my lap.

This became regular everyday. As soon as I came from work, they would come and jump onto my lap and sleep, while I sat in the same position for nothing less than 2 hours. Late night, I used to carry them back to their sleeping place outside and leave them there, unwillingly. They too would pine to get inside, the cold would almost kill them.

Fast asleep

I learnt from my neighbor that the kittens' mother left them here and didn't come back. As they were kids, no one wanted to shoo them away. About a week later, I found the white kitten missing. I was worried, inquired and later found that someone took it away as they wanted a pet. I prayed that it was safe somewhere. The other kitten now was lonely. My emotions overcame my logical thinking and I decided I would take care of this one henceforth.

The usual play routine

The kitten grew, in the beginning it was very playful, always wanted someone to play with it. We used to play for hours together, spent my weekends playing non-stop with it. It would just climb on me and rest on my shoulder, its favorite place when I cooked in the kitchen. Its claws have scratched me and has inflicted wounds a couple of times when I lost quite an amount of blood, considering the fact that I have Vitamin K deficiency. I was advised to vaccinate myself which I did. I also vaccinated the kitten.

On my shoulder - her favorite place

Each evening, when I would still be a bit away from home, it knew I was there. Would run up to me and climb all over me. My neighbors gave their useless piece of advice, the hairs it sheds are unhealthy, take care and that it would urinate and make the place filthy. I firmly but politely told that I would take care of all that.
Still, they tried their vices, a window was left open for the cat to get in and get out in absence of people at home. When we were away, one of the neighbor used to close the window shut depriving the cat of a entry or an exit. So I made sure the kitten didn't litter at any place that would make people furious and took great care to keep the surroundings clean - this involved cleaning the poop most times. As she grew, she longed for feeds other than milk. I am a hard core vegetarian, but made sure she got her share of fish everyday.

Any soft and warm place would do to catch a nap

As soon as it knew I came home, it would purr and scratch against the door, impatient for me to enter home and sooner, would jump on me. During its stay, I learnt a lot about cat behaviors. What they do, when they wanted to be cared for, whats their reaction if chided and all that. Its expectations every evening was that I stroke its head while it got familiar with my scent, remain on my lap for a couple of minutes until it made sure that it indeed knew me. It seems the cats think of humans as CATS and they expect the reciprocation of the display of affection

As days went by, kitten grew and now it was no more playful. Its behavior was new to me, later realized that it was looking for a partner. She was ready for breeding. Noticed a tom cat around our neighborhood who was trying hard to woo her. Madam was impressed and she used to go out with him frequently, sometimes making out in front of everyone, oblivious to the surroundings. People got fodder to speak about and they again confronted me that there were kids and such actions are not acceptable. I managed to shoo away the Tom cat. But he would stealthily come and pursue her and she would go away.

This was the Tom Cat whom I am talking about here

This went on for a month or so. In between, we were away on a trip for 3 days leaving the poor thing to be tended by one of our known person. He informed that she wouldn't eat, and just sat at one place, brooding. I couldn't forgive myself for leaving her and vowed never to travel leaving her alone.

Cats have a habit of going away unannounced and have their private time. As such, this one used to go away and return after few hours. They would be loitering somewhere near their familiar surrounding. They sometimes forget their home. At such times, all that needs to be done is go around your house, the streets and keep calling them. They would be in hiding and only venture after dark, but if they hear any familiar voice, they would come out of the hiding. This cat used to go away frequently. First time, I was really scared and worried that its lost. I figured out that this was their normal behavior. Many a times, I would just stand outside my home and call it and it wold respond from either a neighbor's building or a nearby garden with a "Meow" and come out of the hiding. It was as if - "Hey!! Look, I am here"

My new year of 2009 was ruined thus. She didn't come back after her regular outing. She was a bit late that night. I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. As the clock struck 12, I was not celebrating but searching for her.

About 2 months later, her behavior changed yet again. She was silent most times, maybe she was waiting for the Tom Cat who didn't seem to come to meet her. She would go searching for him; I knew this as she would come home tired with thorns struck all around her and I would remove each of them. She was sort of depressed. And then one day, very differently than the regular routine she left home early morning. She always goes wandering late nights and comes back early morning.

But that day, she left early morning. I left for work, hoping she will be back by the time I am home. I didn't find her when I came back home, let it be; thinking she would come back. Waited the night, no avail. Next day, as usual I left for work thinking she might return today as she had not eaten on the day she left and that she should be hungry by now. She normally laps up the fish, her favorite. But that day, she didn't even smell it. She wasn't still there when I came, I wandered outside - neighboring streets, near the bushes, calling her name hoping I would find her. I did not. Asked my neighbors, they had no idea.

One of the last pictures I clicked of her before she left

I called up a couple of my friends and told them that my cat was missing. My voice was weak and on the verge of crying. The news was funny to them and they started teasing me and laughing until they realized I was serious. They started consoling me later and assured that it would come back.

After that, each day I kept searching for it, leaving the food outside; so that the food may draw it towards. No avail. I just could not accept the fact that there was no more of her waiting for me when I came back from work, trying to get inside my blanket when I was sleeping, trying to climb over me. I missed her terribly; it was as if someone very close to you is missing.; but constantly prayed that she should be safe somewhere.
And even to this moment, I have my qualms that one of the unhappy neighbors have shooed her away or ill-treated her in my absence that she was forced to leave.

I cried for many days later, around 2 months. Eventually, I stopped crying, but I miss her even now. Will miss her throughout. She was not planned, just happened and just left. I just hope that she is fine and safe. I got reminded of her a lot yesterday, and hence the post.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I was on a trip

First things first. Did you all miss me? I did miss you folks. Being away from reading blogs seemed like being in some other planet. But in a way, being away from gadgets and mundane routine does rejuvenate you.

So here was what I did and where I went. Having won a 4 day continuous holiday, yeah, I would say 'won'....getting holidays now a days has become so hard.....decided to go on a trip to Goa. Since I was 10 years old, I was always fascinated by Goa, from the time I read a story on St Francis Xavier. I don't recall where I got that book from, but remember reading it. And I did miss 2 wonderful opportunities of visiting Goa. Not that I missed, I wasn't given a chance to go. First time was when I was about 12 years old, when my mom felt I was too young enough to understand Francis Xavier and more importantly the bikini clad group. She felt that taking me to Goa was like allowing her daughter to watch live porn!!

Second time was when the school had arranged a trip to Goa as we were all leaving school during my 10th grade. This time, my mom sternly put her foot down, maybe the reasons were same. I don't know!!! All I remember was sulking for days together, of course in vain and then accepting the denial.

By now, you must have all guessed. Yes, the trip was planned to Goa. As they say, man proposes, God disposes. Maybe God also felt, Insignia has not yet grown up to watch Live Porn!!! :-|

Here is what happened. We drive from Bangalore to Goa, abut 550 kms. As we started, things didn't turn out in our favour. Bangalore's traffic drained us out, by the time we exited the city limits, all were exhausted. Then, one of the car's tyre was punctured. Fixed it, had dinner and left. Throughout, it was raining incessantly. Some places, it was a drizzle, yet it was difficult to drive at night with these rains pouring. It didn't seem to stop, it was as if we were taking the rains as we went.

Coupled with that was the glare coming from opposite vehicles due to high beam. Why do they want to use high beam? The drivers don't have an iota of sense to reduce it when approaching a vehicle. Each time, a vehicle passed with a high beam, we were totally blinded. Yeah, the rains didn't stop anytime, even for a second and it only got worse and heavier as we progressed.

The duration was getting longer, due to the rains. I was not to give up easily, would I? Continued the journey. About 150 kms away from Panaji, a police constable stopped us on the highway and asked "Where are you guys going?" When he learnt that we were on our way to Goa, he told us a nice story. It seemed that the roads were all flooded, traffic has come to a stand still and that no access for the next 24 hours. He also added his own bit that there was a tsunami.

I called up the guest services of the home stay that we were supposed to stay at Calungute. The lady confirmed that the rains were heavy. Just 12 hours back, things were fine!! but now....

It seems rains lashed northern part of Karnataka for the previous 3 days and seemed there was no respite. Later, learnt that AP was affected too. So this planned trip now were all in tatters. It was still OK for me, I have read a quote on Travel and Living. It goes something like this - A true traveller does not know his destination and does not know when he arrives. So here it was, unknown destination, but just keep going.

The Western Ghats of Karnataka are splendid, very rich in flora and fauna, thick vegetation and beautiful mountains with many rivers criss-crossing the landscape. So it was a win-win situation anyways for a person as me who cant get enough of nature. Even though the rain god didn't seem to have any mercy, roads flooded and cracked, fields flooded and crops destroyed, dark clouds overcast all the time, cheating the birds and animals to believe it was late evening even though it was noon, high tides at seas, yet it was beautiful. The roads were tough, water just ran as streams everywhere, the speed of the car wiper was not enough to clear the glass of the rain drops.

Driving through the ghats where one could take in the beauty of amazing water falls along the mountains as you cut through is one thing, those water falls over flowing and water running as stream where there are sharp hair pin bend curves and one has to drive on the slippery narrow road is another thing.

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, visited few places on the way, just took detour of 20-30 kms and lo!! the places are fabulous, seas, rivers, lush green fields. Just awesome. Only one thing that I missed, no chance of seeing a sunrise or a sunset. The sun was on vacation too. :-)

Few of the pictures that I clicked. I am not a good photographer, so what you see here is just a mediocre version of the true beauty of all that I saw and enjoyed. I have not done justice to nature's beauty.

You can find the complete collection at

On of the many waterfalls that laced the western ghats.

Gaint statue of Shiva gleaming at night

The sea at 6:30 PM. I really don't have an idea about this blue haze. That was how the sky was. Maybe the effect of overcast dark clouds

This bullock cart took me back in time, when people were not worried about deadlines and deliverable. Life was all so simple and relaxed.

A river criss crossing the landscape. It was raining, observe the fogs over the mountains, it was around 11:30 AM.

World Famous Jog Falls. Just as the fog cleared.

Another beautiful landscape.

One of the waves washed away such tiny fishes to the shore. These poor things were struggling to breathe. They had a great survival technique. It seems as if this chap is dead, in fact, no. He is very much alive and we put him back into the water. And he wriggled away to every one's surprise.

These are the bricks that are used in that part of the region. They are heavy and have great strength than the normal ones; to withstand such extreme rains.

A pine tree like ones. Felt as if it were the North America

A nicely made well. Dont get to see these things now a days.

A shell buried in the sad. Yeah, lots of them are scattered on the shore. Now don't laugh at me. I am mesmerized by such simple things.

Yesterday was Full Moon Day, couldn't refrain myself from capturing this guy against a silhouette of leaves.

P.S : I just hope I can visit Goa one day :-(